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Topic: Overcoming fears.
Message: Posted by: gareth123 (Sep 29, 2004 12:27PM)
Are there ways of overcoming another persons fears such as hights or spiders etc.. by using techniques other than common hypnosis.


Gareth Hobson.
Message: Posted by: Avrakdavra (Sep 29, 2004 12:46PM)
Clinical psychologists often treat simple phobias (like fear of spiders) by cognitive-behavioral techniques. These might include systematic desensitization (i.e. first showing pictures of spiders across the room, then touching a picture of one, then handling a plastic spider, watching a real one across the room, working up to actually holding a spider, all the while using relaxation techniques to master each experience); flooding (e.g. handing someone a tarantula in a jar and helping them endure until the feelings of fear and anxiety have run their course), as well as using visualization and challenging fear-engendering thoughts (e.g. "Even though my heart is pounding does not mean I am going to die"). There are, in fact, dozens of such techniques and approaches, and treatment of simple phobias has a high success rate with these approaches. (But they make for a lousy stage effects)
Message: Posted by: lawrencetreagus (Sep 29, 2004 01:47PM)
Have you thought of NLP?
using anchoring techniques you could attatch chosen emotions to the fear in question. of course for a perfect result you would need someone highly suggestable.
just a thought I think luke jermay did something using candles and flash paper allthough I can't remember what so it might have just been a dream!
Message: Posted by: gareth123 (Sep 29, 2004 02:24PM)
Could you please explain to me what NLP'S are my friend.

Gareth Hobson.
Message: Posted by: lawrencetreagus (Sep 29, 2004 02:47PM)
Neuro linguistic programming.
Mainly management mish mash surrounding itself in a dubious industry of self help books. it's current titles I put on a par with feng shui but it's early literature makes interesting reading.
tranceformations by bandler/grinder is the best place to start a little rare and pricy but easily stolen from your local library!
If you PM your email addr I will send you my findings.
Message: Posted by: majhra (Sep 29, 2004 08:53PM)

Look in your local yellow pages, you'll find a qualified NLP practitioner. Call them up and get a proper definition from a real person. Ask them how they can help your friend, and they will tell you.

Most people here on the Café seem to have a poor and very limited understanding of NLP.

Message: Posted by: PaulEverson (Sep 30, 2004 07:02AM)
Luke Jermay has a great routine involving phobias. Can't remember the name but it's in his Building Blocks book and the Skulduggery DVD
Message: Posted by: David de Leon (Sep 30, 2004 07:08AM)
Message: Posted by: Looch (Sep 30, 2004 08:55AM)
Its called the seventh decpetion and it is not in his building blocks book it is in "7 deceptions"
pretty much any magic store sells it. I wouldnt recommend it to actually cure a phobia but I suppose it could pyschologically help with some people
Message: Posted by: Vraagaard (Sep 30, 2004 09:05AM)
Overcoming fears of making a faillure during performance. Just read this thread: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=83362&forum=15&start=0