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Topic: Plot for Gibson's Twist Off
Message: Posted by: openatlast (Aug 20, 2002 04:40PM)
Hello all

I was wondering if anyone had a plot line for this trick...It's a brass nut and bolt that, under cover of a silk, becomes unthreaded.


Walt Armbruster
Message: Posted by: Doug Byrd (Aug 20, 2002 05:27PM)
How about the Empire That Couldn't Be Built. Tell the story of a man who at the end of his finacial roads and in ruins goes to a gypsy woman to attain a little help with life. After asking the man about his life and finding out he had worked mainly as a tradesman in the contruction field agrees to help the man become the world's most famous builder.
The old gypsy woman says that this magic will cost the man a great deal and with sadness the man says he has nothing to offer. The gypsy woman says not today but after you have become famous and very rich will I come for my payment. The man agrees and leaves with the simple spell the old gypsy woman gave him to perform.
Time shifts to the future 10 years and the man is very famous and very wealthy now. he has just been commissioned to build the most beautiful building in the world (come up with your own idea here). His name is plastered on the news and in many periodicals of the time about this new project.
On one stormy night as the project gets under way the old gypsy woman visits the man at home. She congratulates the man on the new life he has obtained. She notes all the fine things he has now and asks how his finances are doing. He tells her that he couldn't be more happy.
She now reminds him of their deal for payment. She tells him that she wants ALL the profit from this project. The man laughs and tells her she is crazy. This project will net me a billion dollars. What would an old woman like you do with that kind of money? He offers her a millions dollars right now and she refuses. After much heated discussion they come to a stand off with neither giving an inch. She asks is this your final answer? He just glares at her in disbelief and anger. She says very well what once was given is now taken back and your greed is now your undoing.

The next day as the workers show up and climb the massive steel frame to begin a new day a terrible accident befalls the project. The entire structure collapses and all but this one man is killed. At the scene of the catastrophe the man tells the tale that the structure looks like it began to shake and then all the nuts that held the steel gerders in place looked like they just unscrewed themselves and the structure fell like a house of cards.

Ultimately the project was halted and the man spent his millions in suits to the families who lost loved ones that fateful day. To this day "I" can't put anything together and make it stay that way.
The end.

From the Dark Side,
Message: Posted by: openatlast (Aug 21, 2002 03:34PM)
Thanks Doug. That's a great story line. You've got my wheels turning.

Walt Armbruster
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Aug 22, 2002 12:15PM)
Nice story, Doug!

A little too "light-hearted" for my tastes; but definitely an excellent example of your creativity!

Message: Posted by: Doug Byrd (Aug 22, 2002 03:24PM)
Walt and Philemon,
Thanks for the kind words. Glad to be of service in a small way.

When you become rich and famous we'll talk again.....

From the Dark Side,