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Topic: Exposure of genuine psychological techniques
Message: Posted by: PaulEverson (Oct 1, 2004 08:48AM)
Here's one that's been bothering me..

I imagine we're all happy to keep the tricks secret ( thought maybe not looking at some of the posts on here) but how do we feel about revealing the "genuine" stuff. By genuine I mean things like muscle reading, suggestion, and psychological forcing?

On one hand these are magicians techniques like any other and we don't want everyone to know about them and use them, but on the other, revealing a little about a psychological force adds an obvious realism to everything one does subsequently.

As an example; In my ESP card routine I open with a series of Psych. forces and have in the past explained part of how the first one works to the participant.

My motivation for this being to add weight and remove the thought of trickery from the end of the routine wher I match the order of my five cards to theirs.(The technique for this being, in my opinion, fairly obvious to the layman that hasn't already "bought" into it).

And it works a treat, since doing this no-one has asked to inspect the cards and the intensity of the reactions have doubled.

Yet I'm still uneasy about revealing any techniques...looking forward to hearing the word on the street...
Message: Posted by: johne (Oct 1, 2004 09:29AM)
The Street has it that this is pretty acceptable, and many people use psychological suggestive openers to get the ball rolling. It does not have to be explained to be effective though. Simply use it to show your mind control over a group of people. So what if only 4 people raise their hand...you somehow managed them to think of a street light. You have no found those four people that would be (or could be) very beneficial to you when you need a volunteer. Does that make any sense?

John E.
Message: Posted by: peterng25 (Oct 1, 2004 09:13PM)
In my first acting class, the teacher began with a bunch of psychological forces ("think of a number between 1 and 10", etc...). He was reading from a book on acting psychology and techniques. During the course, he guessed that one of my motivation was to increase my power of persuasion.
Performance arts in general take into account psychology, and well known techniques are pretty much shared by actors, magicians, mentalists, etc...