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Topic: DC Vanishing Legs
Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Oct 2, 2004 01:08PM)
Was this illusion visual at all. Did they bring up a cloth and then lower it and his upper half was floating in air on the beach. or did he use a box type thing. There was a thread on this before but it was vague. Sounds really cool

here is the thread http://www.themagiccafe.com/archive1/viewtopic.php?topic=1503&forum=7&26

Message: Posted by: Osiris (Oct 2, 2004 03:41PM)
I'm not too certain about David's version but you may want to look into Andre Kole's NO FEET effect. I believe Bill Smith was putting it out some 20 years ago. Similar bit of business, loads of fun when handled right.
Message: Posted by: WRandall (Oct 2, 2004 04:35PM)
He did it with either a beach towel or a jacket. I don't have that one on tape, but I'm sure somebody here can say for sure.


Oh, and he held up the cover in front of himself - no assistants.
Message: Posted by: David Goldrake (Oct 3, 2004 01:39AM)
He used a towel.
He lowered it in front of his feet, then he did the old gag by first lifting one, then the other foot (with the towel, of course). Eventually when he lifted the towel a third time both feet had disappeared.


Message: Posted by: The Donster (Oct 3, 2004 07:25AM)
Anyone know if this effect is still available. Regards Don,
Message: Posted by: Dr.Maya Baalaamurugaan (Oct 3, 2004 08:52AM)
Just plant an inverted L.............the rest is video editing............you know DC.....
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Oct 3, 2004 10:37AM)
I don't think that Copperfield used editing.

I know from reading "Magic on TV" by Gary Oulette, that they did use camera angles / framing to capture the right things. This is like what Peter Loughran said on the other thread about "advantage of the camera". Remember, Gary was the consultant for several of David's TV specials.

I've got all of David's specials on video (and no, I'm not willing to share :P ), and I think that his on the beach NO FEET may work like Andre's (I have Andre Kole doing his stage version on one of Andre's videos). I'd have to watch again to be sure.

I think that attack on David about video editing is uncalled for.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: WRandall (Oct 3, 2004 12:48PM)
Yeah, no video edits. They just took advantage of the angles, which I don't count as a camera trick. It's more like how certain close up tricks are too angly for more than one person at a time. It's the same here, except the camera is the one person he's doing it for.

Somebody pointed out on the other thread how they also took advantage of the natural properties of sand for that shot, which I think is a great point. Location is everything, right? They sort of combined Kole's "No Feet" w/ all those Super-X pics taken on the beach. :)

Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Oct 3, 2004 03:39PM)
SOme really cool point here. Thanks guys. That is very cool that he used a towel. Now did he raise it up to his waste or do the normal No feet thing just high enough to show no feet??

Message: Posted by: markparker (Oct 4, 2004 03:19AM)
I have seen of a new version of this when I was at Mendoza's shop a few years back. He had just built it for David Copperfield and I was fortunate enough to have a look at the build shots. It uses two audience members and no assistants.