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Topic: Favourite/best methods for hypnoses
Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Oct 4, 2004 09:46AM)
Hi, just wondering about your favourive/best methods for inducing a quick trance (not necessarily deep).


Message: Posted by: Nicholas (Oct 4, 2004 10:42AM)
One of my favorites is placing one object in a person's right hand and a different object in his left. I simply state that he should pay attention and that he will soon know by the sensation he gets. Which one is meant to be his? It's that simple.

Often, I ask my spectators to make a choice between more than two things in order to find the one that is meant to be their selection. So, after a moment, if they don't feel anything in either hand, I say that neither is right for them. I let them keep one and replace the other with another choice. Then wait a moment for a response.

Each failure increases the psychological tension as well as the likelihood that one of the remaining items will result in a hit. Often people will jump or shout or both as they feel "something" happening in their hand.

I don't even suggest what kind of a feeling they may have. I often do this kind of thing relative to stone readings. In other words, I let the stone pick the individual.

It's all presented in a matter-of-fact manner and as a part of the conversation. This is one of those things that is so very simple, that it is easy for both sides to "believe in the magic."
Message: Posted by: teejay (Oct 5, 2004 02:48AM)
Hi Nicholas,

That's a great one to try.


Message: Posted by: Ken Dyne (Oct 5, 2004 03:23AM)
Depending on setting, of course, the fastest induction I have seen and use regularly is a hand shake pattern interrupt. You go to shake their hand while asking them their name or some other piece of information and interrupt the pattern by placing their hand on their forehead and telling them to sleep.

I have used this many many times and have found that if done correctly and, of course convincingly, it works 100%.

Message: Posted by: Hypnotic Winter (Oct 5, 2004 12:44PM)
I'm a fan of the Rapid induction, it just looks well, I find some mathods just look too fast and the audience have trouble believeing them, I like to make a little bit of a show of the induction it's self.

Message: Posted by: SpAgHeTtI (Oct 5, 2004 02:26PM)
WOW Really works! I have ever think that stage hypnosis were only trick and easy suggestion!

Isn't it? ( don't joke of me I really don't know!)


Azz...if it works I must study hypnosis too....ih
Message: Posted by: p.at (Oct 6, 2004 10:49AM)
Im completely new to hypnosis. in fact I have never tried it.
what could you use such a induction for?

are there any possible dangers?
who of you have studied hypnosis?
Message: Posted by: shrink (Oct 6, 2004 11:06AM)
I used to do a rapid induction with about 20 people. I would just run behind them touching them and they would go into trance in a big heap on the floor..