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Topic: Illuminations by Zach Allen - Review Request
Message: Posted by: Jason234 (Oct 8, 2004 10:08AM)
I just checked my email and saw that Zach Allen has a new e-book. It has routines and ideas about using blacklights. As Halloween is coming up, I figured it might be a good buy. However, cash is short right now so I can only afford to buy either this e-book or Michael Sibbersen's new routine, both are ten dollars.

Has anyone purchased this yet and can share their thoughts on it?

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Lord Of The Horses (Oct 8, 2004 12:06PM)
No... not yet.

But, if it comes from Zach, I'm interested in it!

ZACH! :lol: ;)

Paolo Cavalli
Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 8, 2004 12:24PM)
Well, I of course am biased, but the least I can do is offer up a little bit more information on this, as I can't seem to get onto my website to add the information there. Here is the cut and paste from the email I sent out:

Hello All,

Just wanted to give you a heads-up on a new e-book
I'm releasing. It
will be another limited edition, but this time will
not be limited to number of copies
copies. Rather, I will stop selling it at the end of
October. It may make its way onto magic-notes.com after that, but the price will go up a bit.

Seeing that this is the month of October, I thought
it would be fitting to
release a booklet of ideas and routines concerning
the use of blacklights.
This manuscript contains a lot of routines, ideas,
and other thoughts on
using black lights and blacklight responsive objects
to create magic.

I include quite a wealth of information to get you
started, but you really
are only limited by your imagination. Here are some
of the contents of this

Make objects materialize and dematerialize with an
unearthly glow.

Cause people to fade out of sight.

Conjure up spirits to leave visible signs.

Scratch cards, cause cards to cry, and manipluate
writing on cards.

Cause signs of the spirit world to fade in and out
of sight.

Locate cards using intangible symbols, summoned to
do your bidding and then
bid away when your task is finished.

Locate the murderer amongst a group of spectators -
think the classic Ashes
effect taken to a whole new level.

Witness visual evidence of psychic phenonema.

Visibly cause objects to distort in front of your
spectator's eyes.

Perform these effects at night, and in the daytime.

All this and much more is possible...with

The cost of the e-book is low, only ten dollars. In
it I show you where to
buy the equipment needed, which should be no more
than a ten dollar
investment at most. I give you plenty of ideas and
full routines to get you
started as well.

Last, I did shoot a demo video for this that came
out rather horribly, as it was terribly hard to get the lighting conditions
perfect for optimal viewing. In real life, however, there are much less concerns with lighting - you can do these routines just about anywhere, as long as you are not in
bright direct sunlight. Even then, they can sometimes work.

Here is the link for the QuickTime video:


I can't get the link for PayPal to work at the
moment, so in order to
purchase this please do the following:

Go to PayPal.com and click on the Send Money button.
Fill out the forms so that you are sending ten US
dollars to
Make sure to put Illuminations in the subject line,
and then send the money.

Hope this helps...

Message: Posted by: Lord Of The Horses (Oct 9, 2004 05:08AM)
It sounds good!

I was just looking up for some "ghost things" to do for a little project I've in mind.

Paolo Cavalli

P.S: My subliminal message to Zach only arrived partially... Sigh!... I need to recharge my batteries! :)
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Oct 9, 2004 10:45AM)
I had a little problem with the video ending at Scratch Off or something like that. The sound kept going though.
Message: Posted by: rx12345 (Oct 10, 2004 03:45AM)
I had the same problem. hmm.......
Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 10, 2004 09:26PM)
Hi guys, I'll try and upload the right video again, hopefully it will work.

Too bad, as it cuts out right before the last good part. :)

Thanks for all the support from those of you who have purchased it so far. Anyone have any thoughts on it yet?

Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 11, 2004 12:13AM)
It would APPEAR that the video is working correctly now, and plays through to the end. If not, please let me know and I'll attempt to fix it again. It was my first attempt at using the Mac program iVideo, and I'm a Windows user, so I'm not exactly sure what happened to a few of the first editions of the video that I made.


Message: Posted by: rx12345 (Oct 11, 2004 12:29AM)
Ok it works now.
Message: Posted by: Jason234 (Oct 11, 2004 11:10AM)
OK so I guess I'm the first reviewer. I purchased this and the other book I was looking at, as my wife let me. :)

The book starts off with Mr. Allen describing where to get the equipment that you need. Luckliy, the items are easily found and they won't cost more then ten dollars.

Then, he describes how to get the blacklights in and out of performance, which are very useful tips.

The actual effects start off with two from his excellent Black 7 manuscript. Then, there are about 30 more routines/ideas with the material.

My favorites involved the ideas with flash paper, an Ashes on the Palm effect, and a great sandwich routine in which symbols mysteriously appear, find the selected card and then just as mysteriously fade out of sight. It is a very visual routine, as is all of the items in this e-book.

I liked this a lot, and think it is another good product from Zach Allen.

Oh, and even if you already own the Black 7 manuscript, I still think this is worth the ten bucks he is asking for it, as you get so many more ideas.

Jason B.
Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 11, 2004 12:04PM)
I guess you were able to get the file open after all, Jason...I know you were having some difficulty with it, probably an inferior version of Adobe Acrobat reader.

Glad you like the manuscript!

Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 13, 2004 12:01PM)
No other reviews yet?

Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 14, 2004 08:07PM)
Figured I'd put this here as there really is no other place to put it, since I can't access my website at the moment.

For a limited time, you can pick up all six of my e-books for the price of 50 dollars. This includes HEAL, as several people who promised payment by mail did not follow through. Total worth of the package is 82 dollars, so it's a nice amount of saving. If in the last month you have purchased the other package on my website and wish to get the other two e-books for ten dollars more, just send me the money via PayPal and I'll mail the additional books out to you.

Back to the subject of the thread...

Illuminations will only be available until the end of October, two weeks from Sunday.


Message: Posted by: Lord Of The Horses (Oct 18, 2004 01:44PM)
I enjoyed very much this new book from the fertile mind of Zach Allen.

The first two effects of this book are something readers of the previous books of Zach are already familiar with. In a few words as possible, ETHEREAL in which a coin vanishes from the magician's hand, and appears in the participant's pocket and VOODOO VANISH in which the magician makes the picture of a person disappear, and fade out of sight.

Zach rightly reprinted those effects here because they are in perfect syntony with the scope of the book; working with the UV LIGHTS.

But, of course, it does not stop here, inside this booklet there are more than 20 creative ideas to play with and to modify, if you so decide, to better suit your needs and tastes.

Among those helluva of ideas, I liked most the invisible marking of the playing cards, the Pentalight idea and plot, the Pen twist, the PK Touches possible twist if you feel so inclined, and the Moon glove idea that could actually be used to enhance many "kenton's style" effects.

For the little price asked for this collection of clever tips and ideas, you really will be disappointed if you DON'T get this book.

Highly recommended.

Paolo Cavalli
Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 18, 2004 10:16PM)
Glad you liked it, Paolo.

There are actually 24 separate ideas in the booklet. :)

A little less than two weeks to go on this, and then I'll stop selling it.

Message: Posted by: Menetekel (Oct 20, 2004 11:19AM)
I second Paolo Cavalli and Jason B. Illuminations is choke full with excellent ideas.
Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 22, 2004 10:32AM)
There is a lengthier, longer review over at the TalkMagic and MagicBunny forums...here is a link.




This is only available for a little more than a week now...


Message: Posted by: montz (Oct 25, 2004 06:07AM)

If you have bought "Illuminations" from Zach, then I have a free bonus routine for you. Drop me an email at montz@talk21.com, and mention the forth word from the introduction as proof that you have the document, and I'll send you "Vampire", a previously unreleased routine inspired by Zach's excellent booklet.


Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Oct 30, 2004 11:21AM)
I would strongly suggest that you email Liam about the bonus routine...it is a killer.

Also, this is only going to be sold until midnight tomorrow, so act soon if you still want to purchase it.

Message: Posted by: MichaelSibbernsen (Oct 31, 2004 01:03AM)
For those that have or will be purchasing Zach's booklet, here is a little information about UV sensitive materials and UV light sources that may be of interest.

UV sensitive pigments absorb Ultraviolet radiation and then re-emit this energy (usually but not always in the visible spectrum of light. The amount of energy emitted is related not only to the sensitivity and quality of the pigments, but the wavelength of light within the UV spectrum used. Usually the shorter the wavelength (higher frequency) the better.

With this in mind, not all "generally available" (nonprofessional) Ultraviolet lights are created equal. Best for UV special / magic effects would be either UV fluorescent bulbs or high quality UV L.E.D. light sources.

Fluorescent bulbs (which emit at a wavelength of 365nm) are available locally at Wal*Mart, Spencers Gifts, novelty, or lighting stores. For price per performance they are a great way to go, but take up a quite a lot of space, and require fluorescent-style fixtures.

High quality (375nm) UV L.E.D. sources are wonderful because of their small size, cool-temp low power consumption and quality of output, but are unfortunately quite expensive at $25 plus (high cost compared to their cheaper cousins discussed below). Performance per size for these products is fantastic. You can find powerful high quality UV L.E.D. light sources from PhotonLight.com [url=http://www.photonlight.com]here[/url] and from LDP Net [url=http://www.maxmax.com/]here.[/url].

Florescent tubes and high-quality UV L.E.D.'s are wonderful for common Isopropyl Alcohol based (bluish-white emission) UV sensitive inks and a [i]must[/i] for Acetone based (red emission) UV sensitive inks.

Second best would be to use inexpensive ($3-$10) UV L.E.D. sources found in most eBay UV pens, key-chains, and novelty items. They are essentially "deep purple" emitting a small amount of UV light in the 395-400nm range. They are satisfactory for Isopropyl Alcohol based (bluish-white emission) UV sensitive inks, especially for their low price.

Lastly are the traditional looking "black light" screw socket bulbs available at Spencer's Gifts and novelty stores. While convient, they put out very little UV light, and can overheat risking fire or burn hazards.

Long story short, to get the best and brightest out of your Ultraviolet close-up magic, haunted house effects or supernatural seance events, consider UV Florescent tubes or high quality UV L.E.D. light sources.

Glowing Success,

Message: Posted by: zallen (Sep 22, 2006 09:00PM)
Hey all,

Just a quick note to let you know that after being off the market for a while, this can now be ordered from the link in my signature/profile.