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Topic: Simplex Lev.?
Message: Posted by: sandman (Oct 9, 2004 12:16PM)
Does anybody know what this levitation is I saw it on I saw it on Magicauction.com but it wont give any details. Can someone tell me where I can see this. Thanx Sandman.
Message: Posted by: magictim (Oct 10, 2004 10:09AM)

This might help answer a few questions. It's kinda like the gamolo I think.
Message: Posted by: Johnny_Dee (Oct 10, 2004 02:31PM)
Do you know where we could find a website to have more informations and where we can buy this plan (other than magic auction)


Message: Posted by: magictim (Oct 10, 2004 04:52PM)
I think magicauction is the only source to buy from. It is where I bought the plans from. I'd say it's worth it.
Message: Posted by: sandman (Oct 11, 2004 06:06PM)
Where can I see the gamolo lev
Message: Posted by: magictim (Oct 11, 2004 06:28PM)
Hmmm...I don't know online, but if you check the linking ring magazine there are ads for it that pop up every few months. ~Tim