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Topic: Constructing a seance.
Message: Posted by: PinkGlove (Oct 11, 2004 03:10PM)
Hello all.
A few months ago, I deliberately scared the living daylights out of some of my friends with PK touches in the woods. I enjoyed scaring the hell out of them that much that I want to take it one step further and do a seance. I've got some friends who are really interested.

The problem is: I don't have many resources availible for performing a seance. I have not found much in Corinda's that I feel suitable. I don't know where to find them. I still don't know what a typical seance should contain. I have a brilliant idea in mind, I have my vision but I don't know how to acheive bits of it.

It's going to have to be a solo effort, I can't ensure any pre-show, and I can't use a stooge. I won't be able to use an assistant, or anything like that.

At the moment, I have many small touches that will go into the finished article. I'm aiming for something that will last approximately thirty-fourty mins.

I have found an ultra reliable way of freeing my hands, and I have some neat little touches devised to make the candles go out at the same time, I've sorted my spirit bell, and making that ring, and I have come up with some touches that will make everyone's watch be off by a few hours at the end of the seance, and I have a way of making everyone feel cold quite rapidly.

I have a few touches that I want to add. I want to then communicate with my made up spirit at great length. I would love to do this via a ouija board, but I have no way of forcing the letters. Do any of you know of any sources that would enable me to force the letters on the ouija board? I can't afford anything horrendously expensive.

I need to be able to force the information if possible.... I can use individual forcing techniques to get the information over, but one source, such as the ouija board would be amazing.

I have created a spirit I wish to contact. My imaginary spirit has a name, an age, and all the other things. I also have how he died. He died in a road traffic accident. I am going to force the car, the colour, the speed, and even the license plate number. I hope this will give me quite a clear picture of a spirit I then have predicted.

I would then turn down the lights, and bring him through, where all manner of strange things will happen.

I have my idea in mind, I am really looking for ways that can be used to get the information across reliably, such as a method for rigging a ouija board.

If anyone has some good books they can suggest, that would also be great.

I am a poor student, so I can't afford masses of books, or any truly expensive props.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Oct 11, 2004 04:05PM)
Hi Jamie,

It sounds like you're off to a good start -- but maybe too good of one; in other words, too many manifestations and you've got a magic/spook show, not a believable seance. I'd trim it down a bit if I were you. In the sage words of Mies Van der Rohe as quoted by Eugene Burger in his excellent book, Spirit Theater: Less is more.

Other resources to study (aside from Burger, noted above): given your restrictions, I would recommend Docc Hilford's $1000 Seance manuscript.

Best of luck,

P.S. You don't need to do any forces to use the Ouija board effectively in a seance. PM me for details. NT