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Topic: Custom coins
Message: Posted by: Eisen (Oct 13, 2004 05:09AM)
Does any body have contacts where can I have custom coins fabricate? Thank you!
Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Oct 13, 2004 05:23AM)
Here in ıstanbul you can have special faced coins made up at the mint for the face value of the coin, the only limitation being the number of coins minted ( this is like a printer where an impression is made to mint the coins).

If you want special faked coins made try Soni in Belgrade who can be contacted through Rade Pilipovic
Message: Posted by: afun14u (Oct 13, 2004 07:13AM)
I went to a local sheet metal company that has the ability to punch. Told them what I was looking for and the size then they punched out about 300 of these coins and sent them to be chrome plated...all in all I am pleased. Good luck

Robert Jones
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Message: Posted by: Brent Allan (Oct 15, 2004 02:10PM)
I know a guy who makes custom brass coins. he makes an AMAZING chinese coin. PM me if you want more info.
Message: Posted by: k (Oct 22, 2004 08:38PM)
If you need specific coins made for something call Jamie Schoolcraft and have him make whatever you need:


Check out http://www.coinvanish.com/
It's a great site from Dan, probably the best coin xpert in the world... probably