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Topic: Check this out
Message: Posted by: The Magician (Oct 13, 2004 04:58PM)
http://www.shademovie.com once you are on the site click on tricks and shades this is an awesome website and is well worth a visit
Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Oct 14, 2004 04:40AM)
Thanks. Most of us here in the Café have the movie in dvd, especially us card freaks. Thanks anyway for posting the link. Others will find it useful. Thank you.. :pepper:
Message: Posted by: BlendoSquid (Oct 14, 2004 09:43AM)
Very nice site.
Message: Posted by: Duxx (Oct 14, 2004 10:04AM)
Nice link thanks, I know the Impulse Change is a gimmick, but does anyone know if any of the others are?

Some wonderful slight of hand.

Message: Posted by: mortonch (Oct 14, 2004 01:00PM)
Is the movie out in the UK. I have been checking for it but cant seem to find it.
Message: Posted by: whizzomagic (Oct 17, 2004 10:12AM)
Some of that stuff is either using gaffed cards or is some kind of camera trickery. The "Impulse Change" in particular strikes me as being a slight bit odd. The "Wilson Stud Switch" also seemed to be the same, but I can see that the guy is obviously palming the extra two aces and has practiced on switching the cards out into his palm. A very clever trick. But the "Impulse Change" is absolutely impossible, even for a well seasoned pro without a gaff of some type.
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Oct 17, 2004 11:43AM)
The Impulse Change is gaffed to the teeth, but that doesn't mean it is completely without its merits, despite its impracticality.

In the right hands, it can be a devistating addition to spice up a visual routine.
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Oct 17, 2004 11:52AM)
I like that site!

Message: Posted by: Ninad_Magic (Aug 22, 2007 01:44AM)
To bye from india I wil recommand you
godd quality and the prices also

Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Aug 22, 2007 08:07AM)
Thanks for sharing to us all.
Message: Posted by: Andy the cardician (Aug 23, 2007 07:47AM)
Thank you
Message: Posted by: Jason Simonds (Aug 23, 2007 10:39PM)
Shade and the Magic Masters in New Orleans rekindled my interest in magic a few years ago, while I was on my honeymoon. I left on a cruise out of New Orleans after visiting Magic Masters the night before. And while onboard the ship, late one night they had Shade playing on the movie channel. I've been hooked back on magic ever since.
Message: Posted by: Ace of $pades (Aug 25, 2007 09:36AM)
The site isn't working now.
Message: Posted by: ilovepens (Aug 29, 2007 12:42AM)
Did the site change adresses or is it simply gone?