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Topic: Psychology
Message: Posted by: gareth123 (Oct 28, 2004 12:32PM)
Do you think you have to have a good sence of psychology to be a good mentalist, or do you think that you don't have to have any psychology skills to perform as an artist?

Gareth Hobson.
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Oct 28, 2004 12:36PM)
It certainly helps.

My studies focus in Psychology and it has helped my Magic (I am not a mentalist), a TON.
Message: Posted by: Ken Dyne (Oct 28, 2004 05:12PM)
In my opinion any information which allows you to know more about the people with whom you are working is good information. Of course you do not require a degree in psychology to be a mentalist but an understanding of the basics is useful sometimes.

However remember that use subliminal signalling in everyday life anyway, you can tell what soemone is thinking. If you see a guy staring at a girl in a low cut top as she walks down teh street hew probsbly isn't thinking about typing an essay.

Any information you can fil your head with if useful and someof it may even come into direct use some day. For books on psychology check out Banachek's website http://www.banachek.com and go to "reccomended reading" I think it is. Some great suggestions there.

Hope this helps a little,

Kind thoughts,
Message: Posted by: gareth123 (Oct 28, 2004 05:29PM)
Thank you for your imput kennedy.
Message: Posted by: darkseance (Oct 28, 2004 06:00PM)
The usage of psychological vocab can always help espec with readings, just look @ the sar system
Message: Posted by: salsa_dancer (Oct 28, 2004 06:28PM)
I have to humbly disagree with the 'psychological illusionists'

Although I studied Psychology I hardly ever use the terminology or play on psychology as a major factor in what I do.

Weird, yes, strange, oh yes, psychological, sometimes. The most I ever say is something along the lines of 'Do you realise that most people do that/pick that/ eat that one, are you sure that you want to...' or maybe a little of 'based on your personality and information that I have gained about you since we met I know this......'

The danger of waffling on about psychology is you had better have a *** good knowledge base and have studied it well for when you meet the psychology geek who starts a conversation with you. It is the same reason I stay away from NLP as an explanation as I know sweet FA about it.

What happened to good old fashioned mind reading?
Message: Posted by: landmark (Oct 28, 2004 06:29PM)
The study of human nature, behavior, and thought patterns is the name of the game

Jack Shalom
Message: Posted by: procyonrising (Oct 28, 2004 07:12PM)
Yeah! Whatever did happen to good old-fashioned mind-reading? It can be argued that most of the greats in our field never took on the psychological angle, opting instead to call themselves psychics, mind-readers, thought-readers, and clairvoyants.

But, to address the topic of this thread, no. Knowledge of psychology doesn't matter. However, knowledge of people does. You have to know your way around people to do well in mentalism... and life.


But Landmark's got a point: many have done extremely well with the psychological angle--I just don't think it's an absolute requirement.