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Topic: I know nothing of mentalism but want to learn.
Message: Posted by: Master of Deception (Oct 29, 2004 10:28AM)
I would like to learn about mentalism and include it in my act or hypnosis. I like to create a mystical atmosphere in my acts. Any tips on how to get started?
Message: Posted by: procyonrising (Oct 29, 2004 10:57AM)
There are several threads on this already in existence. Please run a search.
Message: Posted by: cardiac (Oct 29, 2004 12:23PM)
I'm thinking of launching a personal shopper service for mentalism wannabe's. 1000 ought to cover it.
Message: Posted by: lawrencetreagus (Oct 30, 2004 12:40PM)
Corrinda 13 steps
I think there should be a permanent thread of 13 steps so we don't keep having to see the same post of how do I start.

Message: Posted by: hoodrat (Oct 30, 2004 07:15PM)
Hi, Master of Deception!

Corinda's "13 Steps to Mentalism" is a good start (it's what I did based on recommendations I got from here a while back). The book is a little "dated" and sort of "corny" by today's standards, but the core essential material is still applicable and a "must" for knowing.

You may want to purchase Max Maven's three DVD set called "VideoMind". Each DVD deals with either close-up mentalism, parlor mentalism, or Maven's explanations are great. Maven also gives historical information on each effect -- who invented the method, who was the first to perform it, who should get credit for the effect, etc.. Very worthwhile!!

I also have Jay Sankey's DVD "Amazing Psychic Feats Anyone Can Do." Some of the material on there is good. I also have Sankey's DVD "22 Blows to the Head" which also contains a lot of great mentalism effects and explanations. He teaches some basic mentalism concepts in both DVDs.

Most of all, have fun!
Message: Posted by: bubbleburst2004 (Oct 30, 2004 07:33PM)
Hi Master of Deception

Before anyone can give you a valuable answer
we obviously need to know what your act is?

Then relevent suggestions might be forthcoming.

So what is the "act" you want to add mentalism too.?

Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Oct 31, 2004 02:07AM)
I would recommend buying Annemann's Practical Mental Magic.This book is cheap(Dover) and has many excellent effects in.13 Steps to Mentalism is another good book.
After you have read these,I would recommend either Osterlind's upcoming series(Easy to Master Mental Miracles--most of the effects coming from the aforementioned books) and/or his brilliant Mind Mysteries series.
Watching these will help you to see how the effects can be presented in a convincing manner.
Good Luck
Message: Posted by: Logan Five (Oct 31, 2004 02:34AM)
I was fortunate. I grew up watching the Amazing Kreskin on TV as a kid i.e Johnny Carson,Merv Griffin,Mike Douglass & Dianh Shore etc. I even remember his TV show in the 70's. I also remember Orson Wells performing on the Merv Griffin Show..OMG- he was a GREAT mentalist!!

I would say study of few of the performers out there, then you'll have some kind of base to develop your own style & presentation.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Oct 31, 2004 12:50PM)
Buy Mind Myth and Magic, and Don't Look Back! Run with the ball. I was exactly in your situation a while back and although I did learn a great deal from 13 steps, Practical Mental ...., and Theatre of the Mind, MMM seems to be timely and very do-able right away.
Message: Posted by: lawrencetreagus (Oct 31, 2004 09:37PM)
I would like to apoligise for the way I may have been taken from my above post.
if your looking for a no gimmic mentalism result then banchek "subtleties" for a start and luke jermay is also an insight. as for hypnosis "the new encyclopedea of stage hypnotism" has been a great companion to me and has had many good reviews on this site.