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Topic: Razor blade swallowing
Message: Posted by: Giggip (Nov 12, 2004 03:22AM)
I have seen many razor blade swallowing tricks for sale on the internet but they all seem to use a stand which would only really make it suitable for stage performance. I was wondering if any of you guys know where I can get a version that I can perform on the street, like the one Criss Angel does and the one performed on MAGICK tv series in the UK. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Nov 12, 2004 05:51AM)
Check ebay. I used to see them on all the time. They didn't cost more than $15 if I remember correctly.

You may also consider consulting Tarbell Vol. 2. Though not what you've asked about, there is a needle swallowing routine there.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Nov 12, 2004 06:04AM)
Please try the search function. This topic has been discussed several times here at the café. A good start is with these threads,

and on and on…

The search is half the fun.
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Nov 12, 2004 07:09AM)
I have to agree on the tarbell needle routine, although its not razor blades, it is pretty good.
Message: Posted by: Profan (Nov 12, 2004 04:54PM)
Tomas Medina has an excellent version on his Geek Magic DVD. If you want to reproduce them on a thread, you're going to need a couple extra things, but if you just want to swallow razor blades and have them be gone, it can all be done out of pocket.
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Nov 18, 2004 09:30AM)
I have just seen that Davenports is advertising a blade swallowing routine. I believe it is about £24.
Message: Posted by: Werner G. Seitz (Nov 18, 2004 10:37AM)
On 2004-11-12 08:09, DamienT98 wrote:
I have to agree on the tarbell needle routine, although its not razor blades, it is pretty good.
[/quote]Sure..Harry Houdini did it too..but what about better visability?
If nobody can se those needles, nobody cares..
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 18, 2004 04:16PM)
If nobody can se those needles, nobody cares..

True only if you are presenting this as only a trick. The reality of "needles" is that it is a piece of drama and as such the audience is drawn in trying to see the needles in the glints of light which dance off the string, not to mention those who can't see as well feed off the reactions of those who can see well.

As such "needles" would be an incredible street routine which affords one great opportunities for interaction with one's audience. Perhaps a bit more so than "blades" due to the focus one gets with the harder to see needles.
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Nov 21, 2004 04:05PM)
On 2004-11-18 11:37, Werner G. Seitz wrote:
On 2004-11-12 08:09, DamienT98 wrote:
I have to agree on the tarbell needle routine, although its not razor blades, it is pretty good.
[/quote]Sure..Harry Houdini did it too..but what about better visability?
If nobody can se those needles, nobody cares..


The guy who started the thread (pun intended :) ) wanted something to perform on the street. Thus people being close enough to see the needles. He wanted a close up routine and that is why I backed the suggestion of the Tarbell routine.
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Nov 28, 2004 01:24AM)
I saw Teller do this when I went to see Penn and Teller, and there were a few things he did which really added to the routine. First, he used WAY more needles than I have seen anyone use...ever (which was AWESOME when he reproduced them) and he had a spectator come up onstage and watch each and every needle as it went in, so the audience could see how grossed out he was.
Message: Posted by: meroman2000 (Dec 3, 2004 12:36PM)
If you look in magicdepot.com they use to have the pocket razor blade trick you want. the only problem is that the pocket one the blades get rusty
Message: Posted by: Matt Bartz (Dec 3, 2004 01:17PM)
I recently watched the Ellis in Wonderland dvd that Tim Ellis just put out. I'll be posting reviews of all three of his dvds in the video,dvd section of the Café, when I get a chance....But, for now, I'd like to say to the original poster, that I think he'll find exactly what he is looking for in Tim's routine. It can be close up/walk around or parlour, there is no stage or stand needed and is truely stunning. Tim explains this effect down to the most minute details. But, you don't just get 1 razor blade routine. The dvd has a total of 12 amazing effects and is packed with fantastic performance and business tips.
Message: Posted by: muzicman (Dec 3, 2004 01:43PM)
I agree with Matt. I saw Ellis do this at a lecture and it works. Each blade is used to slice a playing card to show it's real, then with no switches, no moves, he swallows each blade. The blades are then pulled out on a string and you are clean. Great method and you can make it yourslef for under 10 bucks...
Message: Posted by: Mago_Magrin (May 5, 2005 06:23PM)
I very often do the swallowing needle routine and by having done it so many times, I have developed a way to really freak people out!!!
I show the people all 30 needles and right before swallowing them, I pearce about 6 or 7 of them on my arm, so that they are straight up, and then I tell people that I have developed a sort of self hipnotism so that I don't feel pain (the interesting part is that I really don't feel anything!!!) Then just act naturally and take them out dangling on the thread!!!
People almost throw themselves at my feet!!!
After I started performing this trick, it built up my reputation monstruously!!!
I really recomend it!!!

Mago Magrin
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (May 5, 2005 10:42PM)
Having seen Tim Ellis perform this a few times I agree with above posts!

This can work well on the street-Highly recommended

Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (May 9, 2005 12:53PM)
Glad you all like my method. Mike Close (in his MAGIC Magazine review) seemed to love it too!

If you'd like to learn more, get the new DVD 'ELLIS IN WONDERLAND' from your favourite dealer.


(If they don't have it in stock, email me!)