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Message: Posted by: intense (Aug 31, 2002 11:06AM)
hello people

i would like to know if any one could help me with an idea i have, I would like to do a heads off illusion but with a difference

most heads off illusions require an assistant
and of corse the special gimick for those who know this illusion will know what this is

Any way what i want to do is make this a ONE MAN illusion with just me , cutting off my own head and moving it from my self to my feet, with my REAL HEAD NOT A FAKE one

I would also like to wear ORDINARY cloths shirt and trousers

the PROBLEM i am having is getting out of the shirt , obviously when ALL the buttons are done up you cant get your head out because the colour is in the way

does any 1 have any ideas of how to get out of a shirt or a way to modyfiy it so i can WALK IN AND OUT of it,
I have tried casts and a back door sort of thing but NO LUCK

any ideas would be very helpfull,
please reply or email at intensemagic4479@aol.com

Does any 1 think this is a good idea

thanks guys

rob :coolspot: