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Topic: Thumb Tricks
Message: Posted by: magicman03 (Nov 12, 2004 09:53PM)
Does anyone use any finger type effects? In particular david harkeys goldfinger principle. Or how about the old pull the thumb off trick?
Message: Posted by: Nicholas (Nov 13, 2004 07:19AM)
I use finger fantasies by Meir Yedid. My presentation is slightly surrealistic and frequently gets gasps or people having a difficult time looking (they want to see what I am doing...but they don't want to see). So, for me, this one ranks high.
Message: Posted by: NitroMagic (Feb 14, 2005 10:31PM)
This is great and is an awsome addition to an act. Practice makes perfect.
Message: Posted by: stphotog (Feb 16, 2005 03:10AM)
Is there a video?
Message: Posted by: Grimm (Feb 16, 2005 03:36AM)
I still haven't made up my mind about finger fantasies yet. Sometimes I think it's more of a gag than a real trick (at least presented in Yedid's way). However with a little flourish it could turn into someting very interesting.
Message: Posted by: Nicholas (Feb 19, 2005 06:33AM)
It is from Mier Yedid's video titled Finger Fantasies. I know there is a demo video somewhere on the internet but I can't recall where it is located. Someone else may have a better memory.

The one thing about Finger Fantasies is that the angles are critical. The advantage is...you remove all fingers with the palm facing the audience. I also use a 6th finger, filled with silly putty. Whereas Meir's routine is a disappearing finger routine...mine is a take-off-each-finger routine. I flash the 6th finger along the way to give the impression that I am holding the removed finger in my other hand.

If I can find the demo video, I will post it.


Oh - Oh...by the way...since this topic has been revived, there is Andrew Mayne's Pocket Finger Chopper. In this effect, "a borrowed bill passes through your finger." Definately for close-up...can be done impromptu using a borrowed bill and borrowed playing card. On Steve Fearson's site, there is another close-up card-thru-thumb trick but I forget the name. Just search Download Magic.com.
There is also the old trick where you take a piece of cord and intertwine it, back and forth, between all your fingers...slip the loop over your thumb, and pull the cord through all your fingers. Another close-up impromptu penetration using all your fingers. Finally, there is the sausage finger trick that, I believe can be found at Hank Lee's if you do a search for "sausage finger." It's like the old optical illusion where you have your two pointing fingers almost touch and as you gaze at them, a sausage finger appears to float between your two finger tips. But, in this case, your audience can see the sausage finger as well. I don't have this item, but it is oddball enough that the idea appeals to me. I hope there are more finger magic ideas out there!
Message: Posted by: Wells34 (Feb 22, 2005 02:19AM)
If you like the pulling the thumb off effect, Paul Gertner has the best method for doing it. Looks awesome.
Message: Posted by: rannie (Feb 24, 2005 10:00PM)
Alain Nu has a fun routine in Hit The Road dvd. He is one of the featured guests .
Message: Posted by: Mr. Muggle (Feb 25, 2005 01:56AM)
On 2005-02-22 03:19, Wells34 wrote:
If you like the pulling the thumb off effect, Paul Gertner has the best method for doing it. Looks awesome.

I agree it's a great effect. If anyone is interested you can get Paul's book online at http://www.paulgertner.com

Message: Posted by: gene plampin (Feb 25, 2005 07:28AM)
I am a teacher and will pull my thumb off for the younger kids. If someone says that I'm just hiding my thumb behind my hand, I palm a TT with a red scarf in it, pull off my thumb, throw the TT in the air, catch it, hold it really close to the kid's face for a second, palm it, put my real thumb back on and ditch the TT. It freaks them out pretty good.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Muggle (Feb 25, 2005 08:18PM)
Sounds interesting, but Gertner's routine is more practical and much more realistic in its effect. Furthermore it doesn't requre all the additional props to get its point across, its simple and straight foward.

Message: Posted by: Wells34 (Feb 26, 2005 06:39PM)
Gertner's takes something a lot of people think is 'kinda cheesy' and makes'em say 'what the...how'd he do that?'