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Topic: A Few Less Rabbits in Alaska, too...
Message: Posted by: Thomas Wayne (Sep 3, 2002 03:07AM)
Speaking of rabbits, I just spoke with a friend of mine who performs here in Alaska with two favorite rabbits that he has had for several years. I should say he USED to perform with them, because last night a bear got into his rabbit pen behind his house and ate both rabbits. Apparently the bear had to go to some clever lengths to actually get to them, but get to them he did!

You gotta be tough to survive in the "Last Frontier", and I guess those rabbits just weren't tough enough...

Thomas Wayne
Message: Posted by: x-treem (Sep 3, 2002 03:21AM)
The late "Uncle Wiggles" was prob. my best rabbit to work with, one day I let him romp around in the back yard, he contracted some wierd grass borne disease and died within days (according to his vet).

Since that time they sit in their cage on the back porch when the sun is over that way.

I doubt that a bear would wander into the heart of the town where I live but this is another example.

Thanks Thomas for the story.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 6, 2002 06:51PM)
Ok, Let me understand this; In Alaska you got Hungry Bears, Glaciers, and very very cold weather most of the year, except for the two days of the year that you call summer.....

Hmmmm, I wonder why there are so few people living, in Alaska when the Chamber of Commercials has such a good tale to tell! :bigsmile:

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Sep 6, 2002 06:59PM)
x-treem: I wouldn't be too sure of a bear not coming into the town. I live in the heart of my town and we have black bears that do occassionally walk down the side of the road. You never can tell.

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Sep 6, 2002 10:17PM)

That is such a sad story. I absolutely LOVE rabbits...

They taste like chicken! :bg: