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Topic: Breaking Taboos
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Nov 28, 2004 03:01AM)
In reading some of these threads today it occurred to me that, in the great tradition of artists of all genres, Bizarrists break taboos to communicate with our audiences.

We discuss strange topics, not ones that tend to come up in polite conversation. We use unsettling objects that challenge many people's comfort zones. Most people have never handled tarot cards, bones or a grimoire. We might have a businessman hold a pendulum, or have a Mom become mired in a game for her very soul.

But in breaking these taboos, we create adventure and awaken the senses. We take people out of their normal lives and to some places that are just a bit dangerous. That's thrilling! One of the human needs is uncertainty, which people try to avoid. We fulfill that need for them.

One cannot easily sit in a Bizarre performance and maintain the daily hypnosis they live in. For those brief moments they are with us, they are awake...and free.

In structuring your performances, do you use taboo-breaking as a tool for your art?
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Nov 28, 2004 08:16AM)
Thank you for such a beautiful post!

I always have thought on that breaking of taboos as “provocations”. Not in a threatening way, but precisely as a way to keep audiences awake. You show them thing that they don get to see on their day to day life, talk about subjects that in a way or another have troubled humanity for centuries, like ghost, spirits, paranormal phenomena... and have them willing to move with you to a parallel reality, just for a moment.
Message: Posted by: chmara (Nov 28, 2004 12:39PM)
Do we break taboos or slice into conventional wisdom with a parody of unconventional thought.

As a skeptic and an atheist -- it is interesting seeing people become superstitiously afraid of the unknown -- no matter how natural or benign. It is a craft to do it in a way that their personal sensibilities are not disrupted to the point of disgust or picking up rocks and screaming --- "Stone Him -- Stone Him -- he's a witch (warlock, devil or whatever.)

I have developed a back story on my seance effects that run in an evolutionary mode -- to introduce cognitive dissonance into an otherwise unchallenged "spiritual" set. Man vs. machine. Even anti-evolutionists end up buying this premise as "natural" because it shows that spiritual communication is a gift (even if from a creationist standpoint).

If you get beyond dripping blood, gore, stereotypical vampires and such into story and idea -- invoking active thought on the part of the audience -- beyond that of a TV sitcom -- then you are truly bizarre in today's vapid culture.
Message: Posted by: Doriangray (Nov 28, 2004 01:33PM)
That true: the phylosophy's melting pote and the tolerance lead to a main stream! Who're the Maryline Manson's fan? Anyone can be that today! My young sister, my father even my old "botox" neihbourg!

So what.....For me that is not a true factor.
Take anyone and realy put him in a "Twilight zone" episode, I mean that they live a real wiered personnal experience, chocking unusual fact knock them to say "it's that reality, or your reality, or an other reality". You let him the message "the world is full of realities".

That's art: chocking and giving another lighting!
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Nov 29, 2004 11:22AM)
Great comments! Yes, people exist in a construct of reality that often underplays their true potential. This is certainly true if one's principle influence is a TV Network! Using Bizarre Magick we can take them out of their safe world into somewhere else - perhaps uncomfortable, definitely stimulating. It is there, when people are awake and listening, that an artist is at their most powerful.

As an artist, presenting the impossible, some of the messages I want to convey are:

"We are all magicians."
"Our words and thoughts create our world."
"You can do many things you thought were impossible."

If someone receives these messages, even just in their subconscious, and can go out and be a little more daring and adventurous, and simply LIVE more, I would be very fulfilled as an artist.
Message: Posted by: Doriangray (Nov 29, 2004 11:35AM)
I consider my spectators as untested travelers of the impossible one, persons that explore and visit another realité where the laws are not the same or leaves.
I position myself as guides for them.