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Topic: Mephistos Journey
Message: Posted by: Midnight333 (Dec 2, 2004 01:51PM)
Im considering buying this MS. Does anyone have any comments on it?
Message: Posted by: rgranville (Dec 3, 2004 07:34AM)
The effect in [i]Mephisto's Journey[/i] is at least as much theater as magic. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but if that's not your style, you will be disappointed. The effect is designed to be performed in a private home. Adapting it for other venues will prove difficult to impossible. This isn't "story magic bizarre" - there's no real plot around the effect. It's just plain spooky: lights turned out, eerie glowing emanating from the performer, and the like. But if you work dinner parties and spooky fits your style, then [i]Mephisto's Journey[/i] would make a fine addition to your repertoire.

Message: Posted by: Crossroads Mystic (Dec 3, 2004 03:26PM)
Check Annemann's Practical Mental Magic for Voodoo & Voodoo Encore.
Message: Posted by: diamondjack (Dec 9, 2004 01:15AM)
Its one of the best pieces of theater and magic that ive ever purchased.
Message: Posted by: rannie (Dec 9, 2004 03:11AM)
On 2004-12-03 16:26, Mr.Skin wrote:
Check Annemann's Practical Mental Magic for Voodoo & Voodoo Encore.

I have that book and Mephisto's Journey too. Could it be safe to say that the latter was based from Annemen's? If yes, I can't remember any credit! I may be wrong. Just curious.