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Topic: Serpintine silks
Message: Posted by: mb5191 (Dec 10, 2004 04:34PM)
Anyone here who is familiar with the routine what kind of thread do you use? IT is too weak.
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Dec 11, 2004 09:35AM)

Serpentine silk is normally done with a hand-held reel where the thread is provided. You're right - IT is much too fragile for a hand-held reel. I have had good success with silk thread that I bought at my local fabric shop.

Keep in mind though, Serpentine silk is usually done as a platform trick because of the need for thicker, stronger thread.

I hope this helps you.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Dec 13, 2004 03:18AM)
Rice's Knotty silk uses just a thread. Maybe IT would work with this version. Contact Rice's Silk King Studios. They advertise on the Café. This is an untying silk trick for stage presentation. If you are looking for close-up application of this effect. I do not know of any available.