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Topic: Dancing Cane 101 DVD and Ultimate Cane
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Dec 11, 2004 03:24PM)
Hey there,
I'm currently thinking about purchasing David Mann's "Dancing Cane 101" DVD. However, the only dancing cane I own is the Fantasio Vanishing Cane in combination with Peter Loughran's Ultimate Cane gimmick.

I would thus like to know whether or not the moves taught on the DVD can be done with the Ultimate Cane or whether I should also get a "real" dancing cane with the dvd. If I remember correctly (I think I've read this somewhere on the Café), the Ultimate Cane does not allow for all dancing cane moves possible.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated... thanks!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Dec 12, 2004 11:40PM)
I think you should take a look at the DVD before purchasing another Dancing Cane. I personally feel that my Dancing Cane works best as it has it's own thread system, and that is something that no other cane on the market has.
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Dec 13, 2004 11:24AM)
Martin, you should be fine with the Ultimate cane. You can do all moves with it when it is not flaming. Once flaming you are limited to what moves you can do for obvious reasons. However, I have not seen the DVD you are talking about so I cannot confirm the moves that are taught on that video.
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Dec 14, 2004 10:19AM)
Thanks guys. I've decided to get David's dancing cane anyway, though I'm pretty excited about trying out the same moves with the Ultimate cane.

I had to place the order with East Coast Magic. For some reason Precision Magic failed to respond to my emails about the shipping costs to Germany, although I emailed them twice. There is definetely room for improvement here (if I am not mistaken, you're the owner of Precision Magic?)
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Dec 16, 2004 07:35PM)
I emailed the cost to you several times, but our friends at East Coast Magic will take good care of you. Sorry, we couldn't communicate.

If you or anyone would like to see a demo of the Dancing Cane 101 DVD go to: http://www.store.yahoo.com/magicmusicandmore-store/prmadaca.html
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Dec 17, 2004 02:56AM)
Thanks for your reply. My ISP's spam filter at times seems to be a little, well, aggressive. I just once again checked my inbox and I didn't receive a single email from you. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I'm really looking forward to receiving the package.

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Dec 28, 2004 11:54PM)
I hope you recieved your DVD. And I truely hope you take something away from it!
Let us all know what you think!
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Dec 29, 2004 07:46AM)
In fact, I have not received the DVD as of yet. The delay might be due to quite a lot of people sending packages around Christmas. I guess I'll just have to wait another week or two.

I'll post a review in the Café once both the DVD and the cane have made it here. It's kind of sad one can only pruchase your products in the US. Have you ever looked into working with a magic retailer in Europe?

Message: Posted by: Magique Hands (Dec 29, 2004 10:15AM)

I've received David Mann's DVD, and it is quite good! Below is my review of it (although I am in no way qualified as a critic.)

David Mann's "Dancing Cane 101" DVD has great production aspects. Although, during the performance part of its content, most of the camera shots are three-quater close-ups (and a few are extreme close-ups, showing just his head and neck.)There are times where you can actually see the gimmick, but this is due to the camera shooting close-ups of David Mann's performance, and wouldn't have been an issue had the camera been filming at the actual distance audience members would be seated. In having the camera shoot extreme close-ups, really is the only thing that takes away a little of the enjoyment about watching his Dancing Cane routine. During these close-up shots, you're not able to see the entire length of the cane, or his body, so on video (camera), the amazement of the illusion is lessened quite a bit. Keep in mind, the camera focus is extremely clear, which makes this a nice DVD to watch and learn from.

The voice-over narration is a good idea, as so are all of the slow-motion shots. Most of the "moves" David Mann teaches are good ones for people just learning the dancing cane. There are also some moves that are for more intermediate and advanced performers. He is quite thorough, as he goes into good detail teaching the different grips (hook-ups). Although I am not an expert on the Dancing Cane, I have been performing my routine for nearly 15 years. This was the very first time I've seen the "T-Grip" and its capabilities. I was quite pleased to learn this. You should glean great information and ideas from his DVD.

I would say that this is really, a great DVD teaching the Dancing Cane. David Mann's moves and actions flow very smoothly, and his cane routine is very well designed and executed. His "Hat Removal" move is quite good, and truly fits his performance style. I enjoyed this part of the routine especially, because its almost as if he breaks his 'relationship' or magical connection with the cane in order to dust off and re-adjust his hat, while the cane simply dances and moves out in front of him.

During the History section of the DVD, there is much mention of Peter Pit. This was especially exciting for me to watch, as it was when I was a teen-ager that I first saw Peter Pit perform his Dancing Cane on a television special. Seeing Peter Pit's performance is the reason I began learning the Dancing Cane. I applaud David Mann for adding this to the DVD.

Overall, David Mann's DVD gets a 9 1/2 out of 10. I would give it a ten rating, if the entire performance was filmed from the appropriate distance. This small issue is negated because of the high production aspects, and the thorough job David Mann does in teaching the moves, as well as the other very important aspects of performing the Dancing Cane (stage lighting, background and scenery, etc...)

Precision Magic's design of the Dancing Cane itself has some great aspects to consider. First, it is 35" in length and is a one-piece design. It is made from light-weight aluminum, and its top ferrel is of a nice, asthetically pleasing design. The design of its gimmick connection is one of the main reasons why you might want to seriously consider performing with this cane. I myself, perform with a one-piece cane (of my own design and fabrication), and have found that one-piece cane's simply perform better (my own opinion, based on many of the other canes I've used over the years.)

I highly recommend David Mann's Dancing Cane 101 DVD!

Have fun,
- - Troy
Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Jan 5, 2005 09:08AM)
I wholeheartedly agree with Troy's review. I just received my DVD and couldn't take my eyes off of it. The routine itself is spectacular, but the way the moves are taught in slow motion is extremely effective. The really nice thing about the DVD is that you are simply taught the various moves and not the routine itself. From there, it's up to you whether you want to adopt Mr. Mann's routine or develop one of your own.

I should mention that I had ordered the combo set from East Coast Magic. I was a little concerned when only the DVD arrived and not the cane. I called, but by mistake I called Mr. Mann directly instead of East Coast. In my conversation with Mr. Mann he came across as a very sincere individual with a keen interest in how his product was being received by the magic community. We chatted at length about the DVD and the cane and I was left with a feeling of confidence that I had never before had after buying a magic product.

I still haven't received the cane yet, but East Coast Magic has confirmed that it was shipped separately due to the difference in size between the two products. Needless to say, I can't wait!!
Message: Posted by: Werner G. Seitz (Jan 5, 2005 09:31AM)
I just want to say, that this performance/routine re the Dancing Cane is the very best I ever saw and I've seen quite a few, including Peter Pits, who started to make that thingy famous. And that goes at least over 45 years back. Saw it live at a convention/competition done by him, when he won 1st prize. Can't remember exactly when it was, might even go back to 1958 or so.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jan 5, 2005 09:05PM)
What am I supposed to say to all these reviews. I hope everyone who recives Dancing Cane 101 will be as satisfied as all of you! Again, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Jan 6, 2005 08:45AM)

I was curious how long it took you to develop and perfect the routine you perform on the DVD, and how long do you think it would take a mere mortal to get close to that point?

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jan 6, 2005 11:20AM)
I worked on that routine for about 3 Months, but I have been developing moves since around 1970 or so. I have more moves, that will be in the New Dancing Cane DVD 201. Dancing Cane 201 is the second portion of my Dancing Cane/Zombie Act.

I would think that most Magicians will be able to add new moves to their routines rather quickly because they are taught clearly, and concisely. I guess, it all comes down to how determined you are to include these new moves into your current routine.

Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Jan 6, 2005 05:19PM)

Add me to your pre-order list for the Dancing Cand 201 DVD! Will it have some Zombie moves in there as well?

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jan 6, 2005 06:16PM)
No Zombie moves on that DVD! I did heard a rumor though, that I may be doing a DVD on the Zombie with a certain someone from Las Vegas. It is said that he may be working with one of my new prototypes Zombie Balls. I also heard, this New Zombie represents the only significant change to ever come to the Zombie, since it was created. It is said there is no hole in the ball and the gaff is only 5" Long. And I heard it said that with this new method the ball can be manipulated in such ways that could only be imagined. Preposterous isn't it! Hmm..I would Hate to see a nasty rumor like that take hold!

Message: Posted by: Hengky Ciptanegara (Jan 8, 2005 05:26AM)

I saw a clip of "Dancing Cane 101" DVD and I would love to buy it from you but I saw on your web that you could not accept foreign customer, don't you?

Could you reference me, where I could buy the DVD and the precision dancing cane beside your store and they accept foreign customer.

I have checked with East Cost Magic but unfortunately, my country (Indonesia) is not listed on their list.

Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Jan 9, 2005 11:11AM)
I just got the precision cane and the dvd yesturday. It's unfreaking beleivable. I have found a few problems though.

On the cane, whenever I'm practicing I notice that the thread on the cane twists into itself making it harder to perform it. Have you also experienced this? Is there any way to prevent this or to fix it should this occur?

Also, spinning the cane around the right arm (sort of around the bisep)wasn't explained. Am I missing something (like combining moves from the dvd to do this) or was it simply not something you chose to hold on for yourself?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jan 9, 2005 02:32PM)
Yes, your right about the twisting of the gimmick. By the way, all cane gimmicks twist up. However, it is usually caused by doing a particular move over and over and over again. How would you fix that? I find that in development of your routine that you must consider the twisting of the gimmick.

And yes, there is a reason that the over the shoulder move wasn't taught. It was for you to discover and figure out on your own.

I truely hope you enjoy the DVD and the Cane.
Dave Mann
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Jan 11, 2005 10:17AM)
In the meantime I have received both the DVD and the Dancing Cane itself. In the past few days I basically haven't done anything else besides practice, practice, practice, practice, etc. It's great fun (it really ROCKS). And I'm constantly improving :). Here's my review:


The DVD is definitely a great learning source for anyone interested in the dancing cane - no matter if novice, amateur or pro. The moves are very well taught, everything is explained in a clear & straightforward fashion and the slow-mo bits make it extremely easy to follow the instructions and work along as you're watching. In addition, the fact that the entire routine is also on the dvd makes it possible to observe the moves in combination (and not as isolated effects.

How does the DVD compare to others, e.g. the Jeff McBride DVD and the Bracco videos on the dancing cane? Well, there's a simple answer: David Mann's dvd goes beyond any other teaching material on the dancing cane I have ever seen. It gets down to the essentials of how to handle the cane and the different grips one needs to control it in no time. There is no "Practice this grip until you drop dead"-section. You can actually start building your own routine once you've watched the first 2-3 sections on the dvd. The only thing that I thought was missing is a section on HOW to move from one grip to another (which is rather difficult if you'd like to do it in a flawless fahsion). But hey, there's so much GREAT, GREAT, GREAT material on the DVD everyone calling a dancing cane their own should definitely get it.

In addition, watching David Mann perform his routine is a real pleasure just by itself and imho already worth the price of the dvd :)

The cane

The actual cane is very well made (VERY durable) and perfectly balanced. I especially like its weight. The fact that the cane is a bit heavier than most other canes actually makes it easier to perform with it. The idea of placing a little weight (to which the thread has to be attached) inside the cane so that it automatically retracts the thread when the cane is not in use, is a very clever one. While Losander's cane uses the same mechanism, his "weights" (steel nuts) are not wrapped in a small piece of cloth and so - from time to time - audibly bang against the inside of the cane. David Mann thus has managed to eliminate this problem as well.

An often heard argument against a heavier cane is that one cannot use a very thin kind of thread to make it float. While this argument holds for close-up versions of the dancing cane (e.g. Losander's Floating Wand), people should not forget that the standard dancing cane is a stage trick! If you want, you can use relatively thin fishing line and color it black with a Sharpie... but the actual length of thread that comes with the cane (probably some kind of upholstery thread) works well too - despite its thickness.

In other words: If you are looking for a good, well-priced, noble-looking dancing cane, get this one!
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Jan 17, 2005 04:48PM)
We'll try to find the best DVD neaded for you!
I got my DVD, Jeff McBride - Magic on Stage and I had enough of it!
The DVD is very good it's all about the Classic of Magic!
Dancing Cane is very good on it!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jan 18, 2005 09:27PM)
I would like to publicly thank all of you who put out their views and thoughts on my Dancing Cane 101 DVD. Thank You! I feel that you gave fair & Balanced reviews.
David Mann
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Jan 19, 2005 03:38PM)
Your Welcome Dmann!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jan 20, 2005 11:41AM)
To all interested.

Genii Magazine is doing a review on the Dancing Cane 101 DVD. The review will be in the March issue.

Check out the review of Dancing Cane 101.

Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Jan 22, 2005 04:07AM)
Thanks I will chekit out!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jan 24, 2005 08:05PM)
Well Nick, did you check it out! And what say yee?
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Jan 25, 2005 12:44AM)
Very cool video, I take some new moves from there.
THANKS for the LINK! :D
Message: Posted by: Review King (Jan 28, 2005 03:08AM)
It's a MIRACLE!!!!! Very cool, indeed!!
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Jan 28, 2005 03:57PM)
I like Fantasio Dancing Cane, but I make my own by myself and
I am proud of it!
It's very sollid and light!
I can make very cool and interesting moves with it.
Nead any advices on the Dancing Cane? Contact me: nickjegor@walla.com
Message: Posted by: streetmagician_08 (Jan 28, 2005 04:05PM)
Is the Kick Start move taught on the 101 DVD?
Message: Posted by: Alex Camus (Jan 31, 2005 11:11AM)
As far as the gimmick getting twisted on you, I might have a solution. I use a single thread with a bead at the end instead of a loop. Holding the bead between my 1st and 2nd fingers. This makes it very easy to switch hands and since it is not a loop twisting does not seem to be a problem.
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Jan 31, 2005 02:35PM)
The Kick Move taught in McBrides DVD - Magic on Stage vol.3
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jan 31, 2005 07:31PM)
The Kick Move is not taught on the Dancing Cane DVD 101. However, with the proper knowledge of how the trick actually works and little thought on your own, and you should be able to figure it out. It's actually easy. Or, if all else fails follow Nick's advice.
Message: Posted by: Winks (Jan 31, 2005 11:35PM)
Well, sorry to throw some rain on the parade, but I am very disappointed with the cane. It came with the thread so twisted and knotted as to be totally unusable. And the instructions about changing the thread are obtuse and unusable. Until I can figure out how to change the thread, this thing is a useless doorstop.
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Feb 1, 2005 06:31AM)
One more thing, If you have a dancing cane, you can make your own moves?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 1, 2005 08:10AM)
Dear Winks,
Sorry that your disappointed! Why didn't you email or call to resolve your problem, instead of complaining about something that is easy to repair. Anyway to fix the cane all you have to do is take the top of the cane off and remove the weight. Replace the gimmick, then put the top back on. Your ready to go! And by the way, the whole Idea of Dancing Cane 101 DVD is to help you think outside the box and to come up with your own ideas. Nick
Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Feb 1, 2005 09:10AM)
The thread on my cane was quite twisted and tangled when I first received it as well. A magnifying glass and about 10 minutes of time was all it took to correct the problem.

Having made a similar cane in the past (but nowhere as good a quality as David's), I know that the tangling occurs because of the weight mechanism sliding all the way up and down the inside of the cane. This only occurs when the cane is tipped upside down repeatedly in transport.

Although it is very easy to avoid tipping the cane upside down, it is a little more difficult to create an after-market solution so as to eliminate the problem in its entirety. One solution may be to have a removable cotter pin inserted to lock the weight in the down position. This will prevent the weight from doubling over on the thread when the cane is tipped upside down in transport. The pin could be removed when performing the effect.

Alternatively, if the weight is made of steel (I haven't opened my cane to take a look), you could create a magnetic "sleeve" to go over the outside tip of the cane during transport. The magnetic sleeve would be strong enough to hold the weight in place and prevent the tangling of the thread.

This may be an added feature that David may want to consider in later releases of the cane, since it would not likely add much more to the cost of production. In the interim, a small spool of extra thread would be nice to overcome the frustrations of those who receive the cane in a tangled condition. Just a thought from a loyal fan.

Message: Posted by: Winks (Feb 1, 2005 09:38AM)
Who was I to call? I got it through a dealer who could offer no help? I read the instruction sheets. How do you get the weight out? I take the top off but the weight will not slide out. Do you need to remove the rubber grommet through which the string passes? This is what has me so frustrated.

As far as the DVD, I think that is great. I just need help with getting the weight out.
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Feb 1, 2005 09:58AM)
Who were you to call? Well, how about contacting Precision Magic directly? Their internet address (website) is listed on the cane's packaging (it's right below the Precisionmagic logo: http://www.precisionmagic.com).

I feel it's kind of unfair of you to publicly complain about issues that could have easily been sorted out.

Btw. you do not need to remove the rubber grommet - nor should you do so. You might have to shake the cane a little bit or slightly tip it on the floor for the weight to come out.
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Feb 1, 2005 01:03PM)
What type of thread are you using guys?
I use some 'GUTURMAN' and 'TALIANA' thread, how about you?
Message: Posted by: Winks (Feb 1, 2005 04:18PM)
I had no website listed nor any phone number on any packaging or anything else I got with the cane. All the 2 page instruction sheet says is Precision Magic, Inc The Best Magic On The Planet. There is no website, address, phone or anything else there. Thanks for letting me know about the weight - after I banged the cane upside down on the floor 4 or 5 times the weight came out - the twisted thread was holding it in. Sorry I annoyed you. It won't happen again.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 1, 2005 10:52PM)
No problem. We are not annoyed as this is a problem that can happen to almost anyone. Maybe it will help others who might have the same problem.

That is a most excellent suggestion about locking the weight down.

You have obviously taken the Dancing Cane DVD 101 seriously! I commend you for your knowledge.

As to the type of gimmick to be used. I think it kind of depends on the venue your performing for.
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Feb 2, 2005 06:00AM)
Aha, I see!
Message: Posted by: ricker (Feb 5, 2005 11:53PM)
I got instructions with the cane, but I had bought the DVD before and knew that it had info on how to re thread it, which I did, since you have to experiment with different lengths until you know which is most comfortable for you.

I own three different dancing canes and I like David's the best. He advanced the 'technology' of the canes with this design.

Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Feb 6, 2005 06:03AM)
I see, I made my cane by myself and it's very solid and very light.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 7, 2005 11:36PM)
I am not throwing off on your cane but the Precision Magic Dancing Cane is just that Precision made with it's own thread system.
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Feb 8, 2005 02:48PM)
Oh, I see.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 17, 2005 04:32PM)
Is that the best you can do?
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Feb 17, 2005 04:40PM)
What are you talking about?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 17, 2005 10:30PM)
What I meant was, tell us more about the type of gimmick that you use. Is it low light, does it have a good tensil strength, and which do you prefer, the GUTURMAN' or 'TALIANA?

See the Review by David Oliver in the April Issue of Genii Magazine. I would just like to thank Mr. Oliver personally for his kind words. Thank You!
Message: Posted by: respho (Mar 18, 2005 05:18AM)
I purchased a Precision dancing cane a few days ago.

Honestly, I wasn't aware of the positive reviews of the cane, I was just most interested in canes that have a one piece construction.

Could someone tell me the history of this cane. I believe it is only a recently released product. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 18, 2005 10:32PM)
Your Cane and DVD are on the way, and I believe they will answer all your questions.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 24, 2005 02:54PM)

The Genii review was great. I think he emphasized what we all know here, you've taken the cane to the next level. There are some amazing moves in Cane 101 and the cane's manufacturing is second to none. I don't think any homemade canes can come close. As most you know, I do magic wooodworking with PMZZ. The group, (Tabby, Bob, Michael and Lucy), were just amazed at the quality of the cane.

High quality work, that is the PMZZ and the David Mann way. :)

Keep up the good work.

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Apr 12, 2005 12:07AM)
Thanks buddy for your kind words! Also I hear good things coming from your corner. Just wanted to wish you good luck
Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Jul 18, 2005 09:24PM)
Dmann, I haven't played with this in a while since I recently got a restaurant gig and had to abandon my stage for a while. But, I'm starting to work on this again. But I ran into another problem, the thread keeps breaking while I'm practicing. Am I using too thin of thread or is this something that happens naturally with using it? It breaks at least once every time I try to use it.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 21, 2005 10:26PM)
Is there a grommet where the gaffus comes out of the cane! If not there should be. Let me know by P.M.
Message: Posted by: Hengky Ciptanegara (Jul 22, 2005 04:07AM)

Is there any chance you will let us know your move when the Cane moves around the shoulder? And the second move after that?

Actually, I have a clue how it's done but what I do not know is the second move after the cane moves around the shoulder.
Should the cane just rotate?


I DID NOT mean to ask the secrets here in public domain. Sorry I PM you Dmann..

Please ignore my comment above.....

I forgot this is the public domain place... not the secret sessions

Message: Posted by: Euangelion (Jul 23, 2005 07:01PM)
On 2005-02-01 10:10, magicman845 wrote:
This may be an added feature that David may want to consider in later releases of the cane, since it would not likely add much more to the cost of production. In the interim, a small spool of extra thread would be nice to overcome the frustrations of those who receive the cane in a tangled condition. Just a thought from a loyal fan.


Just extend the thread to length and tape in in place. One at the top and one above the hole. Problem solved, no sweat.
Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Jul 24, 2005 09:31PM)
On 2005-07-21 23:26, Dmann wrote:
Is there a grommet where the gaffus comes out of the cane! If not there should be. Let me know by P.M.

Oops! I knew that thing was there for something.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 25, 2005 10:04PM)
Actually, the move right after the over the shoulder move is: The cane is thrown between the two legs and vanishing from site!
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Aug 1, 2005 02:51PM)
I myself do the dancing cane. And I have David's it is the best. So I recommend it to anyone who wants a AWESOME cane. I've seen many magicians perform the dancing cane. And I myself live down by Gatlinburg and I visit the shop. I have seen David do his cane and he is the best I think. Now for some moves he does not teach on his DVD are actually very simple to figure out just watch the DVD and pay attention. The move I am working on right now is the between the legs move where it vanishes from site. Well that is just my 2 cents...
Message: Posted by: DerekMerdinyan (Aug 1, 2005 07:53PM)
I don't know if this was mentioned before, but I have 6 dancing canes. I made 5 of them and each one cost me less then 3 dollars to make. Just a little spray paint and a wooden dowel (and a drill...) I could make the thing in about 3 hrs and save myself about 10-15 bucks!

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 5, 2005 10:32AM)
It has been mentioned before that you could simply buy a wooden dowel to make a dancing cane. However, If you haven't actually seen the Precision Magic version of the dancing cane, then you are truly missing out on the best product of it's kind.
David Mann
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Aug 7, 2005 06:03PM)
I agree with David. It is the best Dancing Cane on the market and the best value it is a nice cane for its price which isn't to high!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 7, 2005 11:52PM)
Thanks, for the kind words magician211. My work has never been about the money, but the love of our art.
Message: Posted by: Scott Compton (Aug 9, 2005 09:48PM)
Hey David,

Christian went down to the SEAM 2005 convention and won the stage contest and it was ALL due to his dancing cane routine from your DVD. He used your cane, and you would have been proud! Thanks for all the help you give.

Scott Compton

PS: Magician211 is my son Christian in case you didn't recognize him by the picture.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 16, 2005 08:59AM)
Congratulations Christian! I am proud to have him as one of my Dancing Cane Proteges and that he has done so well with it. I hope all have as much success with the Dancing Cane as Christian.
David J. Mann
Message: Posted by: Anubis (Aug 16, 2005 08:10PM)
David, I was in your store about two weeks ago and saw your dancing cane. All I can say is: WOW. The workmanship is done very well. It just looks like a well-built cane, which it is. I didn't have enough money to buy it though. I was talking to the guy who was working and he suggested "Blistered." I love this trick and it's got some of the best reactions.

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 17, 2005 10:32PM)
Thanks for the comments! I hope you enjoy the effects?
Message: Posted by: tdowell2007 (Aug 23, 2005 01:59PM)
Hey All,
I received my Precision Dancing Cane in the mail today and it is AWESOME!!!!! Absolutely beautiful in appearence and I will be proud to perform with it in front of any audience! Do yourself a favor and buy this item today!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 23, 2005 03:49PM)
Well, if you didn't get one of my superb dancing canes, boy are you going to regret it because we are sold out for the 4th Time! They will be available again 9-20-05. Sorry for any inconvience this may cause my brother magicians.
Message: Posted by: tdowell2007 (Aug 23, 2005 05:08PM)
Wow! Did I cut it close or what?!!?? LOL DMann is right. You truly are missing out on owning the finest Dancing Cane available (IMHO) if you don't have it. Ah well....time to go practice!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 23, 2005 07:43PM)
You got the very last of the 101 canes. Soon to be released the 201 Dancing Cane.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 4, 2006 09:19PM)
I just wanted to jump in to let everyone know that Chris Compton one of my personal interest protege's just took second place in the Juniors Division at the Columbus Magi-fest convention. Needless to say I am very Proud of him! I rest my case on the Dancing Cane that can be done longer than 15 seconds. Christians routine is 7 minutes long to the second.
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Feb 14, 2006 04:41PM)
The 201 cane will be a hit! As I said above I really suggest this DVD and cane if your getting started and even a veteran. Thank you David for the kind words also!
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Feb 18, 2006 10:15AM)
I came across Dmann's cane recently. When I took up the dancing cane 20 years ago, I actually used a Fantasio vanishing cane and gimmick which slid on and off the cane. I became very adept at using the thing but eventually abandoned it as it had no place in my act.

Today the cane still has no place in my act but felt compelled to comment on the quality of this cane after playing with one recently. Watching a friend of mine do his moves with this cane made for some great eye candy - the cane, not him. He's almost as good as Dmann! Hehehehe.

In a market flooded with poor quality junk magic or even good quality with little use or over promised results, this cane is far more than the great reviews and positive descriptions its received. I was amazed to find, like never forgetting how to ride a bicycle, how I took to, and executed dancing cane moves I hadn't touched in years. Man its been a long time and we flowed beautifully.

I was having serious thoughts of just running off with it. The only thing that kept me from "accidentally" hitting him over the head to give me a head start was that it was hollow aluminum and wouldn't want to damage the cane. But I found comfort in knowing I could just order one of my own. LOL.

Although I wont be using this in my act, I've decided to get one as it provides an outlet for my own timing, rhythm, and overall presentation of a stage effect, that keeps the performer on his toes. My own manipulation act is filled with similar effects requiring enormous complimentary moves between performer and objects manipulated. Good exercise in this case.

I've heard that the price is about to literally double, some hang-up with the Japanese and availability of aluminum (Good God! do we have to give 'em everything?!), it is still worth the money and then some.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 22, 2006 05:01PM)
Mr. Stewart,
Thanks for all your kind words. Better be careful, people may get the idea that you work for me. Ha! Ha!
Oh! The price is about to double, at least.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 24, 2006 08:35PM)
If you were looking for one of my Dancing Canes, they will be available again around March 1st. The Price is now doubled.
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Feb 26, 2006 09:53AM)
Even with the price the cane is still worth it! They are the best on the market. Very nice and elegant. Even if you think the price is high buy it you won't regret it!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 26, 2006 05:17PM)
Just a short note to let everyone know that we will be shipping the 101 cane March 1st (give or take a day or two). This cane is 201 ready. If your not sure what that means then drop me an email and I will let you know how you can modify your 101 to a 201 cane.
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Feb 26, 2006 08:03PM)
The 201 is great! It has so many possibilities! I suggest you guys invest in it you won't go wrong. Check out the 201 when it is released!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Feb 28, 2006 07:01PM)
Good luck Christian with the Act at the Winter Carnival of Magic!
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Mar 1, 2006 05:57AM)
Thanks dave, I hope to see you in the crowd rooting me on! Ill see you Thursday night I guess if your going to the night Johnny Thompson.
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Mar 1, 2006 12:31PM)
Christian will be a Featured Performer @ SEAM 2006 in Birmingham, AL. I can't wait to see his performance.

For further details on SEAM 2006 see this Magic Café link:


James Adamson
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 1, 2006 05:05PM)
James you've got a Nice line up for that convention. I notice two of my proteges or students are performing there. Joseph Young & Christian Compton, they are both outstanding and unique performers. I encourage all to get out and see them perform!
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Mar 2, 2006 06:03AM)
Thank you for the kind words Dave. See you at The Winter Carnival of Magic!
Message: Posted by: jojomagic (Mar 2, 2006 09:05AM)
A good DVD is 'Pierre Brahma" dancing cane.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 2, 2006 10:41PM)
Don't know Pierre Brahma!
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Mar 4, 2006 09:39AM)
Dmann's site for the dancing cane is now showing a March 7 ship date. I'm looking forward to recieving mine.

Also, the site shows a price increase after these are shipped, if you want one at the current price you better get your order in now.

He also has some need products shown.

James Adamson
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 5, 2006 02:53PM)
Just wanted to announce Christian Compton won the Winter Carnival of Magic Junior Stage Contest.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 9, 2006 11:02AM)
And the new 101's are out, upgradable to the 201.

Christain and I both have prototypes.. holy cow, it's great!!!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 9, 2006 04:43PM)
You got it Ricker. I hope to make a kit so the 101 cane can be upgraded. BTW I recieved your email and I will get back to you shortly!
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 9, 2006 10:00PM)
Sounds good my friend.. Sell bunches, they are worth every penny.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 10, 2006 08:03AM)
I needed to let everyone know that the Canes are not back from the painters yet...they have run into some snags about how to paint them using the right jig. But, they have figured that out, so now they are having the jigs made up so painting will be much more expediant in the future. I tell you guys, if it's not one thing it's another.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 10, 2006 08:25AM)
That's just business David. Goodness knows how many times you try to shoot for a release date and Murphy jumps in. Remember, I write software for a living and I gave up long ago on trying to hit a release date on the head. It's ready when it's ready! LOL

You're always good to your word, and I know they'll be shipped when they are ready.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 10, 2006 07:13PM)
I just got back from the painters and I can't wait for you guys to see the new Dancing Cane 101...it is the finest of it's kind. It's weight is much lighter with this new aluminum and the hilt and ferril have been redesigned and shortened, not to mention both ends now unthread and is ready for the 201 gimmicks to be placed in them. 201 is just around the corner. I have had many questions as to the differences in canes. To answer, in a short sentence,...hmmm, it allows the cane to go much further distances (6 feet that looks more like 10 feet)from the performer, which brings in all kinds of new moves like...around the body with hands in the front of the body, The cane is able to be placed on the floor and jump into your hands that are stretched over your head, you could hand the cane to your assistant after she turns to leave., you stop her a few feet away and make the cane fly back to you. Just a few Ideas. I will sell the 201 gimmicks seperately for the folks that bought the 101 cane but the 201 cane is on it's way. Oh! Look Out!
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Mar 11, 2006 04:51PM)
David, are you saying that this new batch of canes are actually 201 canes (with the 201 gimmicks)? Or they are ready for the 201 gimmicks to be fitted in?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 11, 2006 05:08PM)
There are no 201 gimmicks supplied with the 101 cane. They will be sold seperately to those who own the 101 cane. The Original cane can not be modified.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 11, 2006 05:10PM)
Hmm David, maybe you should call this the 101A cane.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 12, 2006 02:47AM)
I havn't seen any of the original canes on ebay...yet! LOL Actually, everyone who currently buys a cane gets the new 101 cane...not the original. I personally own 2 originals and they are not for sale.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 13, 2006 06:24PM)
Thanks to all my friends here on the Café for being patient and supportive of my endeavors! By the way, Dancing Canes are here and shipping Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday! It will take a couple of days to get them all out! Congratulations to those who bought one as you got a very good deal as the price is now officially doubled! No dig intended for those of you less fortunate, but this cane is the BEST ON THE MARKET! Hands Down! Still a Great Buy!
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Mar 13, 2006 08:03PM)
Thanks David for the good news. Finally we can get our hands on the best dancing cane in the market.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 13, 2006 09:19PM)
You Professor Tong, and all the other guys who have participated in this thread are all right in my book.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 13, 2006 10:25PM)
My orginal cane is not for sale either. It'll be used in conjunction with the 101/201 cane.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 14, 2006 09:07AM)
Ricker you've got the right Idea! The 201 Cane has limited abilities and was built to be a finale!
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Mar 14, 2006 10:38AM)
Thanks for all the info. Are you going to put up a video of you performing with the new 201 cane?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 14, 2006 10:56AM)
Hey Martin,
Glad you jumped back in. I will put on my site some stuff on 201 cane as soon as the new camera arrives.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 19, 2006 07:46PM)
All 101 Dancing Canes have been shipped! Finally!!!!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 25, 2006 08:59PM)
If anyone on this forum is interested, I will be interviewed on the Magic Broadcast at 10:30 Eastern Standard Time. So, listen in if you get the chance.
Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Mar 25, 2006 09:21PM)
Will do,Dave.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 25, 2006 10:05PM)
Well, There you go guys. First time on the Magic Broadcast! I hope it didn't Hug!
Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Mar 25, 2006 10:19PM)
I thought it whent great on your part.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 26, 2006 11:59AM)
Thanks, for your support!
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 30, 2006 07:28AM)
Just wanted to let everyone know that the 201 cane will be released April 15th. Oh! Thanks, to you all for the kind words.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 30, 2006 12:26PM)
That'll be a taxing day to release it.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 30, 2006 10:05PM)
Woah! Never thought of that! Maybe I should postpone it?
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 31, 2006 11:17AM)
Well, April 15 is a Saturday, you could make it April 17th, the following Monday.

Personally, I think Tax returns should be due on April 1st anyway.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Apr 9, 2006 08:32AM)
April 17th, it is then.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Apr 17, 2006 01:40PM)
Today is the day.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Apr 17, 2006 08:59PM)
Well, I literally just recieved the eyelets. I hope to have some completed by Friday.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Apr 17, 2006 10:06PM)
Message: Posted by: MopKrayz (May 21, 2006 09:19AM)
I am interested in the Cane 101 DVD, but a friend told me that this DVD does not have standard menus to go directly to the desired parts.
Is this right or am I just badly informed?
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (May 21, 2006 09:24AM)
On 2006-05-21 10:19, MopKrayz wrote:
I am interested in the cane 101 dvd, but a friend told me that this dvd does not have standard menus to go directly to the desired parts.
is this right or am I just badly informed?

Well, mine does.
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (May 22, 2006 06:54PM)
Yes, David Mann's does have the chapters with direct play to each chapter.

James Adamson
Message: Posted by: Alexander Cagliostro (May 23, 2006 08:37AM)
I've performed the cane on a full stage with good results. The lighting was arranged with trial and error in the technical rehearsal. Unfortunatly, people at the sides on the front row were able to see flashes of the gimmick.

The routine was however, well received by these people. Apparently the flashes did not spoil their enjoyment of the illusion.

I would like to improve on my staging of the effect though. I was wondering if anyone could help by giving me what the lighting arrangement should be? I will know then how far off the mark I was. You can be reasonably technical in your responses, I would like to know specifics (gel colours, lamp types and levels, positioning etc.)

Also, a question for David, is your cane (with the special gimmick) in stock currently and are you able to ship to the U.K.?

My routine involves some portions which do not involve the gimmick (mime etc.) and your development would be most useful to me.


Message: Posted by: MopKrayz (May 24, 2006 01:05AM)
Some general ideas on lighting:

1. Try to avoid lights from the back.

2. Try to have lights only from the front of the stage directed to you, and ditsributed evenly across the stage, avoiding side lights. Why this? This way, the gimmick will look the same from any seat of the theatre. So if it is flashing, you can see it flashing and adjust.

3. I always was very comfortable with blue and red light gels.

4. Stay centre stage, a bit off more to the back.

These are my personal findouts. They work for me, but they are by no means a 100% fix for all situations.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (May 25, 2006 10:02AM)
All products of mine are ready to be delivered.
Message: Posted by: Alexander Cagliostro (May 25, 2006 06:41PM)
Thanks for the help MopKrayz.

Thanks David, this is good news!
I have some specific questions about your product, I will PM you.

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jun 8, 2006 08:15AM)
Thanks for all your questions Alexander. I hope you like your Cane and DVD.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 29, 2006 04:43PM)
I havn't heard from anyone who has my products in a while and became curious as to whether or not anyone had come up with any new moves? I love to talk about Dancing Cane, so feel free to contact me.
Message: Posted by: Seeker (Aug 29, 2006 10:25PM)
Hey Dave,

I was playing around with the hook up we have talked about, and almost by accident I found an intresting move that I am trying to perfect. It is very similar to the around the body moves with no hands, except it is more dancy, and you can do it all day if you want. The cane never loses momentum. I will have to PM you with details. It's rather fun and kinda knacky. It works somtimes, other times, it just becomes a mess.

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 29, 2006 10:34PM)
You keep at it Seeker! I think your one of the best thinkers when it comes to Dancing Cane.
Message: Posted by: Seeker (Aug 29, 2006 11:52PM)
The best? O boy...I don't know if I would go that far. Thanks for the compliment though.

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 31, 2006 06:56AM)
You suggested on another thread to learn some basic cane handling Techniques with a ordinary cane. Now most wouldn't think of that. Ok, maybe a few. But I think that is a good idea.
Message: Posted by: Seeker (Aug 31, 2006 10:12AM)
Thanks, Its part of the reason I found the dancing cane. I was creating a stage character that was very flashy and uses a cane. I spent a lot of time learning how to twirl the cane on my hand(palm up), how to roll the cane like a coin roll, sliding the cane down my shoulder, ect. I like to try to mix them into my routine I am making. It seems to add some flare, if you will.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 31, 2006 01:41PM)
On 2006-08-31 11:12, Seeker wrote:
Thanks, Its part of the reason I found the dancing cane. I was creating a stage character that was very flashy and uses a cane. I spent a lot of time learning how to twirl the cane on my hand(palm up), how to roll the cane like a coin roll, sliding the cane down my shoulder, ect. I like to try to mix them into my routine I am making. It seems to add some flare, if you will.

Now that is excellent!
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Sep 2, 2006 09:42AM)
Not only does it add flare, it makes sense to the character you are creating and to the routine you are putting together. Just having a cane dance for an extended period of time with no rhyme or reason just tends to bore audiences very quickly. We as magicians want to dance the cane too much because we want to show all the great moves we learned. We forget that we need to always keep the audience in mind and use the best moves and tools to create the most entertaining magic we can. Often the most entertainment value in the dancing cane is to minimalize the use of the moves you know. This then starts to create a routine that is not only enjoyable, but fun to watch.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Sep 2, 2006 12:12PM)
According to Finn Jon, to use thread on stage, do not dim the lights. Just use bright FRONT LIGHT ONLY! No side, no back, no top lights.
Message: Posted by: Seeker (Sep 2, 2006 10:37PM)
Yah, yes, lighting. This is the one part that I haven't worked with yet. I also read you should perform it up stage and try to stay centered. How close is too close? I mean, yah, if they are standing between me and the cane, I may have an issue.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Sep 2, 2006 11:18PM)
Pete is right about front lighting only is prefered but if you use back lighting make sure it is much dimmer than the front lighting.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Sep 7, 2006 09:50PM)
Ok guys, I have a small announcement:

If you are firmiliar with my Convertible Hot Rod, then guess what comes next? That is right...Color Changing Dancing Cane. This is a specialty item that I don't believe everyone will want, but It is pretty cool and comes in an array of beautiful colors. The Cane will change from Black to almost any color you like, within reason. I don't have a demo yet, our friend Ricker is supposed to do a demo. He has a prototype. If he doesn't, then I will do a small little dance with the cane and then the color change. There are No Buttons, No Chemicals, No Sleeves, No recoiling, No Electricity or batteries used! Totally Visual! Can be Danced before and after the color change.

Keep an eye out for my color changing shoes. I bet you all think I am Crazy? Well I am ....Magic Crazy Ha!
Message: Posted by: Seeker (Sep 8, 2006 02:32PM)
I rememeber you mentioning this back when I bought my cane. Sounds Amazing. I think it adds that "FLARE." As for the shoes...yes...Dave...your crazy...hahaha
Message: Posted by: koan (Sep 8, 2006 04:31PM)

I've tried to find it on David Mann's site and could not. I also tried ordering it from Precision Magic twice, but both times had problems when entering the security code. Is there another place I can attempt to buy it or can David or Precision help me out.

First response gets the sale.

Message: Posted by: Seeker (Sep 9, 2006 10:29AM)
You can Call Precision Magic and order it from them over the phone.

Telephone Number: 1-865-428-3945
Its an amazing DVD and an even more amazing Cane. Nothing else like it.
Message: Posted by: Seeker (Sep 10, 2006 07:58PM)
Did it all work out Koan?
Message: Posted by: Scott Compton (Sep 10, 2006 08:37PM)
Here is the link to the page where you can order it.

This is the Cane, DVD, and the bag altogether. You can buy them separately.

Message: Posted by: Seeker (Sep 11, 2006 06:56PM)
He was saying he had some issues with the site. It may be his firewall. But I am SURE Dave will take his order over the phone.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Sep 14, 2006 10:28PM)
In conjuction with Tntmagic, we now have a forum devoted to the discussion of the Dancing Cane And the Dancing Cane 101 DVD for those who have purchased the effect. Here is the link:

Message: Posted by: afoi (Oct 5, 2006 05:39AM)
What makes a regular dancing cane and a 101 cane different??
lots of ppl tell me about it to be a great cane
but wat is the difference?
Message: Posted by: Seeker (Oct 5, 2006 12:30PM)
David's Cane is one of a kind. It has special modification to the cane and Gimmick.

I am not sure if you are familar with a normal dancing cane, but this one has a special system for gimmick and is heavier than any other dancing cane. (which is a good thing)

The Dancing Cane 101 Dvd is an amazing resrouce as well.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jun 20, 2007 09:06AM)
It has been over a year since my Exile from the Café! I am truely glad to be back and I thank all of you everyone from the bottom of my heart for your support.
Seeker you better stop talking about my dancing cane dvd. Folks are going to think I paid you. Man you work cheap! Ha.
I look forward to renewing old relationships, new chats and catch up with some of you inovative thinkers and see what you have come up with in my abscense.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Jun 20, 2007 02:22PM)
David, we missed your presence and contribution for a while. Good to see you back.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jun 21, 2007 08:21AM)
Thanks James it is nice to be back. I look forward to our stimulating conversations, your oppinions are always appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jun 29, 2007 10:02AM)
I have noticed a few lightup Dancing Canes on the Market... Anyone have a list of these and where they might be available?
Message: Posted by: Magicdoc88 (Jul 4, 2007 12:18AM)
Vortex is lighted dancing cane made by Jeff McBride, cost around $300. Can get it via his website http://www.yourmagic.com or thru http://www.hocus-pocus.com
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 6, 2007 03:18PM)
I understood threw the grapevine that those were no longer made? Am I wrong?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 7, 2007 01:34PM)
Has anyone seen this new cane that lights up red and have you tried it out?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 9, 2007 07:45AM)
Doesn't anyone do the dancing cane any longer? Well, I am working on a new cane to be released before Christmas. Also, I am begining work on a New Instructional DVD. If you have any new ideas that you think is note worthy, let me know about your idea and if it is original we might include it on the DVD with proper credit given and more.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Jul 9, 2007 12:16PM)
Any info on the new cane and DVD, David?
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Jul 9, 2007 02:53PM)
How different is it from the Dancing Cane 101?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 9, 2007 03:29PM)
The cane has 10 lights that light up one at a time stacking one on top of the other. This would be great for someone who wants to do a delite routine throwing the light into the cane one at a time only to have them arrive in the cane and stacked one on top of the other. I hope that makes sense.

The New DVD is a work in progress and I am looking for Magicians who think they have made up their own move or what have you. If you have something unique and want to get credit for it, then send me your idea and we just may put it in the DVD. Proper credit given ofcourse.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Jul 10, 2007 08:19AM)
That is one cane I would like to include in my act, David.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 11, 2007 09:07AM)
James I will let you know when they are available. Thanks for your support. See you at the Battle of the Titans...
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Jul 11, 2007 12:10PM)
I hope someone will use this new cane of yours to compete at the Battle of the Titans.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 12, 2007 07:38AM)
Not to worry James, even if they don't I will. Not the competetion. But it would be nice to see someone doing this trick.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Jul 12, 2007 08:25AM)
This new cane of yours would look nice and if other effects are link together the whole routine would look awesome.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 13, 2007 06:25PM)
Jeff McBride made the trick famous with his delite type routine. He produced the lights and throws them into the cane one at a time. Unfortunately the Vortex is not a cane, it is more like a batton.