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Topic: Charlie McCarthy Dolls
Message: Posted by: procyonrising (Dec 11, 2004 08:34PM)
I'm looking for a doll--specifically, a Charlie McCarthy doll--that will sit up straight on its own, without much support (other than, maybe, the back of a chair).

I've seen two variations of McCarthy dolls thus far, one where only the mouth moves and another where the head is attached to a stick and is able to turn.

Though it won't be used for ventriloquism, I'd like it be as versatile as possible (for a magic show); however, it still must meet the first requirement of being able to sit up straight on its own without much support.

If someone can post or PM with information as to which model is better for me or, whether I should go with something entirely different, I'd deeply and sincerely appreciate it.

In advance, thank you so much.

(I'm beginning to wonder whether anyone here actually owns a vent doll...)
Message: Posted by: Sean Lough (Dec 17, 2004 08:47PM)
Both of the Charlie McCarthy figures I have aren't really able to sit up on their own. They need some support -- you could replace their bodies with a "life size" doll's or reinforce the bodies with an armature.
Message: Posted by: procyonrising (Dec 18, 2004 01:44AM)
Thanks much Sean. I really appreciate it.

Any idea how you would reinforce the bodies with an armature (ie. how?)?
Message: Posted by: Budihaha (Dec 23, 2004 03:22AM)
Most of us, ventriloquist, do not own a Charlie McCarthy doll anymore. So sorry, we can't answer your question. Now we use several kind of vent figures, but not vent dolls! :)

To reinforce the bodies, you can use something rigid, such as tin can, wood, thick cardboard/plastic, thick wire/cable, metal, fibreglass, heavy bottle, concrete and so on. Another way is to change the body filling with sand, dough, celastic, plasticine, rice, flour, sugar, salt, and so on. Or mix both ways! :)

I'm sorry, this is a joke! Please don't take it seriously! :)


Budi Ha Ha
Message: Posted by: alson (Jan 1, 2005 09:35AM)
Any puppet with a regular body should be able to sit . You could get a Charlie with a control stick on it and then get a regular vent body which is not too costly , I know a man who makes break down bodies that fold up ,making them easy to pack .