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Topic: Pictures or stories of Mike Rogers
Message: Posted by: Magicman2k7 (Dec 14, 2004 03:00PM)
I am looking for anyone who has pictures or stories of Mike Rogers. Mike is my uncle and I have so few pictures of him performing magic that I am left with asking anyone who knew Mike him. Betty has sent me several pictures and I have read many of his stories and articles online. I am now putting together a display case in my high school of Mike and would like to fill it with as many pictures of him as I can get my hands on. So if anyone has pictures of Mike Rogers and would be willing to forward them to me at braden.hughs@isd742.org I would greatly appreciate it.

Respectfully requested,

Brady Hughs
Message: Posted by: Jeff Haas (Dec 14, 2004 04:52PM)

Make sure to go here to read a lot of Mike's columns, on the old Gemini system:


Message: Posted by: Tom G (Dec 14, 2004 05:54PM)
What a great link. Really enjoyed the Mike Rogers articles. Especially the one involving the Professor's
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Dec 14, 2004 08:25PM)
Mike was a good friend of mine. The first time I was working a trade show where he was also working, he kind of "initiated" me. He watched me do my show, complimented me, and then said "Hey, we need to go watch Eddie Tulloch work!" So we went over to watch Eddie. Mike knew I was doing a couple of items that had some setting up. He held me long enough that he was sure I wouldn't be able to start on time and then looked at his watch and said, "Hey! You'd better hurry, you start in 1 minute."

I sauntered over to my table and started right on time. I had an extra set of everything ready to go inside my trade show stand!
Message: Posted by: Whitewolfny (Dec 21, 2004 07:35PM)
I have the greater magic teach in series on cups and balls and Mike does a routine and then explains how to do it. I'm learning from it and I think what he shows the viewer is great.