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Topic: Partizans Trumps.
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Dec 16, 2004 03:24AM)
OK. This is a Trumps thread and this is how it works.
Any player may nominate a subject to trump.
They must post the relevent data on which the trump will be decided.
Other players may then attempt to trump the previous submission with a better specifications.
The data must be actual data taken from a linked source for varification.

[b]When you post a trump, please post the trump you have just beaten for comparison[/b]

Example. (this is not researched just for layout and data types)
Subject - MP3 Players
Brand or name - Ipod
Memory - 40gb
Battery - 4 hrs
cost - $300
Features - this, that and the other.

The other players may scout around for a better package to trump your product.

Suggested Trumps...
Wealthy people
street signs
and so on.

You can tailor the trump to strive for certain characteristics, like so...
Subject - Fast plants.
name - x grape
Grow speed max- 3 inch per day
proliferation - 40% world disspersal
propigation - 80% success

You see how the data types dictate the trump goals. This is a trump on how fast and succsesful the plant is. Other trumps may be on the amount of flowers, height, weight or any other attributes you may want to trump on.

Message: Posted by: Partizan (Dec 16, 2004 03:35AM)
Subject - Plasma Televisions

Name - Sony FWD-50PX1N
Screen Size - 50 inch.
Display Resolution - 1280 x 768 pixels.
Pixel Pitch - .86 mm.
Unit Depth - 4.37 in.
Cost 3595.00