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Topic: David acers new book review
Message: Posted by: magic soul (Dec 17, 2004 05:24AM)
Could someone who has this book review it for me thanks
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Dec 17, 2004 07:07AM)
I'll second that request. David write good books.
Message: Posted by: PapaG (Dec 17, 2004 05:09PM)
Likewise, looking for a review of 'Random Acts of Magic'.
Message: Posted by: PapaG (Dec 21, 2004 12:53PM)
Anyone got this yet?
Message: Posted by: dave burgess (Dec 22, 2004 12:42AM)
This book is wrapped and under my Xmas tree right now. The wife won't let me get to it for a few more days and then I'll be able to post a review.
Message: Posted by: saturnin (Dec 22, 2004 02:22PM)

I have the book and I strongly recommend it to anyone.
It contains very good material that you will use.

It contains some items that are also sold separately, like "Party of Six" (25$) and "Mad Card Disease" (7.50$), so for 19$ more you get a full Hardcover book, with Dustjacket, 350 pages, over 500 photographs! To me it's a bargain.

The instructions are very well written, and the pictures are crytal clear.

Besides, with David's style of wrting, the book is very entertaining to read (as opposed to many "dry" magic books) with all the anecdotes, road stories, and 12 hilarious, thought-provoking essays. And you get contributions from Jay Sankey, Simon Lovell, Richard Sanders, Patrik Kuffs, Michel Huot, Joshua Jay, Barry Julien and Max Maven!

and if you buy it from his website http://www.davidacer.com he will gladly sign/dedicate the book for you!

My 2 cents.

Ronnie Lemieux
Message: Posted by: magic soul (Dec 29, 2004 06:09AM)
Anyone got a bit more detailed review please.
Message: Posted by: Devilix (Dec 29, 2004 03:14PM)
I have meet David last month and I can tell you something, he is a very nice guy. Plus, he is funny.

Message: Posted by: saturnin (Dec 30, 2004 03:45PM)
Andy wrote:
"Anyone got a bit more detailed review please."

What else (specifically) do you want to know???

Ronnie Lemieux
Message: Posted by: magic soul (Dec 31, 2004 05:49AM)
A list of some of the tricks and routines as some other people have done with other books.
Message: Posted by: Ben Bishop (Jan 10, 2005 11:22PM)
There's a complete Table of Contents from the book on David's website - http://www.davidacer.com

Just go to the home page and click on the big RANDOM ACTS OF MAGIC banner.