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Topic: Cold reading - which book?
Message: Posted by: Another Frank (Sep 9, 2002 01:16PM)
I've got to "do" a bit of cold reading in a couple of months - about two minutes worth. I've got to be convincing, but it's part of a much wider show and I should be able to ‘control’ the rest of it. My problem is that I don't ‘do’ mentalism as such, and I need a book to help me.

My first thought was the Nelson book - it's the classic, right? It's also inexpensive and doesn’t look too long. Unfortunately I can’t find anyone with a copy for sale in London.

The Ian Rowland book is highly regarded by many and its higher price puts it in the “investment” category, but this is academic because its out of print and unobtainable.

I could make it up as I go along (I’ve done this before and got away with it surprisingly easily) but if there’s a book that’ll give me a quick boost (or give me confidence) I think I’d be an idiot not to take a look.

So what are my options? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Darmoe (Sep 9, 2002 01:28PM)
Check my column @ On-Line Visions... for starters. Anything by Herb Dewey and though I do not fully agree with everything in it, I must give credit where it is due and recommend Ian Rowland's book.

Best of luck!
Message: Posted by: Jim Reynolds (Sep 9, 2002 01:57PM)
In addition to Craig Browning's Psychic Perspectives articles (correct URL btw,)
I would recommend "The Classic Reading" by Lee Earle. It's an inexpensive booklet AND tape that is a great introduction to cold reading.

It will give you your 2+ minutes of cold reading material.

If people will quit pestering Ian as to when he will publish another edition of Full Facts, we might see it back on the market sooner.

Message: Posted by: ralphdean (Sep 9, 2002 03:00PM)
Along the same line, Is there a book that helps with the tough questions like "Is my husband seeing other women?" or "I'm going to have open heart surgery next week, will I be ok?"
Message: Posted by: Darmoe (Sep 9, 2002 04:15PM)
Go to the Hades Publications web site and check out the Robert Nelson books on Answers to common questions... I think there's 3 or more of these e.g. Sensational Answers... More Sensational Answers, etc. You might also check out Herb Dewey's "Psycho Babble" and "Hotter Than Hell Cold Readings"
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Sep 9, 2002 09:55PM)
tradecraft @ http://www.trickshop.com
Message: Posted by: TheQuestion (Sep 10, 2002 04:27AM)
[url=http://www.ian-rowland.com/]Ian Rowland's[/url] Full Facts Book of Cold Reading may be available again in the near future. If you have a look at his latest News and Chat page, he says he's working on it.

Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Sep 10, 2002 12:15PM)
If all you want to do is a quick cold reading (we are NOT talking an actual psychic reading) then all you really need is "The Systematic Seer" by Ken DeCourcy (which is further explained in Richard Webster's "PSychometry from A to Z" and also in "Red Hot Cold Reading" (one of Dewey's books).

If you are going to do actual readings, then learn an actual system. For magicians, the best thing you can learn is the actual methods/stsyem for palm readings. You NEVER have any props to carry, you are always ready to go and if you know an actual reading system, no one can ever expose your methods. A great way to learn the basics is on the video "Basic Palm Reading for Magicians" available from Stevens Magic. Try it and you will never regret it.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: Brash (Sep 10, 2002 12:23PM)
I started with Lee Earle's "The Classic Reading" quickly tired of it and moved on to Herb Dewey, I have three of his books and can't remember which has what offhand, but "THE SCAM" is a great starting point for readings. Dewey also gives a lot of useful stock bits of info to use.

Richard Webster has a couple of CDs on cold reading ("Commercial Cold Reading" and "Further Commercial Cold Reading"). I recommend "Commercial Cold Reading", it should give you plenty to work with for a brief reading.
Message: Posted by: Another Frank (Sep 11, 2002 04:03AM)
Thanks all! I haven't replied individually but I have been following up every suggestion. Unfortunately it's difficult to find any of these books in London.

I know the Ian Rowland book seems to be everyone's favourite but it simply not available and it won't be within the next week, which means I won't be able to read it in time. I'm on the e-mail waiting list for it, whatever.

This next bit's for anyone in London - I normally buy books from International; they have most things I've wanted in the past but I think they must be fed up of my 'phone calls asking for particular cold-reading titles. Is there anywhere else hereabouts that I just don't know about, whcih actually stocks cold-reading books in quantity?

Once again - thanks all for your suggestions; much appreciated!
Message: Posted by: DarkKnight (Sep 11, 2002 04:14AM)

The only other places in London are Davenports or Repro Magic. If you don't mind mail order try Magic Books by Post
[url=http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/magicbooks/index.htm]Click Here![/url]
as they stock thousands of different titles.

Message: Posted by: Fon (Sep 11, 2002 05:30AM)
Magic books by post is great.

The chappy there will even advise you on the content of the book, or which ones to buy, just phone / email him

Top service,

Message: Posted by: Another Frank (Sep 11, 2002 06:45AM)
Thanks - [i]Magic Books by Post[/i] looked good until I read this:

<dead link removed by staff>

Amongst other things:

"We cannot answer or return phone calls."
"We cannot answer enquiries by e-mail."

I'm currently looking for half a dozen books on various subjects (broadening horizons) and I'll be lead by the specialist supplier as to the best titles.

Although [i]Magic Books by Post[/i] appear to stock the Nelson books I can’t see myself buying from them unless they’re the only source left – or is this just an impression their web site gives? I suppose it must be because they're still in business, but they need some marketing advice; that’s one long unfriendly list of reasons not to do business with them.

Tell me I'm wrong!
Message: Posted by: Gary (Sep 11, 2002 08:15AM)
If you need something quick and dirty, Kenton's Completely Cold can be picked up from a number of UK sources.

Magic Books By Post is one of the very best suppliers in spite of the unhelpful note. It's a small operation and I think the comment is made in order to prevent wasted time. If you order by credit card, the books will be with you in a couple of days.
Message: Posted by: Another Frank (Sep 11, 2002 10:10AM)
I've heard of [i]Magic Books By Post[/i] before, but never used them. It's so convenient to go into a shop you trust and ask "What book do you have that covers .... well?", pay your money and walk out.

Quick and dirty is just what I'm looking for, so I'll follow that up. If [i]Magic Books By Post[/i] turn out to be friendly when I telephone I'll probably order both.

Will let the topic know how I get on...
Message: Posted by: Gambit (Sep 12, 2002 08:22PM)
as previously explained Magic Books By Post don't actually personally answer their phone (I didn't think?) (they have an answering machine), as they tend to be too busy dealing with all their orders from around the globe.

But they are probably the largest magic book supplier anywhere, and if you look at the previous postings nobody has had any problems with them. So give them a try!!

p.s. where's my commission money going to come from?... ;)
Message: Posted by: Fon (Sep 13, 2002 05:28AM)
I cant agree with any posts about Magic Books by Post.

Despite the website, they have, always phoned me back.

Always explained (to the extent of not getting an order) the contents of the book, and if its right for you.

I would urge you to ignore the website, and phone the chap up.

Message: Posted by: Gardinski (Sep 14, 2002 12:34PM)
I have to agree with Fon. Please don't let the Magic Books By Post website put you off.

I avoided them at first due to the somewhat amateurish appearance of the site, which does tend to convey the impression that it's run by Minnie and Henry Crun from a spare bedroom.

However, MBBP is just about the most efficient operation you could hope to encounter. I must have placed around 20 orders with them over the past 12 months, and the books have almost always been with me within 48 hours, sturdily packaged, and with a friendly little compliment slip. They have a bafflingly enormous range of titles, and their prices are extremely competitive. (And everything includes P&P within the UK, which is a nice bonus.)

On the occasions when I've asked for their advice by email, they've always responded promptly and very courteously, and their help & advice has been excellent. I really can't recommend them highly enough.

Hope this helps,
Tony G.
Message: Posted by: Caman (Sep 14, 2002 07:07PM)
If you want something cheap, useful and right now, go to a search engine and look up Barnum effect. There are 12 sentences that you can mix and match. They're all very effective at cold-reading--just ask Lee Earle.

Message: Posted by: explorer (Oct 23, 2002 03:35PM)
Anything by Richard Webster especially "Quick and Effective Cold Readings”
Message: Posted by: Codex Reader (Oct 23, 2002 03:59PM)
Explorer beat me to it. But "Quick and Effective Cold Readings” by Webster will give you the quick lines you need for a 2 minute reading as well as setting you up to learn a full reading in the future. It focus' on palm reading so you always have everything you need in your head. There are enough twists and variations to give one reading after another each with a unique charater.
Message: Posted by: Marduke Kurios (Oct 23, 2002 04:16PM)
For anyone getting into readings, I suggest getting a copy of OORT put out by Philemon Vanderbeck.
As it says on the cover, it's "a collection of twenty essays on the subject of cold reading covering methodologies, techniques, anecdotes, and philosophies..."
This is a great book full of ideas and presentational angles. I especially like the essay on Tooth Reading. You guys have to get this if there are any left.
Good luck!
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Oct 24, 2002 11:13AM)
Thank you for the kind words, Marduke. :)

For those who might be interested in "The Collected OORT," I'm currently out of stock, but will have an expanded edition out sometime next year.

Meanwhile, the quarterly newsletter continues to be published on a erratic schedule. For more information, check out http://www.elementalent.com/oort.htm

Thank you!
Message: Posted by: explorer (Oct 24, 2002 04:41PM)
While we are on the subject of recommendations, can anyone recommend cold reading audio tapes?

I have the Lee Earle tape which is fine but I would like something a little more meaty.

Wonder Readings has tapes but everyone seems to either love them or find them worthless. With so many diverse opinions on it, I'd rather not shell out $250 to find out which camp I fall in with (at least for now).

I am in my car a lot so tapes (or CDs) work great for me. Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Mr Amazing (Oct 24, 2002 05:16PM)
(Just so that no one says anything else; I don't have the Earle tape, but I do have Websters and I'm pretty sure it's [i]not[/i] meatier. It's a nice intro chatting around the classic Forer reading and that's all.)
Message: Posted by: ralphdean (Oct 24, 2002 05:55PM)

I have "The Collected OORT" and it has inspired me to learn more on the subject.

I know it is more work for you but, could you do a "The Collected OORT 2" instead of expanding the current book?
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Oct 25, 2002 12:19PM)
Yes... I will be publishing "The Supplemental OORT" before the end of the year which will cover the material from the second year of the newsletter.

Message: Posted by: ralphdean (Oct 25, 2002 03:51PM)
Great! Make sure you do a plug when it is ready.