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Topic: Troy Hooser's "Total Destruction" DVDs
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 10, 2002 12:26PM)
I was just browsing Bob Kohler's website and Bob Kohler Productions has just released a 3 DVD set of Troy Hoosers' magic. It's not all coins, but it looks like about half the content is coins (much like his book).

From browsing the contents, it looks like some stuff is overlap from his book and lecture notes, a few items look new. If you never saw Troy perform his stuff, nows your chance.

I had the pleasure of seeing Troy lecture recently after reviewing his book. Troy's magic is very straightforward and visual. I think these DVD's are gonna be hot.

Here is the link I found them at: http://www.bobkohlermagic.com/products/troyhoosierdvds.html
Message: Posted by: Chad Sanborn (Sep 10, 2002 02:02PM)
I saw Troy lecture this past Saturday. His work with the flipper coin is phenomenal. He is also a very nice guy. I would highly reccomend the DVD's.

Message: Posted by: Tony (Sep 12, 2002 12:57AM)

Thanks for the tip, man. Troy's DesTROYers book is just outstanding (I use at least 3 routines from the book all the time!)! The DVD's should be an excellent companion to the book.

Message: Posted by: Ty Argo (Sep 13, 2002 06:06PM)
Your absolutely right chadmagic, Troy is incredibly good with the flipper coin. I underestimated the use of it (as most do), until I saw him lecture and I now do quite a bit with the flipper thanks to him. He does some great reg. coin manip. too. :spinningcoin: