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Topic: Johnson cups
Message: Posted by: steve j (Jan 1, 2005 11:37PM)
I just got a set of the johnson cups and it was worth the money in my opinion, I like the weight, but what I like best is how they look when I perform, I no longer have to use my old rutty cups, I now look more professional and it seems like I get more shows from one gig as I upgrade my props and atire, the way one looks at a perfromance is a key ingredient in showmanship and how the people will first judge you
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 1, 2005 11:45PM)
That is a very astute observation.
Message: Posted by: BSutter (Jan 3, 2005 09:22AM)
We are never given a second chance to make a first impression.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 3, 2005 12:27PM)
It depends. If you do a costume act, you can come in as someone else.