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Topic: Quick Change Suit Color?
Message: Posted by: theaterfreak89 (Jan 3, 2005 09:52PM)
I saw this recently performed on Lance Burton's "Secrets Unveiled" by Danny Cole. Are there specific plans available for this effect anywhere or is it fairly standard and found in most texts referring to the art of quick change? If so, which texts specifically? Any input greatly appreciated.
Nick Van Houten
Message: Posted by: Magic Monkichi (Jan 3, 2005 10:17PM)

I have been doing quick change for many years now. Unfortunately there aren't too many sources available on men's quick changes. I do however custome make quick changes. If you are interested, please pm me.

Magically yours,

Matt Kielbiski
Quick Change Artist.
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Jan 4, 2005 07:00AM)
Kevin James is supposed to be releasing a book on quick changes. It was discussed several years ago, so I don't know if it was just a rumor. Maybe someone else can back me up?

Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Jan 4, 2005 07:16AM)
Hi Kevin - funny to meet you here and not at the hutch!

Haven't heard any more about the book yet - he is really busy. Guess it has been put on hold or he has changed his mind.

Now just you get back to the warren...
Message: Posted by: floridamagic (Jan 4, 2005 09:22AM)
My wife makes a quick change jacket. Tony Brent uses her jacket 6 nights a week at Wonder Works in Orlando. We sell the jackets for 850.00. Erick
Message: Posted by: Bradacal (Jan 4, 2005 02:05PM)
I know DAYTONA MAGIC has a QUICK CHANGE DRESS......is it any good?
Message: Posted by: Magic Monkichi (Jan 4, 2005 03:15PM)

I have been doing quick change for about 5 years now. and I have had the chance to have a close look at those carried by Daytona. They are made in idia, the quality is lacking, and they are not at all deceptive. It is best to have them custom made. This is not to say anything against Daytona, I have not dealt with them so I am unable to comment on them.

If you are interested please PM and we can discuss quick changes.

Magically yours,

Message: Posted by: MDS (Jan 5, 2005 09:09PM)
Male costume changes are soooooo much harder than female.

Message: Posted by: Magic Monkichi (Jan 5, 2005 10:06PM)
Hey Guys;

Yes I agree with MDS. Costume changes for men are a little harder in that we cannot do as many in 'one set' without a 'drop' than the ladies. But if they are constructed well, and customed to you, then we can give the girls a run for their money hehehehe. But yes, Dresses are easier to make as quick changes than suite.

Magically yours,

Quick Change Artist