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Topic: Lit Match Producer
Message: Posted by: Sammy (Jan 4, 2005 06:14PM)
Hi All,
I want to incorperate the lit match producer into my act. However, I have tried one kind in the past(the run of the mill that you get at the shops) and the matches would light half the time. My question is: Are there any brands of lit match producers you've used successfully? What are your experiences with it? How accurate is it?
All help is greatly appreciated.
Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Jan 4, 2005 06:19PM)
Jim Pace in Portland Oregon used to make a good one. I don't know his e-mail, but if you check with Café member Seth Howard, he could point you in the right direction.

Good luck,
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jan 4, 2005 06:27PM)
I also know that Dan Birch I think puts out a really nice one as well.

Message: Posted by: Whit Haydn (Jan 4, 2005 07:27PM)
Also a great one from Tony Clark.
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Jan 5, 2005 01:10PM)
I second that: Tony Clark's insta light is great.
Message: Posted by: London (Jan 6, 2005 09:00AM)
I am not sure wich brands are best as I made my own however I would suggest that no matter which brand you choose that you have more than one ready to go. If it doesn't light ....no big deal reacg up and pull out another. Always have an extra in manipulations acts wether it be a billiard ball coin card load etc. Be prepared.
Message: Posted by: knmagic (Jan 9, 2005 03:44AM)
Since we talk about match pull. Does anyone know where I can get the striking paper sheet for the match beside cutting them off from the match boxes? Thank you
Message: Posted by: maxello (Jan 9, 2005 09:30PM)
We are selling a set of 4 psc. for 3,95$!!!!!!!!

Best regards
Message: Posted by: knmagic (Jan 11, 2005 09:12PM)
Hello Arve,
How big is a piece and how do I purchase it? It looks like you are from Norway, right
Message: Posted by: Sammy (Jan 12, 2005 07:49PM)
Hi all,
Thanks for all your responses regarding the match producer! You have helped alot!
Message: Posted by: Norrabmagic (Jan 12, 2005 11:38PM)
Yigal Mesika makes the best brand available. I have been using them in competitions for years and I have NEVER had a match not light. They are a bit more costly (about 12 bucks each)
Message: Posted by: benscholz99 (Jan 13, 2005 05:04PM)
I think Tony Clark's is the best.

Message: Posted by: Nick Wait (Apr 5, 2005 05:31AM)
Dan Sperry's is good.
Message: Posted by: bry1513 (Apr 5, 2005 07:53PM)
Although I love Tony Clark and all of his products, his match gimmick doesn't seem to hold my matches tight enough. Maybe I just got a couple of bad ones. I am now using Dan Birchs match gimmick and I am very happy with it.

Take care, Bry
Message: Posted by: BondJames628 (Apr 6, 2005 06:36PM)
The refills are just very fine sandpaper, so that'll work.

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Apr 13, 2005 07:36PM)
You're best bet is to try and make your own in my opinion -- this allows for you to build it to suit!

(No pun intended)