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Topic: Tom Ogden?
Message: Posted by: Seth (Jan 6, 2005 12:20PM)
I've heard his name quite a bit, mainly to do with the Copperfield Bandana bit. Does he have a website or any books out? Thanks...
Message: Posted by: Dave1216 (Jan 6, 2005 12:33PM)
He has some lecture notes that I know of. Overall, Tom is a good performer with a fairly unique style.
Message: Posted by: MagicTony (Jan 6, 2005 04:12PM)
He wrote "Wizards and Sorcerers: From Abracadabra to Zoroaster," for what it's worth. He has a plethora of lecture notes. He does really funny stuff that can play to a variety of different types of audiences. No idea where you can get those notes from, though.
Message: Posted by: ScottLeavitt (Jan 7, 2005 10:35PM)
Still have great memories from long long ago when I was a camper at Tannens and Tom was one of the instructors.....
Message: Posted by: corpmagi (Jan 8, 2005 08:55AM)
He also wrote (compiled) The Idiots Guide to Magic Tricks (Alpha Books)
Message: Posted by: Fredrick (Jan 11, 2005 02:41PM)
Yes, unfortunately Tom has only released lecture notes. He is a funny creative magician. Maybe if there is enough grass roots demand, someone will help him to put together a collection...

~ Fredrick