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Topic: Patrick Page?
Message: Posted by: rtcooks (Sep 12, 2002 08:48AM)
I just ordered Patrick Page Rope Magic Video. Can any tell me if this is a good Rope Magic Video. Do any of you have this video or use his routines.

Thanks in advance...
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Sep 12, 2002 05:59PM)
I don't have this video but I do have his sponge balls, kids magic, and stage magic and they all are excellent in learning the how to present magic in an easy fun way.

I suspect this video is as good as the rest!
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Sep 13, 2002 06:30AM)
I have many of Patrick Pageís videos. Many are over 20 years old (the original Trick-A-Tape versions). I do not have his rope video. If it is similar to the others he has been featured in then it is a true jewel.

Page is one of the most knowledgeable and versatile performers alive. He has forgotten more about magic than many magicians will ever know.

If you donít like the video, email or PM me and I will take it off your hands.
Message: Posted by: rtcooks (Sep 13, 2002 09:26AM)
Thanks for the information. I am new so I don't know all of the Great's of magic. I will treasure this video.
Message: Posted by: Andy Charlton (Oct 24, 2002 12:43PM)
Hey Mumble.

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Great Post

Message: Posted by: JeffHall (Dec 5, 2002 11:37AM)
I have the video and it is very good. Great teacher.
Message: Posted by: femur (Dec 6, 2002 02:30AM)
Pat Page usually has great stuff. I don't have a video, but I have one of his lecture notes and they're excellent!
Message: Posted by: stevehw (Dec 14, 2002 03:23AM)
I would recommend it. I have it.
I agree that Pat does a good job teaching workable effects and routines on all his videos I have.
Also check out his video on thumb tips.

Message: Posted by: B.K.Pal (Apr 24, 2005 09:22AM)
In my humble opinion, anything from Patrick Page must be good.
Message: Posted by: eddieloughran (Apr 24, 2005 12:59PM)
I've the video and its very good !!
Stuff you can use.
Message: Posted by: Mustang (May 7, 2005 12:40PM)
If its Pat Page, you wont go far wrong :)