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Topic: Big ball production
Message: Posted by: wizzzzard (Jan 9, 2005 06:26AM)

For many years I prepare a multiplaying ball routine... It was my own invention... But for that time I realized that it is quite boring to produce and disappeare that balls...
Since I realized that I am prepering some ball routine with a big ball(s) production which is totally suprised for audience... But my idea of that big ball production is not quite good... I would like to ask some of you to give me some advise to do that effect... or how I have to prepare that prop (ball)

sorry for my english ;) I hope that you can understand my topic...

thanks in advanced
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Jan 9, 2005 09:14AM)

John Booth used to perform a multiplying ball routine that ended with a giant ball. His routine is in his "John Booth Classics" book; I believe he called it the Cannonball Opening.

It's worth finding the book for the routine, but his way of producing the ball was very simple. He had a large hollow ball in his tophat. The ball had an opening in it. Regular balls were produced and put into the top hat (but they really went into the large ball). At the end of the routine, the top hat was turned over and he pulled out the large ball (with all the normal balls inside of it).

There used to be some companies that made the large hollow ball. I suggest to try Abbott's or Fakini.

Also, Petrick and Mia used to produce a large amount of giant balls from a hat. I don't know if he ever released his method, but it might be worth checking out. He has a website where you can contact him.

I hope this helps you.

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jan 9, 2005 10:27AM)
Frank Radtke (Fakini) also made a large golf ball and ball finish at one time.

If you can find the old nested cannonballs from hat, it would work. You might be able to find some acrylic balls that could be painted on the inside that would work also.
Message: Posted by: wizzzzard (Jan 9, 2005 03:50PM)
Thanks for replies but I have in my mind something different...
I mean big ball production "from nowere"... How to fold up special prepare ball and then produce it.... Is there some method to prepare such prop???