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Topic: King rising help
Message: Posted by: cantak (Sep 12, 2002 05:22PM)
I bought king rising but when I do the move the people always catch me can you help me with this problem I don't want the secret revealed so can you please pm me or email me.

Thank you very much
Message: Posted by: Dr. Jakks (Sep 12, 2002 06:03PM)
Ok. PM me with proof that you own the video or manuscript and I will be glad to help.

Message: Posted by: Priest (Sep 13, 2002 07:56AM)
I have always seen (and I'm sure it is preferred) this done with a jacket. Hence, you hold the jacket in front of you before, and then after the effect.

I have seen it done twice by two different people without a jacket, and even if they got away with not getting caught before the trick, they ALWAYS got caught afterwards, putting their ____ on.

If you have the Kings Rising, then you know what I am talking about. This is why I like the Balducci better. Besides being careful with angles, it's more impromptu with no setup before and no cleanup afterwards. But hey, if you have a jacket, go for the Kings Rising!

Message: Posted by: MAGICTOM (Sep 13, 2002 08:22AM)
Have you been to the forum at ellusionist.com that talks about ONLY the king rising? Mr. King will answer your questions himself sometimes.. Also,
if you are having trouble with angles and getting caught, try performing the trick in a door way, or a hallway where the spectator has no option to move around and give you angle problems...

and p.b.jones suggested that you perform the
K.R. in a cardboard box with the front and back cut out of it... something to think about
Good luck, and dont feel alone, I have not performed the trick yet for anyone, I guess I have not fallen into the right circumstances..
(right kind of S***s, pants, jacket,angles, etc. there are a lot of factors that make this a "not very impromptu trick"
I cant wait to pull it off somewhere for its reaction must be astounding!
Tom :)
Message: Posted by: Dr. Jakks (Sep 13, 2002 08:00PM)
I obviously sounded condesending(being a veteran user gives me POW UH!!!!!! :lol: ) in my message, judging from your pm. I really didn't mean for it to go off that way.

Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Sep 14, 2002 01:03AM)
I agree with MagicTom - if you have KR - then use the ellusionist forum - or email Corey King - those are your BEST (and safest) options...