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Topic: Plans for Close-Up Table
Message: Posted by: clsaxn (Sep 14, 2002 11:42AM)
Does anyone know of any commercially available plans for a close up table?

Especially plans for a savante drawer?


Message: Posted by: Ray Haddad (Sep 14, 2002 06:43PM)
May I suggest that you design your own? Then you can customize it for your needs.

Here are some suggestions.

1. A box about the size of a small brief case hinged at front so it opens towards your spectators.

2. The side towards you hinged at rear so it flops down allowing access to "under the top" features.

3. Soft servante bag on a wire frame that can be pulled out and pushed back in when not in use.

4. Hinged wooden clothes pins under the top attached at various depths from the rear edge into the table underside for holding props that need to be stolen secretly.

5. Compartmented interior for prop management.

6. Glue a rare earth magnet under the table top somewhere that you can locate when you need it from above. A drop of glue on the table top cover will assist you in finding it. You'll find a use for that magnet later, trust me.

7. Paint and cover to suit your taste with either felt or flocking as the top surface to reduce noise and make it easy to pick up playing cards or coins.

Use your imagination to the fullest. Make it completely yours since you will be the one using it.

Under my table top is a series of what are known as threaded inserts. They allow me to use machine threads to replace any of my various aids to magic.

Message: Posted by: Jeff Dial (Sep 15, 2002 02:27AM)
I have a friend who does street magic. His tabletop is a box about 4 inches deep and has some compartments inside. The whole drawer opens up. He also has a bag that hangs on the drawer with pockets for props and for ditching.

He has a privately published booklet on street performing that has photos of the table. He is in the process of putting out a revised edition. PM me if you would like his address.
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Sep 16, 2002 05:24PM)
Magic, Inc. in Chicago publishes [i]The Table Book[/i] which has detailed plans for a variety of tables. I have built several of them and I am a person who came "this close" to failing seventh grade woodshop.

Message: Posted by: Great Scot (Jul 14, 2003 05:01PM)
On 2002-09-14 12:42, clsaxn wrote:
Does anyone know of any commercially available plans for a close up table?

Especially plans for a savante drawer?


Servantes can be found in Prof. Hoffmann's books: Modern Magic, More Magic, Later Magic.
E-book versions can be found at http://www.lybrary.com. I am a satisfied customer and don't get anything for recommending them.

Henry Hay also covers the subject in "Amateur Magician's Handbook," which is available from Dover.
Message: Posted by: dynamite (Aug 10, 2003 01:01PM)
Do you have Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic? There's a good table design with a black art well on it, the servante drawer can be easily incorporated if you know the principles.

All the best!
Message: Posted by: Salazar Magic (Aug 10, 2003 03:31PM)
I just bought a Cymbal Stand. How do I attatch a table-top to it.
Message: Posted by: Budihaha (Aug 11, 2003 06:15AM)
I have made a table using cymbal stand.

I cut the top part of the cymbal stand (the small and long rod), then welded a medium bolt to it. I use a bolt which is 2" long.

I welded 2 nuts (bolt counter part, both nuts height about 2") to a piece of steel sheet, 5"x5", and made a hole on each corner, mounted this base to the wood top table with 4 screws (so I can dismounted the top table, and put both stand and top table on my suitcase).

Hope this helps you.


Budi Ha Ha
Message: Posted by: Gambit242 (Sep 10, 2003 09:33PM)

Nice suggestions!

Thanks for sharing,