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Dusty the magic clown
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New user
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While I was in Florida I used my bite quarter for my laundry *** expensive laundry
Marc Woods
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The Netherlands
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You won't believe this, I just spent my jumbo coin in a parking meter Smile Smile
Joe Russell
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Buffalo NY
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I threw a folding quarter into the toll booth once at least I think that's what happen to it, I wonder what happens when some one gets it in their change
Who is Tattoo Joe?
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Regular user
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I lost my TT with a twenty in it. I was ticked. first because it was my only hard plastic TT for doing switches, but mostly because there was twenty bucks in it! The only good thing was it wasn't a 100 bucks!

I did find my TT 6 months later in my garage on a shelf. How it got there I will never know! After that experience, I frequently check the shelf for lost items: mismatched socks, winning lotto tickets, crime evidence, etc. Smile
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Inner circle
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NJ Turnpike Toll booth have go tto be the biggest. I actually got a ticket for it once because it didn't register it as a quarter.
On a side note are we exposing? LOL
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I was walking around at my college one day staring at the ground (which I'm usually doing) when I stumbled on a half dollar. As I picked it up I accidentally dropped it and heard a funny clink. So I ran home, got out my bang ring and VIOLA!!!... a free Scotch and Soda. Smile
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Vancouver, BC
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A couple years ago I had Flash Cash in my pocket. When I went to pay for gas, I took it out to get at my regular money. It wasn't until I was about 50 miles away that I realized I left my Flash Cash on the counter.

ps) I lost $185.CDN that day.

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New Jersey
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I threw a cig through quarter in toll booth on the parkway

and in case you were wondering

I'm exit 148 (Garden State Parkway) and 15W (Turnpike)

check me out on facebook #MAGICTOTD
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In my day, I have driven
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Profile of airship
I haven't spent any gaffes, but I stretched the heck out of the [ half of a dime-and-penny by (you guessed it) shoving it down on a real dime!
'The central secret of conjuring is a manipulation of interest.' - Henry Hay
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Only able to muster
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I was in a store once and a guy working said he thought he had gotten a counterfiet coin. It was a english penny/locking half.

I bought it from him for $.50.

I was in Ames, Iowa 1984. If you want it back it will cost more than that.
Rob Elliott
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Reston VA
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This is one advantage of using halves, English pennies, and Chinese coins. I've never spent any of my gaffs because I don't spend those types of coins.

Now, if you wanna talk about how many I've lost, damaged, or destroyed by accident, that's quite another story!
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Now that I have read all these other tales of woe, I don't feel so bad. Years ago I lost a Johnson cig thru quarter, I think I used it in a vending machine. One very expensive Pepsi! Smile
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Leland Stone
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I used to perform with a friend, who used a certain coin for a VERY impressive PK effect during Magic on the street at Disneyland. Every few months I'd ask why he wasn't doing the PK effect that night.

"I spent the quarter on something!"

I'll second Rob's advice regarding English pennies (although I do spend halves). As far as gaffed coins go, two words fellas: Coin purse.

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New user
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Profile of Vaderbreath
I once spent my two-headed quarter in a pop machine. As soon as I dropped it in, I felt that sinking feeling, and when I checked, sure enough it was gone. Now, I was only maybe my adult life I've kept track a little better.

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New user
Ruckersville, Virginia
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Profile of tbsmith918
Haven’t spent one yet... never really worried about it... but that was before reading all of the above posts. Smile A side note... I’m sure as heck going to look more closely at the change I receive.
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Regular user
Greenville, NC
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Profile of Katterfel22
My wife borrowed two gaffed quarters off my dresser to get her morning coffee. Since then I keep them in the plastic bags they come in unless I am useing them at the time.
Still, I can't really blame her. I can't think without coffee in the morning either. Smile
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Professor Piper
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Somewhere, out there...
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I work in a chain of three Magic Shops here in the Ozarks...(Branson)...

I make dang sure that I warn those customers that buy S&S, Coin in Bottle, etc. to be sure they DON'T spend them...

Without fail I get a quick 'double take' when I give them the warning...

Hopefully that will keep them from making a big financial mistake!

Personally, I've never made this mistake, but seeing as I've only been performing Magic for just shy of 2 years, I'm sure it's bound to happen...


Thank God for the employee discount!

Prof. Piper
"Nemo has been found! He was on an Admiral's Platter at Red Lobster!"
patrick flanagan
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lisle, illinois
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The only time this happened to me was about 20 years ago. After coming home from a bar and emptying my pockets, I realized I had put my cig through quarter in a pinball machine. Expensive game. I think they were selling for $25 at the time. I did come close to tossing a folding quarter in a toll booth, but caught myself in time.
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I have not seen my raven quarter. I believe I mixed it with my pocket change and got lost.
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It really hurts when the folded up $100 bill disappears long after the $100 bill switch trick is completed. Ouch! Need to clean up carefully after your shows!
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