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Hey everyone,
I was wondering how anybody feels about performing for family members. I do perform for my parents to get advise. But what about the others like, aunts , uncles, cousins, and grandparents you see quite often. Should you, or not?
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Why not ?
Are you worried that they'll be too critcal, or too lenient in their assessment of your performance and skills ? I think I'd rather have the former than the latter, the latter will lull you into a false sense of accomplishment - that'll get you in big trouble evenutally.
I test things out on the wife, and made it clear to her in the beginning that she is not to sugar coat her assessment. Criticism is a wonderful tool to help you to do a search and destroy of your weaknesses, as long as it's constructive. Of course, you can have too much of a "good" thing, which in this case might lower your spirit, motivation and enthusiasm instead. Non-constructive criticism is just chiding and insulting and does no one any good, but I can't imagine a family member (other than a sibling) would do that.
Brothers and sisters don't count ;-)
The other important thing in choosing whom you test on, is finding somebody who will give you a chance to do it, without trying to sabotage the trick - lots of times, friends might be tempted to do this, depending on your kind of friendships - which is why I think family is better. But stick to parents, uncles, aunts, spouses, and older kin.
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Hey thanks for the advise Mystician!!
Carlos Lacuna
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I do, just for the practice. Most often on my brother(s) who help me out and are keen on watching magic. However, it don't beat it to death with them because there's only so much non-polished performing they can take.
Review King
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Don' do it. if they are sweet and gulible, they will miss an bad technique. If they are the opposite, they will shake your confidenace.

No matter how new, perform for strangers at the malls, etc.
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the saddest are, "It might have been"

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Performing for family is good practice as they can sometimes be more upfront with you concerning your technique. This can only give you the drive to do better.
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Thanks Guys
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There's nobody that can advice you better and help you correcting some mistakes than your relatives. I always show my effects first to my parents and close friends.
Kind Regards,
Zac Vee
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If your relatives and family like to watch magic, or like magic in general , they are the right people to do your magic on them first as to help you practise, if they do not enjoy magic, they will soon get bored after a few times you going and asking them to select card or whatever, then they will be doing it just because you have asked for, and the reslut may not be as you have wished for . Just see who enjoys it more and go approach him/her, at the right time obviously .Smile
peace, love and kindness.. no terms and conditions

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Eric Leclerc
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I think my family are my harderst critics... They have seen ALOT of magic and are familiar with how a lot of tricks work. When I fry my father with a trick, I know its gold.. I say do it...
Brent McLeod
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I always perform for family members if asked!
Which is quite often-Dont over do it but for trying out new ideas etc
Go for it!

I don't perform a lot of close up etc doing more platform/stage but what I do is very strong & works-has all been tested on family & relations at dinner etc prior to paid gigs

Good Luck!!
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I perform for family first if I can. I have the sort of family, thankfully, that say, "you need to work on such and such part of the trick".
Nick Wait
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I do perform for family and family friends. The aim of this, is not to be critised or to practice tchniques. By this timetechnique should be pat. The aim is to rehearse and practice the performance. It allows me to work out the timings. For example, if something I say gets a laugh I'll pause but I need to know to do that in advance. I critique myself, using a video camcorder. And for performance my brother can usually help. I always perform when I can. Like they say practice makes perfect and you don't always get a good chance to practice performannce. It's great for audience magagemnt. Friends and family friends are the hardest audience management wise. They don't think rules apply to them so will handle props if not properly handled.
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I only have a girlfreind to show my new stuff to. She finds magic boring. So I find if shes asking me how I did that. I know Ive done something right. now all I have to do is figure out what I did.
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Absolutely. Famioly will always be honest with you. Its better to get critisizm from the family before going out in the real world. They also deserve to see your premiers.


"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
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I try to, but I wait for the right time. Like hey "Max, what you working on lately with your magic?" -perfect place to say, "well, you want to see?"

I find it is great, sure there are a few instances where they'd rather not say that it sucked, but normally they give me some great advice from the spectators perspective.
Sam Tabar
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I don't see any reason why you shouldn't perform for your family. I just love performing for my family because they are honest with their assesment of the trick that I just performed for them. Try it for yourself.
"Knowledge comes from finding the answers, but understanding what the answers mean is what brings wisdom." - Anonymous
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I feel performing for family is a good way of trying out new material. However, maybe it's limited to the types of effects. Meaning to say, effects based around suggestion may not get an accurate rating with a family member (since they know you can't really do what you claim).

For me I try out many effects on family members, but suggestion based effects on friends (who aren't sure what to believe of you Smile) or strangers during my gigs. I think they work better that way.

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I always like to test new stuff on family member's,if you get a good reaction from them you know it must be good as they see a lot of magic.
having said that I don't ask them to watch me perform all the time just every now and again.
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I always run routines past my wife FIRST. She's brutally honest when I flash, if I'm confusing or boring .... and she really makes me work for the trick. She makes suggestions (as a spectator) ; and this bolsters confidence rather than shaking it. I notice you are younger (my parents are passed), Roper; but I think the question about other relatives like aunts and uncles really depends on the individual. We're both in the same boat on this one. But it seems like your parents can be your best practice subjects IF you get them to be honest with you.
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