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Profile of magicman02
If you are married or have a "significant other" as they call it these days, what does your partner think of what you do, your love of magic/mentalism? Do they care or support you in it? Are they interested in it themself?

What was your partners first reaction when they found out you were into the magical arts?

And if you are a full time pro, what are some of the challenges that exist of performing full time and trying to maintain a stable family life (being on the road a lot can hurt any relationship)
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Profile of RevJohn
When I was first started to date the woman who was to be my wife, I was in the stage of magic that I didn't know when to stop showing people effects. The fact that she even considered going on a second date with me proves, to this day, that she loves me.

Although she still runs out of the room screaming when I pull out a deck of cards, or a coin from a pocket. Strange....

Tom Lauten
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Profile of Tom Lauten other half HATES anything to do with magic!! Seriously.

She considers herself a magic widow and to a degree I suppose she is. The fights we have had would leave you open-mouthed!!! I almost never get a chance to perform when we are together and if I do..well...there is a quiet hell to pay.

I love my partner but consider yourselves lucky if your hobby/passion is supported or even could be worse...a LOT worse.
Living at and loving Loch Ness!
J ack Galloway
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Profile of J ack Galloway
The lovely and charming girl I married believes I go to far some times.
My performances make her nervous.
But she also supports my work.

But is still learning that we do not advance without a leap of faith.


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Profile of Mesaboogie
My wife is not keen on magic but she respects my love for the art and supports me in anyway she can, which suits me.

Everyday, in everyway, I am becoming better and better
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Profile of taneous
When I started doing magic my wife really encouraged me and still does. She's not too keen on mentalism, but allows me to show her new things I've learnt. She's my best critic and if something gets by her then I know it will work Smile
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Profile of enriqueenriquez
My wife is very supportive, she always want to know how the performances went, she listen to all my stories... but she doesn’t has the capacity to enjoy magic herself. She can’t really imagine why some people would like to go and see a magician/ mentalist. It’s a shame, because I will love to have a two person telepathy act with her.

She is the kind of person who has to know how its done. She will grab my cards, pull out my blindfold, etc... It’s like having the heckler at home. Is good for practicing, tough...

In the other hand, my kids (Five and Three years old) aren’t impressed with anything I do. They assume Magic is real and I can do anything, so, for them is always like “Of course you can do that. You are a magician...”

That’s why I don’t vanish elephants anymore.
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Albuquerque, NM, USA
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Profile of toonomads
My wife has always encouraged and supported my passion for magic/mentalism and has developed a keen awareness of magical ways and means (to borrow from Al Baker). She has a very sharp critical sense of what works and what doesn't work. She does keep an eye on my spending habits but I feel she is incredibly generous that way.

Though we have lived in Tokyo for the last ten years, we are from Los Angeles and, when we're home, we always spend a couple of nights at the Castle.

Some of her favorite performers: Lance Burton, Daryl, Whit Haydn, Johnny Thompson and Richard Osterlind.

Her favorite show of all times: Seven years ago, we were visiting friends in Mumbai and caught a Sorcar Jr. show. Wonderful, very human.
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Profile of Avrakdavra
My wife thinks that magic makes for a cheaper mid-life crisis outlet than would a Ferrari. (So far, she's correct).
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Profile of chichi711
My wife supports me, but hates the magic mess. You know after a long practice session you have crap laying all over the place. If I can just keep it clean then she does not have any problems with it.
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Profile of shrink
My wife is dead I sawed in her in half. She hated that trick...

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Profile of ChEeKy_MoNkEy actually had a wife Shrink?...
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Profile of D.Paul
Ive been with my girlfriend for five years and she was the one who got me started in magic. She bought me the Royal road to card magic for my birthday 4 years ago, so if she ever complains and say "well you started it". But she is very kind and she watches a lot of things I do even though I must get very anouying lol.

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Profile of Osiris
Ok... now for the real facts...

Other than retail sales (especially car or insurance industries, where the hours are outrageously long)the entertainment industry has some of the highest divorice rates out there. This is especially true to the world of the Variety Entertainment, where Magic takes the lead.

Exceptionally few performers have come to know a solid and healthy relationship when the spouse/partner is not an equal to the venture. In a great majority of instances where a couple have managed to survive, it is because either party knows their role in making the act work. They also know how to put an end to their day, limit their spending (in regards to magic stuff), and ENJOY ONE ANOTHER. Too, if their are children in the mix (which does happen) they make certain that there is a great deal of FAMILY TIME put into the equasion.

Being a magician is not easy. The odds are stacked waaaay against our ever being able to make a full-time career without extensive traveling. The other side of this issue is that most of us (Males) are working with lots of scantly dressed young lady's that are frequently much older than us and "available" as we come into middle age. This is why there are so many 50 and 60 year old single magicians with grown up children and teen aged grandchildren but a 25 year old "Friend" working the show, etc.

Another formidable problem within our world is the fact that most that come into magic do so as the result of an inferriority complex (check it out with your local psychologists, it's easily confirmed). As such we find a factor that can stimulate Obsessive-Compulsive disorders which, unfortunately manifest in our becoming co-dependent/possessive & suspicious when it comes to our "mates" (amongst other things)as well as prone towards substance abuse issues like alcoholism, drug addiction, or poor habits like over-extending ourselves, money management issues, etc.

There are tons of obstacle when it comes to knowing a long-term, healthy relationship when you're in this kind of business. It's not impossible, but it takes two individuals that can COMMUNICATE and live in a responsible manner that allows either party a sense of honor, feelings of support, and security in knowing that the other is there NO MATTER WHAT.

Interesting, albeit a dangerous topic!
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Profile of A.G.
WOW! I am suprised at the responses here! I have been with my wife (Tina)for 7 years.She works with me and my great team to help with all aspects of the buisness,travel, and show. I think when you treat your partner like an audience member, they will get "sick" of magic, nobody wants to hold out there hand everyday!
I am a hypnotist and mentalist,not saying that magic is annoying,but too much of anything is bad...well almost anything.

My advice to you that have partners that hate magic...remember, its your passion, not theirs.But if you include them in the process, and when the checks come in, you go shopping for shoes(thats her passion, I know, I am a mind reader)

kind thoughts,
Andrew Gerard
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Profile of fizbin
My wife is very supportive of my love for magic and mentalism. She has gone so far (on a few occasions) as to insist that I perform for new friends. She has also helped me with subtle touches for an effect I am working on presently. She has always had a mind for the details. Me, I look at the big picture... She has even made cold calls for me, but in any event, She is the best thing that has happened to my carreer as a magician/mentalist.
"All For Wonder..."
Earle M. Kelley
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Profile of Winnes
My missus shows half-hearted enthusiasm, occasionally. She will "go along" with whatever it is I need (for the most part) and will help me out where she can. Its always beneficial to try things out on her before venturing elsewhere. I think its great to have somebody who can give an honest critique and remind you exactly what you are and what you are trying to do from time to time.

She is not into it as much as I would like though, she wouldnt let me bring an Invisible Assistant into bed with us, and the Janus is a no-no.
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Profile of Shnarker
Man, my wife is truly the coolest. She has been nothing short of incredible. She loves the fact that I am into magic. At least it keeps me home and out of the bars, which I would frequent nightly. That she is appreciative of. Magic may have saved my liver for sure. Although I now spend drinking money on books and such.
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Twin Cities MN
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Profile of Moderncelt
I've been with my wife for 3 yrs now. She patiently "puts up" with my various stages of geeking. Magic geeking, mentalism geeking, Halloween special effect geeking, etc. She's very aware that they are outlets for me from my day job (RN) and doesn't complain when I use money from readings to buy us dinner. As she puts it, "At least he's not out at the bars chasing women".
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Profile of rickmagic1
Lori and I have been married for 12 years and she's at the stage in which she doesn't so much enjoy watching me perform, but loves watching other people when I perform for them.

My three daughters, on the other hand, think their dad's a little weird...

Richard Green
The Modern Conjurer
Host of the Haunted Magic show at House of Cards Nashville!
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