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steve j
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Long Island, New York
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I bought this book the other day and I plan to learn the stack soon, I just wanted to know if anyone as the stack memorized and how long it took them to get the whole thing down, without hesitation.
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Still learning, even though I've made
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About 4-6 hours of concerted effort.
"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time."

-Leonard Bernstein
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Bellevue, Nebraska
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I don't believe learning the Tamariz stack is any different than learning the Aronson stack; it took me an hour or so a day for 3 or 4 weeks before I could recall, without hesitation, every single card and it's location and vice-versa.

I still make an effort to go over it in my mind at least once everyday just to keep it fresh.

"The mind has exactly the same power as the hand, not merely to grasp the world, but to change it."
Patrick Differ
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Take as much time as you need...and do it without hesitation. Don't worry or compare yourself to others. Just use their information as an estimate of what it might take you to do the same.

Then enjoy the book. It's quite thorough.
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Hideo Kato
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It's written in the book.

Hideo Kato
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On 2005-03-03 17:29, Patrick Differ wrote:
Take as much time as you need...and do it without hesitation. Don't worry or compare yourself to others. Just use their information as an estimate of what it might take you to do the same.

Then enjoy the book. It's quite thorough.

This is great advise! Ya I think you shouldnt put unneccessary pressute on yourself to memorise it as fast as possible.

IMO, memorise a stack isn't very difficult. But its the need to know where each card is and recall during a performance is the most difficult and requires lots of practise.

Think outside the box, cos people are all thinking inside now!! - ClouDsss
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I learn the Tamariz stack in about 2 days... Smile

All the best,

Smile Mesquita Smile
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I've heard such good things about this book! I need to get me a copy of it! This weekend, I'll be making a trip to the local magic shop to pick up a copy!! he better have it in stock!!!
Scott F. Guinn
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"Great Scott!" aka "Palms of Putty" & "Poof Daddy G"
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On 2005-03-03 16:28, jcigam wrote:
I don't believe learning the Tamariz stack is any different than learning the Aronson stack

I've gotta disagree with that. The Aronson stack uses memory "hooks" -- word-associations for each card, for each number, and an combination association for the two put together. It typically takes several weeks to learn the associations, and then another couple of weeks to get the associations to "fall away." The Tamariz stack uses a completely different memory system.

The Joyal Stack uses 14 rules to remember the stack, and takes significantly less time to memorize than the Aronson. The Tamariz is simpler still.

How do I know? I have and have used all three. I have been blessed with an excellent memory. It took me about 2 hours for the Tamariz, about 3.5 hours for the Joyal, and about a week and a half for the Aronson, using the systems they provide to memorize their respective stacks. While your mileage may vary, I can virtually guarantee that you will learn ANY stack faster using amariz' memory method rather than Aronson's. This in no way is meant as a statement about the men themselves. All three are true geniuses who have made significant contributions to our art.
"Love God, laugh more, spend more time with the ones you love, play with children, do good to those in need, and eat more ice cream. There is more to life than magic tricks." - Scott F. Guinn
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Spain (Madrid)
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I´ve learned Aronson´s by heart (without any rules or images/associations) during "dead times" (shower, wandering with the family,...) by learning each day 4 cards randomly selected. Also when I woke up I remember the learned ones using a deck with the numbers at the back. So with this slow pace in a month you will know them and without time to think.

I recommend you also write the cards at the face (I didn´t). After this I started to be quick in naming the number looking at the face, that is the one I need for a trick. Also , when I practice shuffles, every time I see a card I think the number, add one, and think the card to this new number.

I like this kind of learning without devoting much time to it. But I suppose if you have the book you wan´t to do as soon as possible tricks
Canvey Card Sharp
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Canvey Island Essex ENGLAND
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What have either the Aronson or Tamariz stacks got over the best of them all - The Bart Harding Stack?

A deck that looks thoroughly mixed and minimal memory work required. Also, once you know the counting system, you can still remember it instantly a year later even if you haven't been using it.

I think Juan Tamariz is a fantastic performer but how many people have brought this book given his reputation rather than actually knowing when, if and how they will ever use it?
Barry Allen

A Trick....A Smile....Applause
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Bay Area, California
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I have already memorized the first 40 cards in the Mnemonica stack over the past week. While I don't know anything about the Bert Harding stack, what I like about Mnemonica is that you can set it up right in front of the spectator with just a few shuffles. It's all set to perform a plethora of tricks.

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Sorry, a little "Three Amigos" flashback there!
Your friend in magic,

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Gary Kruse
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Colorado Springs
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I learned the mnemonica stack in about 2 weeks. I did my own 'word association' of cards and numbers which works well for me. Now I have a strong recommendation to learn the hacker stack and feel kinda paralyzed about which stack to commit to and perform. Any thoughts?
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New York
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Does any know where I can find the full contents of the book?
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On 2005-03-30 14:17, jrandcc wrote:
Does any know where I can find the full contents of the book?

Books and Magazines for sale -- more than 200 items (Last updated January 17th, 2014. Link goes to public Google Doc.)
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Mnemonica and Aronson's stack is a million times better than the Bart Harding stack which sounds like a counting system which has limited uses.

Leo H
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Does anyone know if the effect "Prediction" in Tamariz'a new DVD set Mnemonica Miracles is in Mnemonica? Can't locate it in the book. Perhaps listed under a different name?
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Austin, TX
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Prediction is the first trick under "Three Crown Jewels" starting on page 91. Fantastic effect - be sure to check out all the variations as well.
Leo H
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Whoa! THANK YOU Sgt. Grey! I salute you!
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Learned it in about 2 hours both ways (card to number and number to card), but am constantly improving the "without hesitation" part. Working on being able to deal/cull the deck into X piles (10s, 13s, high/low) etc. as fast as possible. Also working on being able to cut the deck during any trick and have it not matter (card X is on the bottom, you need to be able to quickly figure out what card is at position Y and/or what position card Z is at while talking to people, quickly). My latest foray is learning how to restore shuffled decks to Mnemonic order, or to restore a mem deck riffle shuffled once to mem deck order quickly. Also working on doing tricks with a single riffle using interlocking chains.

Not saying any of this to brag (not great at any of it Smile ), I'm saying it because there are varying degrees of being able to work without hesitation. You can demand quite a bit from yourself mentally with a mem deck, and each level requires more and more lack of hesitation and mental power/proficiency.
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