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Firestarters By Jay Sankey

I have always had a fascination with the practical applications of magic. Things Like project magic, motivational and gospel magic all have different results and uses magic as means to an end. I have always thought magic to be a verse and adaptable form and could do just about anything and all the catalyst it would require was a creative person. Not that I know Jay Sankey as well as most, but from what I have read about him on message broads and on the DVD its self it would appear that he fits the above category well.

Now I know the use of magic in this fashion to pick up dates has been talked about before and many of you look down at it as deprived and un-classy application of our art. To be used by those of us that ether are desperate or lake a personality and needs magic tricks to replace it, but I would have to disagree. Jay never says that these tricks will have your object of your affections throwing them selves at you but rather gives you additional Tools to add to your dating tool belt. In fact the number of tips he suggests mainly about what you should do in a particular situation and with the exception of a few are not directed at magic at all.

Tips like determining real prospects which is one tip on this DVD are really what people on the dating scene try to do already with out magic. In fact one tip Jay suggests is if you do so happen to get a date from your charm, humour and magic, that you don’t do any magic at all until she ether mentions it, and if she does try to deflect the conversation elsewhere. The DVD totals about 18 dating tips, which I believe, are all sound and answer many situational aspects of such an environment.

Jays persona is of the typical Sankey style very funny and made me laugh with many of his personations and funny fascial expressions. The effects on the DVD are good but don’t break new ground as far as Jays usual standard would demand but instead the presentations of the effects are key to there success. Which is the way it should be. One effect on there this is not clearly explained is Sexual Healing, a torn and restored card using the premises of one of his other marked effects Papercliped. I suspect this is because he hopes the viewer to go buy the other effect, but he does leaves just enough tidbit’s to lead you along to your own conclusion as to how to pull it off.

Under his comic bravado I think Jays cleverness is not limited to only magic but also his life’s endeavours, which I believe is indicated in the numerous tips he gives on this DVD.

Some of the presentations cover some sexual innuendo and may play to selected crowds, Jay evens says in his many tips that you need to “test the level of the room” to see what will fly and what will not and even gives an example of doing that. One effect that is like this is the effect Kinky which is not surprising given the name. I would say that non-of the effects are overly crass or rude but may offend those who are easily offended.

If you buy this DVD a major tip would be to buy a one way forcing deck of a pipe card like a two of hearts as many effects call for duplicates and defacing cards in the course of the what he explains. One other item that you may need to get if you don’t have one already is the invisible deck which is used in the effect Hundred Dollar Kiss.

Now the effects, I will try to explain them as they are committed to my memory at this time:

Hotlink: The object of your affections selects a romantic word, on the DVD Jay uses the word Flowers and writes it across the face of the selected card. Turning the card over he draws Two hearts one separate from each other. With come comic humour and personation he shakes the card and the two hearts on the back cross together. You can see this effect performed on the demo show at penguin magic.

Whisper: This effect is a old one that’s been around now in the more classic texts. You would have two cards selected then rap the deck in paper then with a knife insert it into the deck behind your back at an apparently random location. Unwrapping the deck well maintaining the knifes location you spilt the deck at where the knife is inserted to find the two selected cards at ether side of the blade. The way Jay does it which is different to the more classical approach is that the spectator gets to insert the knife which really is inserted at random. The cards are not select but rather predicted. Why Call it Whisper? Because during the course of the presentation you get to whisper the apparent instructions for the trick which Jays gives you to slip in the opportunity to express your intentions well in the company of others well being private about it. Really Clever I think.

Wholehearted: This effect really is a torn and restored tissue paper heart. Like all effects on this DVD presentation is key.

Kinky: With out getting into to much detail about the presentation of this effect as to constitute my post being deleted (It’s not that bad really but better to be safe then sorry so they say) the sexual activities of the jokers bring out many laughs in your audience. The effect is really a basic sandwich effect. “Monkey in the middle” style.

Electric Currency: Saying that there is obviously sexual energy between you and your object of your affections you attempt to demonstrate it by using this energy to bent a Borrowed coin well the coin is under your hand well hers on top of yours.

Those are a few of the effects that I can remember at this time, I will explain others if anyone wishes me to once I review the DVD again.

Overall not a bad investment In my opinion, and one that seriously looks at magic and the dating scene. Presentation being key is the flavour of the DVD as that has been my opinion in a long while, so from that prospective I find it great. So if you not scared of what others might think finding this on your DVD shelf and interested in the possibilities this is highly recommended.


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Very thorough review Aus,

Thank you.

Though I never had intentions of getting this DVD (not really a Sankey I'm one of those guys who thinks that using magic to get chicks isn't the way to go), I found this review very useful and would think that anyone who is interested in this DVD would too.

Take care buddy,

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Well I bought it .Not a huge sankey fan but it did peek my intrest. And I didn't think it was too bad. There are a few effects that I could probablly use.
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Thanks for the review.

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I think the materials, with some modifications, would be very good for shows on Valentine's Day.
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I like this DVD, thanks for the review!
kihei kid
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Thanks for the review Aus.
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Until we meet again “my old friend”.
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Wow nice and detailed review

Think outside the box, cos people are all thinking inside now!! - ClouDsss
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Thanks for this detailed review. I think the problem a lot of people have with this DVD is that they judge the effects (because that is what magicians are looking for all the time) and not the whole project. On this DVD is not all about the effects, but also about presentation and advice. Therefore, it is something different and unusual, but it is not that bad.

Optimists have more fun.....
Cameron Francis
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Well, since I am happily married, the only reason I would purchase the dvd are for the effects. Thanks for the review.
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The effects are strong and the patter that comes with it can really help to encourage more flirting. The good thing about it is if you are happily married, have a long term partner etc. the effects can easily be changed into a non-flirty effect. Very good DVD
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This is one of his best DVD's. Look at the effects and not the premise behind the DVD.
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Cameron Francis
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Well, if you like it, MagicChris, it must be pretty good. You're a tough critic. Being a Sankey fan, I might have to check it out.
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With Jay being a tall, dark handsome fellow with no quirks I think he's well placed to be giving advice on the ritual of flirtation.

I've picked up at least a dozen birds using tips from this DVD. Then again I do work in a chicken factory!
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