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What about a sock with a doller's worth of pennies? Maybe illegal, but I know that this simple thing can knock out anyone with a swift blow to the head.
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I carry a whistle.

This, IMO, is the ONLY good idea for "what to carry."

If you're in a venue where you worry about your safety, you shouldn't be in that venue. If not, you shouldn't be involved in any altrercation.
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Mike B.
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Can't say that I've ever had that problem. I've always had good encounters in the public. I just received an E-mail from somebody who owns a bar and is having a circus theme for new year's and wants a Clown to be there to entertain during the bands breaks.
Now I'm not a rocket scientist but that has the remedy of disaster. I turned down the offer and the three hundred bucks with it.
Use your head!
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On 2005-03-15 08:30, FTAMagician wrote:
I'm a part-time clown in addition to magic and with a local clown group.

I've heard some stories where clowns have been threatened, attacked, etc. and wonder if anybody carries anything to "even things out" in a case like this???

Don't mean a gun or a knief (although....),but something that would "fit" a clown but be a defensive "weapon" just in case a drunken jerk decided to do something.

Have an idea for something if anybody would like to hear it...and would like to hear anything that others might carry with them!!???

I think that FTAMagician does have a good point about being prepared. I have done my time working as a corrections officer and have seen, meet, fought, and talked to the other half of our society. People, who would rob, attack, rape, and kill just because they felt like doing something that day.

We all can say, ‘Stay away from bad places’. But the truth is that the guy standing next to you at the video store may have just been released from behind bars or needs to be placed behind them! He/they may be looking to have a little fun and you may just happen to be it!

Maybe it would be fun to see a clown driving down the road and follow him for a quick rush and a little fun. You know, something to tell your buddies later as you smoke that joint and drink that beer. After all, beating up on a clown does have a funny sound to it if you thought like a lot of people.

I remember people laughing where Barney the Dinosaur got jumped and beat down a few years ago. There was just a funny feeling about it, until you remember that a real person had been attacked.

The best defense is having an offense that can help you.

Ray Noble
Skip Way
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Back when I was much less selective about where I performed...and what I performed...I agreed to appear as a certain dinosaur at a party in the projects. This was an area that most cops only patrolled in pairs after dark. Since the apartments were so small, the mother had me change into character at an appartment across the street. As I was walking across the street, in costume, a large group of teens came around the corner and started pointing and shouting at me. I could picture the headlines...Barney shot in Projects - Parents cheer! Fortunately, they were content to shout and laugh...which suited me fine. At that time I had been a cop for about ten years and had survived two combat zones. Being shot or hospitalized while wearing a purple suit would have been too, too ironic!

Skip :o)
How you leave others feeling after an Experience with you becomes your Trademark.

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Wow, what a subject..... but things do happen, I would never carry a weapon on the job, in more than 40 years of performing I have never had a situation where one would have come in handy. closest was when I was hired to be at a fundraiser at a "biker bar". one of the hairy tattooed guys jumped up when I walked in and screamed at me to get the @#@%^$@@ out, someone said he was afraid of clowns, I took a step back, and calmly told him that I respected his feelings and would stay on the opposite side of the room from him, he immediately calmed down, and at the end of the day came over and said he had watched me for several hours and I seemed ok, I took that as a huge compliment, other times when someone threatened to push me off stilts etc( happens occasionally) I tell them with a laugh or smile that I am over 60 and the fall would seriously injure me, then ask if they can afford a few million dollars to care foe me for the rest of my life,,,,,,,, etc....
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I would try not to work as a clown where I'm that concerned for my safety. My full-time job however is another story.
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Interesting posts. One of our officers, who was dressed in the McGruff costume, was attacked by some teens in a local mall where we were putting on a crime prevention presentation. They almost died when they found out they were arrested and the person inside the costume was a police officer. I could see the headline now "McGruff clobbers kids to prevent crime".

Once when I was doing a show (not as a police magician), I was called upon to get a trouble maker out of the audience. Luckily, I carried on my ankle that night in case I needed it, but the trouble maker was ejected without incident.

Police Magician
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Good one Travis. Seriously, can you imagine a weapon appearing out of a change bag? When I do card flinging (Ricky Jay style), I always mention that before I carried a gun, cards were my weapon of choice. After one show where I made the card go through a newspaper, one man came up and mentioned that he thought cards would be a deadly weapon. I told him the most that could happen would be an eye injury. He then remarked how he liked the part where I boomeranged the card and caught it in my mouth. I thanked him while the corner of my mouth bled.

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