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Brian Proctor
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I was pondering whether I should get this dvd or not. Anyone out there have it? Like it? Have a good review of it?
I'd be greatful.
Brian Proctor Smile
Darrin Cook
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I think I've already posted a review of this.

Anyway, I like the tape and recommend it. The routine is simple and the props are compact.

I'd never done the cups and balls before because the props are too bulky (I do walk-around at a restaurant.) One big name magician looks like he is carting around a disassembled weight set in his suit, with three large, solid metal cups, four balls and large fruit loads. Carl's routine packs into one pocket with no odd bulges.

Let me add that I went to Wal-Mart and got a set of 4 sauce cups for two dollars. I use two of those cups, which are made out of silver metal and stand about one-and-a-half inches high. I dented the tops to make them concave so that a ball will rest on the top without rolling off. With Carl's DVD, three sponge balls, the crochet balls, and the two sauce cups, there isn't a cheaper, more compact, and in my opinion, more practical cups and balls routine.

I performed the routine for the first time this last Friday. One audience included two
hyperactive boys who have seen my entire repertoire, and it is very evident when they are not being entertained. (In fact, I wasn't looking forward to performing at their table.) Andrews' routine drew the best reaction of anything I've ever done for them, the sort of thing that made me think to myself, "This one's a keeper."
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I'd have to suggest Tommy Wonder's routine on Visions of Wonder Volume 1. If you could make a holder like his and hang it somewhere or maybe even put it in one outside coat pocket - as most of us put one trick per pocket assuming you have several pockets in your coat and your pants pockets and shirt pocket.

All of the loads are within the whole cups and balls enclosure. It would take up little more than the normal Johnson Cups enclosed in a bag.

On top of this you can't beat the lessons in misdirection on the tape. He is a genius when it comes to misdirection.

doug brewer
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Shane: I don't want to be a party-pooper here, while Tommy's C&B routine IS ingenious, it is not really a worker for walk-around. The cups have to be laid on their sides (which is a lesson for other tables) and the loads, while cleverly loaded, are not as strong as loads from out of nowhere. I learned the routine from his book and performed it for awhile walk-around. It just didn't get the right reactions (for magicians, however, it kills). A straight C&B routine plays much better. That said, my only problem with Carl's routine are the soft loads (spongeballs). I believe the best reactions (i.e. disbelief at their appearance) comes from hard, noncompressible LARGE loads (potatoes or fruit). The bigger the better. The spongeballs are convenient because you can go right into a spongeball routine with them. This is a positive with the Carl Andrews routine. But really, you're giving up impact for convenience. If you're going to do this why not do the Don Alan bowl routine that's traditionally done with spongeballs? Just a thought.
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Check out Dennis Loomis walk around chop cup routine. Much more practical and a real fooler.
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Screw it, use a Mini Chop Cup with the Mike Rogers baseballs =)
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Now, the Doug Brewer routine from The Unexpected Visitor...THERE is a walkaround C & B routine.
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That is Exactly what I meant by my post
"Perfection is in the details, but detail is no Perfection"-Dai Vernon
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I love Andrews table hopping c&b routine and his follow up spoing ball routine.

I don't' think it can be done table hopping, though. Not enough time. More like a private party in a rest. where they have reserved a room.

Chop Chop
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YOU CAN GET THIS DVD CURRENTLY FOR HALF PRICE - $9 - by going to and clicking on "Sale Items". I've always had great customer service and good prices from this company. I've ordered from them for a few years - and actually just spent $100 with them this week replacing some props that are beginning to show wear.

Though you end with soft loads I can see a reason for this routine. If you have an act with three tricks in it you could open with a strong effect, do this cups and balls routine, and end with the strongest effect which is sponge balls in the spectator's hands. You'd have a sort of build-up within your act. If you use solid final loads like potatoes you'd maybe want to end with your cups and balls. I don't know if this idea warrants doing this routine, but just a thought. Sponge balls in the spectators hands is really strong and a great opener or closer.


I don't do cups and balls in my walk-around routine, though I have a set of Johnson cups that I keep planning on working on and I have seen a ton of routines. The reason that he lays them on their side as stated in the video is that in the spectator's mind the cup seems more likely to be empty and I don't disagree. Did you have people at other tables comment that they seen the other loads or are you assuming that they did? You probably could modify just part of the routine so that you don't have to lay them on their side.

As far as the final loads, I probably agree with you, but that said I can see some value in the fact that items from the table disappear right in front of the spectators and appear under the cups so the effect becomes more of a traveler than an appearance. This does however I'm sure seem easier to get to from a layman's eyes than the appearance of something new. The fact that he mimicks screwing on the pom pom a bunch is a bit baffling too.

Part of me says, "Spectators know that you are loading things under the cups, so why not use things from the table." But that thinking defeats what we're trying to achieve which is the appearance of magic......

Do you put the loads in your back pocket? Do you have any problems with your pockets bulging or flashing the final loads to neighboring tables? I love the cups and balls but I think there are a lot of kinks to work out when you're trying to do them table hopping.


If you get a chance to see the Tommy Wonder routine on his DVD then do. If for no other reason you can see some of his thoughts on misdirection. Definitely a magic genius.
Harry Murphy
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Brian, the "table-hopping cups and balls" is a good two-cup routine. Carl gives you his personal reason why he uses two cups over a one-cup (Chop cup) or a Three-cup routine.

The routine is short, sweet, and has two big “OH-WOW!” spots before the final loads. Carl has distilled dozens (maybe hundreds) of moves and built a very easy routine for the spectators to follow. In my mind, that is the key to any good cup and ball routine. It starts strong, stays strong, and ends with three final loads.

Carl briefly discusses his reasoning for using the sponge ball final loads. He basically speaks from experience of doing the routine hundreds of times for paying customers. His experience tells him that there is no difference in the audience reactions to the sponge balls compared to more traditional fruit loads.

Of course Raphael Benatar will tell you that the three DIFFERENT types of fruit loads he uses are the ones that, in his experience, get the strongest response from the audience. Then, Gazzo will tell you that the six oranges and melon final loads that he uses are the only way to go, and Johnny Fox will tell you that, in his experience that the five fruit final load gets the strongest result, and Gunter will sell you on the jumbo steel ball bearing final load he uses, Mike Rogers would have told you that three baseballs made the best final load, and …oh well, I guess that you get the idea.

Plus there are a couple of routines that actually use sponge balls for the balls in a three-ball routine to great effect. The magic was never questioned because of the nature of the balls. Jim Ryan’s routine is most notable here.

Honestly, I suspect the WHAT of the final load is less important than the dramatic change of object. But this is arguable and will be argued as long as cup and ball routines are being used. If you object to the sponge final load, then simply use something else. Substituting anything else (fruit, steel ball bearings, baseballs) for a final load is as easy as putting on a jacket (and that’s what you’ll have to do to use fruit).

Bottom line, Carl Andrews has developed a good, strong, visual, easy to follow, magical two-cup routine. It was designed to be performed in very casual attire (Jeans and t-shirt!) and to have the final loads segue into the next routine. One final point is that it is a fairly easy routine to learn.

I like it, I have it, and I have used it. I think that it is a worthwhile investment in time and money.
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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I am working on expanding my skills beyond cards and coins. I recently completed work on a classic routine with the chop/cup and balls, and was pleased with the results. I ordered Carl Andrews DVD on a whim to see another approach to this effect.

I found the DVD simple and effective, I had no trouble picking up any of the slights. Carl method also stream-lined a few of my classic moves. I would recommend this DVD for anyone who is looking for additional ideas on the cups and balls.

Peo Olsson
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On 2003-10-08 11:11, ChopCup wrote:
I love Andrews table hopping c&b routine and his follow up sponge ball routine

Chop Chop

I think its a GREAT effect, with a spongeball routine added to it.

Also check out this thread
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I think, fruit loads would generate at least 50% more reaction than small sponges.

That's not to say it wont get a good reaction, and isn't a good idea though Smile
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I think this routine is very good. I don't do cups and balls on a regular basis but had no trouble learning this routine. I did it for my magic club a couple of weeks ago with good reviews. Smile
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