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James Owen
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Alright fellow magicians, how are you all doing? Fine I hope. I was wondering would you guys recommend The Raven to a total beginner in magic.

Best and Kind Regards

Take Care all of you
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If you like the trick, go and get it, but personally, it's a little too pricey and cumbersome for me. But it really depends on whether or not you like it, and whether or not you see yourself performing it. This goes for all of your future magic deals as well, because I've often been a culprit of impulse magic buying which resulted in a suitcase full of unused magic props. So don't be like me.
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I probably wouldn't get it as a beginner...
I did actually and did not use the thing for many years.
It is a good vanish of a coin but using the raven is much more powerful if you can do it with borrowed coins and do the basic switches with coins and palming, etc...
Blaine does the trick on TV, but personally I think that with practice there are more amazing things to do with coins even as a beginner...
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I got the raven awhile ago.

It's just laying there, haven't used it. Especially if you're a beginner, I wouldn't recommend it.

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Portland, Oregon
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I think you would be happier with a good book or one of the Michael Ammar videos as opposed to the Raven. The Raven is a great prop and properly used, can produce miracles, but is somewhat complicated to hook up and use. PM me if you want to know more.

Richard Green
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Rod Lages
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Brasilia, Brazil
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The Raven is really cool but like the others just said above, it's a little too pricey of a prop but still a great prop. You can get much more from a good book or a DVD. Anyway, if you wanna spend some money, try the Micro-5. I don´t have one but it seems to be very useful but maybe not for a beginner.

Best Regards,
Rod Lages
"Confusion isn't Magic" - Dai Vernon
Bascomb Grecian
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Redding, Ca.
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This is a great question!

Answer: Learn as many different ways to vanish a coin. Learn being the key word. I have vanished coins for twenty years with various methods. Just last night, a magic craftsman/builder friend of mine finally convinced me to consider the Raven. Come to think of it, he is right, I should use it. This device will greatly enhance my coin work because it can make it look that much stronger and cleaner. I will use the Raven embedded in another coin routine where I need the vanish of a single coin to exist.

If this is a new thing for you to do, "vanish a coin", learn the other methods first, gain experience, perform them in front of people-live. Then you will see where I am coming from.
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I agree with Bascomb.

It's jacket weather now, so the raven will make an appearance more. I keep it in my coat all season long. It doesn't bother me to have it there when not using it, but it's always there if I want to. I use it as more of an impromptu effect as opposed to using it in an actual routine.

Usually someone will ask me to do a trick. In my inside coat pocket I always keep a handful of coins, one of them being a steel core quarter. I do a short coin flurry using strictly sleights and then I end with the raven and make the quarter completely vanish from the specs hand.

Combine the raven with some other tricks. The raven is a great ender. Smile
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The raven is a great illusion. But it does take a lot of practice to perfect it. I would suggest holding out on buying it for a little while. Smile
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Middle of No Where KY
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I guess I am the odd guy. The one to go against the grain.
I love the Raven. I am a fairly new beginner (only 4 months of serious interest). I use the Raven every day. (In fact, today I got a free soda. If you wanna know how, PM me). All the others are right. A video or a book probably would be better. But I use the Raven almost always in my routines and have great effects. I can't believe every one is saying it is pricey. Only 21.95? and Free Shipping. I think this is good price. But if you are going to get the Raven, get the movie, too.

Merry Christmas Smile
Jack Of Hearts!
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Does it make a difference that there was exposure on <spits on the ground> Fox?
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To DanielHunley, I agree. I love my Raven. I know many ways to vanish a coin through sleight of hand, but none so that I don't even have to touch the coin or the spectator.

As for ActuariaLug, you would think yes, wouldn't you. Everyone seems to know how to do the Balducci but people didn't seem to remember The Raven. They probably thought, "Oh, I need to buy something, change the channel," and just forgot about it.

As for James Owen, I would suggest getting it. I think, as others said, that you really need to "borrow" the coin to make it look cool. But even if you use one of your own it still looks cool to some. Plus it isn't uncomfortable to wear and you can perform it anytime, like Danno said.
On the other hand, you have different fingers.
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Raven = not an anytime trick; have to prepare for it; sometimes a pain when the dang coin falls off of it. I have one. I use it sometimes, but not real often, mostly when I think ahead and plan to use it at a certain time.

Beginners shouldn't get it. Try an instructional DVD or video instead. Smile
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Toronto, Ontario
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Yeah, I would have to agree with all the other "probably nots." Maybe it's because it's not very impromptu (setup time is not long but can't exactly do it in the open).

I haven't really used mine much and am now concentrating on pure sleights for coin vanishes. Maybe once I get comfortable with that I'll re-introduce the raven.
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Burton-on-Trent England
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S friend of mine bought a raven as one of his first tricks, but could not get along with it at all. so when he asked me if I would give it try, I duly obliged.

And I must say, I had no problems whatso ever.
It broke my little heart when he asked for it back, so much so that I made my own even though he probably still never uses his.

I must say that the makers never did themselves any justice by releasing that awful tube and marketing it as a raven successor, but I rant about that on another post Smile Smile
Best regards, Lee

Only do what your good at....and then everything you do looks good
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Omaha, NE
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I'm still a beginner when it comes to serious magic with good sleights of hand. I just bought a Raven about a week ago and, although I'm not quite yet where I want to be (to performance level) I can perform several of the tricks on the video (which, I might add, was as necessary and helpful as everyone here said it was, thanks guys). So far I've put about 4 hours of practice in with it, so it doesn't take a ton of work, as I said I will be practicing quite a bit with it yet before I go out and show it to people I don't trust Smile Therefore, I would say that, as several people have said, if you like the effects (I love them) go out and get it, but do expect to put in some concerted effort before being able to amaze and dazzle.
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Lehi, UT, USA
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Buy Mark Wilsons "Complete Course in Magic" book. There are enough interesting and reasonable to practice effets in there to get you well into magic.
Magic is fun!!!
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Just get the deluxe raven kit. It comes with the video and extras Smile
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Alan Wheeler
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The Chinese One Dollar coins (real ones) should work fine with the Raven without having to switch anything. It's because of what they are made of, but if I say more I might disclose a marketed secret.

For Your Info!

alleycat Smile
The views and comments expressed on this post may be mere speculation and are not necessarily the opinions, values, or beliefs of Alan Wheeler.
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I am a fairly new beginner (only 4 months of serious interest). I use the Raven every day.

Daniel Hunley,
While I know that the Raven is a great piece of kit when put to good use, I just want to add a word of caution about overuse. One of the first things I was ever taught was not to overexpose the same effect to the same audience. I'm not saying pack it away to collect dust, just try not to rely on one effect to make your performance. Variation and surprise is what knocks people off guard and amazes them. While magic supply stores will not like me for saying so, I am a believer that the novice should try to steer clear from gimmicks as much as possible, until you are confident to present yourself without them. You should never NEED gimmicks to perform magic, they should always be performance AIDES. Saying this, I wish you every success in your school performances...
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