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Tom Wolf
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Harrison, Ohio
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Until the blinking is mastered, you can wear heavy tinted sun glasses. LOL.

Go forth and amaze.

Tom Wolf
The magic director and performer at the Rincon Gaucho supper club in Mexico City,

We opened the first and only close-up room for magic in Mexico with Wolf Ruvinskis.
have several new coin vanishes and routines to share shortly just as soon as I can find someone to film them for me.

Now living in Harrison, Ohio
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Austin, TX
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Mickey, although your message reads like a get-rich-quick scheme, its a very good exercise and I thank you for the help.

Now I blink so much I look like I'm having a seizure. Smile Hmmm. Maybe I can work that into a routine or something.
Charlie Justice
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Mount Dora, Florida
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I used to 'squint' EVERYTIME I did a pass, wheather during a session with friends or performing in public. I've seen others do the same. I think it comes from a desire to obscure the move to a point where it looks good or invisible even if it is an artificial viewpoint. I still catch myself sometimes doing this when learning something new but thankfully no longer do this when performing (as video has proven my success in overcoming this strange phenomena). Go figure.
Rob Elliott
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Reston VA
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I'm so glad to hear that this is such a common occurrence and that it's not just me! I've had this problem for years and as Mickey said, it stems from a lack of confidence in the move. You don't want the audience burning your hands as you execute the move; and when practicing in front of a mirror, YOU'RE the audience, so you close your eyes.

On the plus side, I know I've achieved a nice comfort level with a move when the blinking stops.
Jonathan Townsend
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Ossining, NY
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Thanks for the general flinch cure Mickey.

Just for the record here, I feel I have a horrible pass (both classic and my own reverse pass handling) and so I use misdirection to cover the thing. I designed my versions to look okay when seen in peripheral vision. What took the longest time was to get comfortable making a moment IN CONTEXT where audience attention shifts from the cards in my hands. Lou Lancaster even suggested that you can ask someone their shoe size and get their MIND off the cards. Okay, it took me several years to understand the advice Smile When I ask them to shift their attention, I have to move my attention from the cards (props whatever) to THEM, and that act of communication is what covers the sleight.

That said, and known, I can watch my horrible sleights in the mirror without blinking or flinching and just work on smoothness and angle/cover issues. all the coins I've dropped here
Mike Wild
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I'm actually blinking in the avatar picture to the left Smile
Now tell me what move I'm doing Smile

Actually I don't blink... I used to actually look away from the magic... into space, at my feet, anywhere, as long as I didn't have to look anywhere near my spectator or my hands. This was, as blinking is, an automatic reaction to the "deception" of the move(s).

In darts it's called "balking" (eyes look away from target, hands are tied to the eyes and do not release or move properly until the connection between the two is broken). I had to force myself to look exactly where my mind didn't want to look to cure myself of it. I also found that breathing is tied into it as well. As with darts, I inhale on the build up, and exhale on the release. Concetrate on your breathing for awhile, and it makes the blinking / looking away easier to overcome.

<><>< SunDragon Magic ><><>

"Question Reality... Create Illusion"
Pete Biro
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1933 - 2018
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Just shut your eyes and you won't notice your blinking.

Seriously, it is something you need to work out yourself. The best advice is to do "the work" whithout looking at it... Look at someone, say something, anything... and it is done.
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La Famiglia! East Coast
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I noticed that Romaine on the videos he did for Magic Makers (don't want to give them advertisment) Blinked constantly. While he did his interlock production he totally closes his eyes. So I guess what I am trying say is even the "Greatest" manipulators have this problem. I also agree that a video camera will help more than mirrors ever will. The camera doesn't blink. It's plain and simple. I have seen my performances benefit so much in a short amount of time just because of using my camera (and the fact I practice all day).
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San Diego, CA
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Thanks Mickey for your advice. I will try it and post the results after a week.

Maybe my eyes will not blink anymore instead will just turn small or better no eye movement.
"David Roth is the greatest coin manipulator in the entire world.."

-Dai Vernon "The Professor"

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Yeah, I used to blink all the time when doing a classic pass. I thought I had the greatest pass in the world until I actually "opened my eyes". I have since solved the problem, albeit with much difficulty. (tape your eyelids open while you practice, and after a few minutes you will learn not to blink - ever again).
Sam Tabar
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Austin, Texas
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That is what Jeff McBride says in one of his videos. The point of indication. It's during the sleight that you blink whenever you're practicing a move. That's why practicing with a video cam is highly recommended as it catches your move even if you blink during the execution of the sleight.
"Knowledge comes from finding the answers, but understanding what the answers mean is what brings wisdom." - Anonymous
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On 2005-04-04 16:05, BalukMagic wrote:
This happens to me too... But I can always stop this, unlike you where you said you have no control.

---same for me too!

Paul D
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Your concentrating on the move and not the performance.The moves should be second nature and the performance and audience managment should be your only worry.
Astonishment as Therapy...?
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On 2005-04-25 22:54, sullivanl wrote:
Yeah, I used to blink all the time when doing a classic pass. I thought I had the greatest pass in the world until I actually "opened my eyes". I have since solved the problem, albeit with much difficulty. (tape your eyelids open while you practice, and after a few minutes you will learn not to blink - ever again).

Easier method: 2 drops of Crazy Glue... Smile .. just kidding.....But I can name 3 videos I have with some of the top performers who unfortunately have this super bad habit....It almost makes you feel sorry for them......
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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On 2005-04-04 17:59, Larry Davidson wrote:
I remember Al Cohen telling me about a guy who did a flawless silk routine with a dye tube except that every time he stole the tube he'd unknowingly lift one of his legs about six inches in the the that must have been a funny sight!

As others have commented, the blinking problem is common, and at least you're aware of it.

:nod: Awareness is CRUCIAL. Smile
Scott Compton
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Hampton, VA
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I struggle with this terribly. I have to constantly fight the urge, but I still look at my performance and grimmace when I see it.

Magic is an art. I am merely a tour guide.

"You are the magic" Jay Ose to Albert Goshman
Pete Biro
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1933 - 2018
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This reminds me of my very early days in magic. The first guy I was learning from used to catch me all the time. So I asked him "how come?" He said you have a look of GUILT every time you do "the work".

So... with more practice (I almost never uses mirror practice) and MOSTLY CONFIDENCE that went away and now I do things with no tells at all.

The key to me is confidence and being able to do routines without thinking of the "work" and only thing about the audience and the presentation.
Number One
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Mike J Kelly
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Can you see yourself blinking when looking in a mirror 'eye' can't


Smile Guess which hand the frog is in.
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LOL, Well I never knew that I did that untill A ex friend told me about it in a way that was to show me that he was better than me..LOL like I said ex friend. Then I stepped back because I was upset at the way he acted about it so I was upset...Went home thought about what he said watch some videos of me and watched some stage and close up stuff I do and wow he was right. Even though we are no longer in contact I still relized how he was right and that is something I need to work on even after being in this business for 10 years full time....LOL I am very aware of my body movement and my way of handling things but this I didn't relize or even notice. So thank you to the magician that had to be a smarty pants and to prove that you can even learn from people that are not so nice to you...LOL
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Hello blinkers,

This sort of reminds me of a project on non-verbal communication, that I did when I went to college; we filmed a teacher and did a lot of analysis on his bodylanguage.

Awareness should help; just don't forget to blink occasionally or your eyes will dry out and turn in to.. raisins ;-)
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