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If I may ask, how much do you all charge for your performances?

I've asked a couple Magicians I've known in person, and online, and the answers have always varied a great deal. Some have claimed to charge some phenomenal rate, while some others seem to charge a cheap, hourly rate.

What does the price depend on? Does your performance vary from price to price?
Kristopher Scofield
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The single most important criterion for what I charge is this: who is paying for the show? If my client is a business, then I can charge a lot more than if my client is the parent of a birthday child. My second criterion is the value (opportunity cost) of my time. Since I earn more at my regular work than most magicians charge, I am able to be particular about the shows I do.

My performance is always the best I can do, regardless of price. I have spent as many hours preparing a charity show as I have for the most expensive private corporate party. Generally, one should have a basic type of show that you hone by performing it as frequently as you can get hired.

Finally, you should get some objective feedback on how good your material is before you attempt to charge for your work. I did plenty of free shows for many years before charging for my work. The payoff was that when I did start to charge, I was able to command a good rate and know that my reputation would grow rather than suffer from poor audience reactions.

I purposely avoided naming any numbers, since this is dependent on market conditions in your local area. In the greater Los Angeles area, where I perform, there is a great range, including some very upscale type events that would not be readily available in a smaller population area. Be sure to check out the "little darlings" thread to see what birthday magicians charge.

Good luck with your first paying shows and don't underprice yourself!
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0,-, I have a full time job and I do not perform for real audiences, it is more of a exploded hobby. In other words, it costs more then it delivers.....
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Kent Wong
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Every market is different. It's a matter of suppy and demand. Find out what the other magicians in your area are charging and that will give you a good indication of the range in your area. When you conduct your "research", don't be afraid to ask questions that a typical client might ask. For instance,

1. Why do you charge so much more (or so much less) than the other magician's I've talked to?

2. What is included in your show? (balloon animals, gifts, give-aways, special features or effects)

3. How long is the show? (not including set-up and take-down time)

4. Are there any animals in your show?

These are just some of he questions that magicians get asked by prospective clients. If you conduct your same research along similar lines, you will not only get an understanding of the price structure, but also the type of product that is delivered with that price.

Once you have that information, you can look at your own show and see where it fits along the scale.

In my area, I charge $125.00 for a 30 minute children's show that includes balloon animals for the volunteers and a special magic gift for the birthday child. My clients have the option to add in additional effects or workshops to the show at an additional cost. Hope that helps.

"Believing is Seeing"
Zac Vee
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One old magician onse told me, is not about how much you charge , is about how much you can get, BUT never under price your work. You can over price it , but not the other way.

peace, love and kindness.. no terms and conditions

1001 Magic Nights Blog
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At the moment, it costs more then it delivers.... But I have my first "professional" show in June and then one in September, so I will see....

Optimists have more fun.....
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The price verys for good reason. If your in an untaped market where no one knows your worth in terms of what you do, then you could charge anything and nobody
would take issue with it. However in a market where there is a number of competiters it is quickly establishedwhat the a going rate is.

A going Rate is like a recomanded retail price on some goods you buy, not what you HAVE to charge but simply a gauge to go off. What adds to that going rate is what you consider as value to the customer which is added to the price.

Heres a list:

Your time
Travel Expences ie. Petrol
show bag give aways and the like.
Usable things ie, slush powder, flash paper.
Diffreance in show lenghts and diffreant shows offered.

That is just a brief run down, all these things effect price, one magicians act my have less useable things in his act there for is not something that is added to the price. A Magician that just offers a magic show and not a deluxe show where the children have fun with both magic and games is another example of where pirce can come into it.


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I don't charge. I don't believe I ever will. This is because I mainly perform for my family and friends.Magic gives a gift and it's something that it gives entirely on it's own. When I perform, I don't ask for anything in return. Seeing the people closest to me smile is worth more to me than any amount of money. Also, I sincerely enjoy performing magic, not only do I make my audience smile, but I make myself smile too. Magic, it's the gift that keeps on giving, maybe not in dollars, but surely in happiness.

Most magicians do magic tricks, I do magic
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Magic girl....

I can relate and love your story.


except money is nice sometimes.

Afterall I do spend it on what they think I am spending it on. MOre magic.MOST of the time.

They payments I have recieved do in fact vary and I have found it mainly depends on your achievements and experience. Awards, respect, etc....

It also depends if you can blow em away when you are trying to get the job.Couple of zeros have come to me this way.

You probably can't answer this....because as you said everyone gets paid differently. To make life easier for you my paid performances have ranged from free(because I just love people and trying to change their lifes) to 5,000 dollars for a two hour walk around party.
JT Kordesich
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I've been paid $50 an hour to do walkaround at 2 weddings, 4 hours a piece

But that hasn't even dented what I've paid out Smile
Illusion: Reality in the mind of the audience.
Parson Smith
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That is a marvelous question, and I really loved magiciangirl902's answer.
But there are many different possible answers.
The question is, what do you want to do with your magic?
Some have made a fabulous living in the entertainment field, while others have decided not to magish for money, but for other reasons.
I have done both, but have not performed as a professional magician in such a long time, that my answer would be meaningless.
For me, the question is how much good can you do with whatever talents you have been given?
I honestly believe that a basic truth in life is that you receive more than you give.
Therefore, if you give sparingly, you will receive sparingly.
This may be too much of a philosophical answer and it might not be appreciated by some, but it really is what I believe.
Now for a more practical answer... Some folks that I know charge $50 for a Kid's Show, while others charge $1000 to $10,000 for a trade show. I know one person who was being paid $12,000 per performance in 1980 and I thought that his show was mediocre at best. Another person that I know charges $300 a show and he is spectacular.
The very best magician I ever knew never charged a dime.
I feel sure that you will be able to find where you fit and all will be well.
Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
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Start High (with price).

Here is a formula, assuming you have a good product (show). Most entrepreneurs underprice at the beginning --and most do not have market info -- so use this formula.

get a price in your head, then double it (or at least add 50% --100 moves to $150)

Now when a client asks for your price, give it, and wait. They will take it, or start to negotiate. You can more easily provide a discount than increase your price.

Try it -- after a hundred times you'll be good at pricing.
The Magician
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Magiciangirl902, That was a superb reply
The Magician

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