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Have you guys heard of Reza? He does a knock off of Copperfield's Metamporphosis. Curious to see if anyone has seen him perform.

Magic Nathan
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I posted a while back about the knock off of Luis Dematos' Walking through a Mirror that Reza does. He PMed me and asked me to remove the post and promised to contact Luis or Wellington Enterprises to see if his version did infringe on their rights. Reza.....if you did clear the illusion with them this would be a good chance to post it and clear the air.

In defence of Reza.....I really don't think he's an act thief but rather very green to ethics as most of us were in the beginnings of our careers. The only difference is that he seems to have the bucks to buy the knock offs that I would have (in the beginning) but couldn't afford. I also don't think he's a thief as from the looks of it he could afford the authorized versions easily so the expense is not a reason to knock off an illusion.

In his PM to me he wrote a very diplomatic response and didn't flame me for posting his illusion was a rip off. I would however like to hear that he did indeed check into the performance rights to the effect in question.

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I really wish that you would have contacted me personally about you concerns, because I feel that your post is very misleading.

:::A knock off of Copperfield's Metamorphosis?

No, not at all. I am guessing you saw a clip of a :30 TV commercial showing the switch. The actual illusion is not a "metamorphosis", but rather an original version of Things That Go Bump in the Night. My version takes place on an empty platform with no boxes or doors. Along with several other unique aspects, the ending, is the "metamorphosis" type switch, rather than the normal bump box ending.

Jonathan Pendragon has been kind enough to grant me the use of his metamorphosis curtain handling, which is the same permission that he granted to David Copperfield. I have not in anyway "ripped" it off...I have been given the permission and the rights to use it.

I do appreciate you looking out for a rip off though...
Too many magicians do not understand the ethics of magic. They think it is OK to take years and years of someone else's development and call it their own. Jonathan Pendragon and I just had this discussion over the handing of the metamorphosis cloth. It is just not right. At the same time, please try not to make a post like that, without doing the research to see if permission has been granted and rights have been paid, such as in this case.

I would appreciate your retracting your previous statement, so as not to mislead others. My reputation is as important to me as yours is to you.

Thank you very much.

Jon Hansen
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I have seen this illusion performed along with all others that Reza is currently touring with. In fact, I worked with his show for several years. I have always known Reza to be an honest and respecting person. Not just respecting of others, but respecting of the art of magic. JamieLeigh, it seems as if your respect for magic has been well established, as you called out what you thought was a knock off. Where you are apparently falling short is your respect for other magicians. Please, and this goes not just for you JamieLeigh but for everyone on the board, do the research and make sure you know what you're talking about before you call out another magician. If someone happened to just glance your post and never read my response they would get the entirely wrong impression of what I know to be a remarkable guy. I know it's easy to jump the conclusions when it comes to these knock-offs because there are a lot floating around these days. But please from now on just do the research, ask around, and find the facts before posting any more false statments about other magicians. Thanks.

Jon Hansen
David Goldrake
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Dear Jamieleigh,

The concept of a metamorphosis done in the air has been created in 1972 by George Kimery. As far as I know, Kenny Whitaker came up with the same idea independently and has used it in some of his other creations. David paid the rights to Kenny and got permission to use Jonathan Pendragon's "Hourglass" move. To my knowledge, the only part of David Copperfield's "Cocoon" that is his (from an "effect" point of view) is the use of a "cocoon" instead of a trunk. Does anyone know more? I'd love to know.


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I've spoken to Reza. Seems to be a really genuine fellow. Concerned about rights and respect to the proper owners. I think he's a great guy. And professional. Everyone learns too. I can't vouch for his past work but his current works seems to be top notch. Furthermore:
With respect to David, Kimmerey & Jonathan. Certain presentation and handling is, in respect, theirs...However, just because its a meta and just because there is instant trasnformation does not necessarily mean it's ripping off these guys. There is DEFINITELY more than one way to do the illusion. With a cloth. And doing it fast. Just if you want to use their cloth handling or presentation it's good to secure proper rights....

Kind Regards

Ryan C. Reed
Founder, Illusion Entertainment

designer, director, theatrical consultant, digital wizard, magic impresario, wonder aficionado, Illusioneer & dream architect.

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I can assure everyone that Reza is someone in this industry who would never rip off another person’s performance. Jonathan Pendragon did give him performance rights, in very clear words. Reza’s morph illusion is simply his own take on a classic concept. There is no cocoon as is seen in Copperfield’s act, and it is most definitely not a rip off.

I also must say that Reza is deeply concerned with advancing magic as an art form. One night we were talking about magic history when he said, “History is great; but I’m more concerned about the future.” I think that’s the drive that the youth of magic needs to embody in order to keep up with the times. Reza is one of the finest examples I’ve seen of how personal commitment and dedication manifests the dreams of an individual. As far as I’m concerned, it’s only a matter of time before he really makes an immense impact in this industry. And he will do so with originality, spirit, and the motivation that is needed to keep going no matter what.

Angela Funovits
Dylan Weese
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To David-
This link says that Kirby VanBurch created the "Overhead Subtrunk." Is this site wrong? (It did spell his name wrong.) I have spoken to Kirby Van Burch and he says that the rights belong to him. So who does own the rights to it?

David Goldrake
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Dear Dylan,

I am aware of the Kirby VanBurch situation but I'm not sure as to what to think. That's why I asked in my previous post if anyone knew more. I know for sure that the "Overhead Subtrunk" concept has been created in 1972 by George and probably predates Kirby's. Of course I may be wrong...


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Hi Hola!!! Tellingatalltail here!!! I know this arguement is OLD! BUT DESPITE, here is what I know. Well, I do know Kirby Van Birch is the author of the Cocoon! THAT is a fact. Jonathan Pendragon created the switch with the cloth. He even gave it to David Copperfield, and taught him (there are pictures) in Lake Tahoe Nevada in 1992, after the cat bit him in Reno. David was nice, so Jonathan was nice back. But Kirby???? Not so sure David and he practiced together...
The Mac
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So if I did a an illusion with a switch using a cloth in a similar fashion - I'd be ripping off someone?

If I used B**** A** in the illusion - I'd be ripping off Copperfield?

If I used a suspended cage - I'd be ripping off someone?

Where then is the line?
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At a Copperfield show I attended in Branson, DC announced that Kirby was there and Van Birch stood up in the front row for applause... As for practicing together I'm unsure..
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It saddens me to listen to all the b****ing about what's what's and who first thought of this. If something is a blatant rip off its wrong. Very wrong if permission has not been granted by the originator. There are a lot of magicians that believe that it's OK after a public viewing of a magic effect, it gives them the right to lift it and put it in their own show...these guys never really get far because they will always be seen as a cheap imitations.

As far as illusion concepts go and who thought of it first its always very tricky if it's not been in documented print (unless you fake US patents like Bruce Chadwick did with me).
How far does it go, though!
Charles Waller published an elevator illusion back in the 1930's in his Book "For Magicians Only" it has a very practical method and a logical plot to produce two people...but it didn't use the shadow effect or a deceptive who does the illusion belong to?...I would say Waller....but it's a grey area when an illusion is tweaked and used in a slightly different manner at a later date by others.
The only way to fly off this back-stabbing radar is by being original in everything you do, as much as possible to avoid all this.

Magic Reza has a valid point...give a guy a chance to defend his corner before shouting in Public on forums etc. People always remember the bad stuff never the good things and bad press can be damaging. - Bespoke Illusion design - Publications -Show consultancy....Vivify a collection of stage illusions limited edition of 500 copies available now.
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I think magicians stress to uch about illusions and their originators. LAy people don't care... If it is a new effect get an original, if it has been arounf for ever, public domain. don't build and sell them...but I'm just saying.
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This was post in 2005 and in 2010 almost...The poster Jamie Leigh don't say anything...WOW!
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