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Scott Cram
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What is it that you have seen, heard, thought about or experienced that, no matter how many times you go back to it, never stops being funny?
scott b.
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Frank Caliendo's John Madden Impression
Robin William's bit about Scotsmen and Golf

Faaaar too many to list. Those are 2 that I am sure a lot are familiar with (If stnad up comedy is your bit).

All the rest are little things that happen to life that I'm sure are only funny to me. That or they are those 'you had to have been there' moments.
Thanks! Scott B.

"I don't know the key to success . . . but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." - Bill Cosby
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I have heard Abbot and Costello do "Who's on first?" probably literally clost to a thousand times. I have even performed twice in talent shows. I still laugh when I hear it.
Magic is like Science,
Both are fun if you do it right!
Doug Higley
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Something Red Fox did/said on Sanford & Son during it's first run (or 2nd) but since censored out for PC reasons (good reason too these days!)...but every time I think of it I crack up.
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M. Perk
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Hilton Head Island
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No matter how many times I see a Marx Brother's Movie, I laugh and laugh. Their slapstick is timeless.
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Off the top of my head, anything by the 3 Stooges (I love those guys), and tons of stuff from the Big Lebowski. There are many other things for me, but I name Big Lebowski because I re-watched it on TV yesterday about two times. Jeff Bridges and John Goodman are classic in it...TONS of hilarious little lines and quotes.

Also as far as comedians and movies, anything from Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, John Candy, and Steve Martin. Those guys can always make me laugh.
Patrick Differ
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Charlie Chaplin never stops being funny. Ever.
Will you walk into my parlour? said the Spider to the Fly,
Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy;
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I've a many curious things to show when you are there.

Oh no, no, said the little Fly, to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair
-can ne'er come down again.
Greg Arce
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A lot of lines and bits from Woody Allen's movies; the first time Eddie Murphy did Buckwheat I practically lost my breath laughing and it still make me laugh when I think of it; The Little Rascals, especially Spanky, makes me laugh because of the great delivery those kids had; I still laugh at many of The Honeymooner shows; I think that The Andy Griffth Show had some wonderful true moments of humor... the entire town was made up of some of the best comic actors ever; The craziness of The Beverly hillbillies still makes me laugh; there was a bit that Howard Stern did with Stuttering John about a decade ago that wouldn't let me sleep for hours because I kept waking up to my own laughter; and I have two personal monkey stories that make me laugh even when I'm retelling them.

One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
Reis O'Brien
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Seattle, WA
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Any of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. I've read them all, and have read a few of them twice and laughed harder the second time around.
Homo vult decipi; decipiatur
Michael Baker
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Ditto The Three Stooges... it's a guy thing.

"Vernacular??? That's a doiby!"
~michael baker
The Magic Company
Mark Rough
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Ivy, Virginia
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King Arthur vs the Black Knight . . . from "Monty Python In Search of the Holy Grail"
What would Wavy do?
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...and who can remember and not laugh at Steve Martin's portrayal of "Flydini" on the Johnny Carson show?! Smile
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Back in my days as an opera singer/actor, I was doing a musical version of A Christmas Carol, playing the part of Scrooge's nephew, Fred (the one who marries without Scrooge's blessing).

While we rehearsed during the day, the theatre was running another show at night.

It was a dinner theatre.

One night during a performance of the current show, a rat appeared on the top of the set ran the length of the stage. At a dinner theater. The rat was given the name "Fred" for some reason.

We came in the next afternoon for a dress rehearsal for A Christmas Carol. The owners of the theatre had baited some rat traps with Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, and killed the rat.

I was showed the place where Fred died - there was a spot of blood, and someone had taken a piece of chalk and drawn an outline of the rat's body, as if it were a homocide. This was too much for me, and I was barely able to contain my laughter during the entire dress rehearsal. To this day I remember my character's namesake, and still crack up over the vision of that chalk outline.

My ex-cat was named "Muffin". "Vomit" would be a better name for her. AKA "The Evil Ball of Fur".
Lord of Illusion
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Robin Williams. Anything that man does stays funny. Period.

Edward Wolfgang Poe,

The Necromancer of the South
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On 2005-05-30 12:13, lastnitesfun wrote:
King Arthur vs the Black Knight . . . from "Monty Python In Search of the Holy Grail"

I just saw that film today! Its great!


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Two words:

Family Guy
Vandy Grift
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I have so many things that make me laugh. Here's one that has been making me laugh since I first saw it years ago, and recently had the chance to see again. I just bought the first season of the original "Bob Newhart" show on DVD. In the very fisrt episode there is a scene where Emily is crying and Bob explains that everytime Emily cries he just feels like laughing.

When he is telling her about his "problem" and trying not to crack up, while she is's priceless. Then he is standing next to her while she is seated and begins to cry again. Bob puts his hand on her shoulder and turns his head, his body is shaking with laughter, he looks over his shoulder at her and almost loses it again, turns his head and keeps laughing.

Its very hard to describe, but if you've seen it, I think you'll admit it is a brilliant comedic scene. And Newhart whose is known more for deadpan delivery plays it perfectly.


P.S. Go get the Bob Newhart show on DVD. It's well worth it.
"Get a life dude." -some guy in a magic forum
Alym Amlani
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I would have to say Russell Peters' act.
Its awesome and you can find it on the web.

God, it made me cry!
Logic Defied
scott b.
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I remember several years ago I was watching Saturday Night Live. It was a skit with Will Ferrell at a Barbeque and his son kept climbing up on top of this shed. This happens several times through out the skit. He would just look off camera and be like "Son, son. Get off the shed please. please, thank you." and go about his business. A few minutes later he would be back at it saying "Son! SON! Get off the shed, please!" Thank you. Each time increasing in anger. At this point I'm already laughing. A few minutes later Will Ferrell is yelling at his son "Son! Get off the shed now!"

Then he hit the line that made me cry for 30 minutes from laughing. He just looks at the shed and screams at the top of his lungs "I WILL COME OVER THERE AND I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!". I completely lost it.
Thanks! Scott B.

"I don't know the key to success . . . but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." - Bill Cosby
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I'm a fan of good standup, and Eddie Murphy, with raw and delirious, his SnL appearances...where he pretty much saved Saturday night live...and other things are the funniest stuff I've seen...along with david chappelle's standup, damon wayans...howard stern is a favorite have good taste Greg Arce.
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