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I often wish that a magic shop would open in my mall. I use to work for a magic shop, one in an amusment park. I would love to do it again. Yes we sold Svengalis (I was taught to pitch those guys by a wonderful pitchmen) and plastic paddles. I was true to the art, I never gave away secrets and I helped those who asked. In fact, I even used to teach them just after they bought the effects, so they would not need to come back later. Those who were very interested did come back to buy more magic and more books. If it was not for a little magic shop in my area I would not have gotten my start when I did. All the best to everyone!


See you around the Café
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Brian Proctor
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Jim has a pretty unique magic shop. It is small and always full of more than just your average Delite's and what not. He has so much to offer beginners through advanced people.
is his site for his shop. I bet you could get some tips or ideas from him. Email him and see what happens. His shop has become quite successful. I hope yours does as well. Smile
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We had a Magic Zone in a local mall here in Salt Lake but it only lasted about 1 1/2 months. Smile
Brett Cantrell
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Thanks for the encouragement all.

I'd love to talk to Jim sometime about his shop.

Some of the Magic Zone setups (for good or bad) are geared towards being in the malls during the Christmas season, then closing and doing trade shows the other nine or so months of the year. Or they hold a month by month lease on the kiosks in the mall.
I've signed a year's lease with the mall here, so (prayerfully) with business holding up, I'll be able to establish a solid base and have more personal contact with customers and would-be magicians.
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I wonder, if magic was only made available to those who were truly worthy, how many of us would have had a shot?
"There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our reality."

- William Shakespeare
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I normally don't post on this forum anymore for personal reasons. But this topic is of interest to me. I have been in magic for some time, lectured all over the world from Argentina to England. I have invented 100's of effects and love magic. As of Feb 7th, I will be opening up a Magic Zone in New Jersey at the Willowbrook Mall!

I really don't see the controversy. The tricks are a little high-priced, but they're packaged with videos to teach someone who has an interest in magic how to do it; plus, with high mall rents, that's the only way to do it. We don't teach anyone any of the magic tricks until they purchase them. Then, we take them to the side and personally teach them the trick (I never got that treatment in the real magic stores I used to go to).

I see this as the new avenue for future magicians. The fact that it's not a mom-and-pop magic store in some back alley shouldn't have anything to do with it. The last magic store in our area just closed its doors because it just couldn't make it. One of the things I remember when I was getting into magic was, "a magic trick is told when a magic trick is sold." If people are that interested, then maybe, one day, you will be seeing some of them lecture for you. Smile

So those that are open-minded, wish me luck; and those that are opposed, keep an open mind.

Joe Rindfleisch
check me out on facebook #MAGICTOTD
Scott Ocheltree
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cmwalden & Rindfleisch, of course you are right. But for those of us who who had to travel great distances to even find the back alley mom and pop shops, and dug through every scrap on the tiny little "793 shelf" of the public library to forward our knowledge, it's a bit jarring to see the Hummer Card and D'lites stacked into wall displays and pushed like Svengali decks!

To be real though, those are effects that play well and have the margin it takes to keep a shop like that open. And given the choice between a MagicZone and nothing, I'd take the MagicZone. I just would like to see a broader range on their shelves. Things that will help a beginner learn, and things that would interest those of us who have been around a bit longer too.
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I wish you the best of luck with the shop Brett. Especially all up in V-town! I am hoping that I can drop by the next time I take the kids to Wild Adventures.

Magicians should be in the public eye like this. The mall is the modern day city square, nowadays. Those antiseptic places need a little mystery, don't you think? And I have nothing but respect for the brave soul that places himself in the middle of it.

What I would dread would be doing my magic while cheesy elevator music was going on! Smile
Jonathan Townsend
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On 2002-10-15 15:46, Payne wrote:
It is unfortunately a two edged sword. These shops will increase the publics awareness of magic and introduce new people to the hobby. It will also perpetuate the belief held by many in the general public that magic is easy to do and that all that is required to perform it is owning the right props.

I want to agree with the first point about increasing the awareness of magic and making the door to the art more visible to people.

I have to disagree with the second point about equating props with the magician.

There is a very talented guy named Joe who is now managing a cart selling D'lites, etc. There are company rules about what to wear and how to do the tricks sold and how to treat the customers when they make purchases. The intent of these small magic shops is to sell items to folks starting in magic. These items and routines are designed to provide a good effect/routine that a novice can succeed in performing.

I do hope we can agree that for most of us it was important to have some success and positive feedback from our early efforts in magic. For many people, just being able to do a couple of tricks is good enough. For most amateur magicians being able to do a few nice routines is enough.

I believe making it pleasant and easy to start exploring magic is a good thing. all the coins I've dropped here
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I would say that hands down the best spectators are people that are just getting into magic. They pay total attention and are therefore amazed by everything. Learning a couple tricks creates a respect in people for more studied magicians. There should be one of these kiosks on every street corner in my opinion.

I miss the days when I was first learning magic and everything I saw was a miracle.

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I need a little help understanding this MagicZone thing. I don't know much about it, but it seems to me that I can just stock my shelves with a bunch of D'lites and IT's and get a tax license, and a kiosk in a mall and start selling.

I remember one time, a certain guitar program wanted me to put down 2 thousand dollars to begin teaching guitar. They gave you certain promotional and instructional materials, and little more.

Why did I need them? Did they invent and have rights to teach the A minor chord? There was tons of instructional material out there for beginning guitar. I asked them what they did in return for 2 thousand dollars. Very little to nothing.

So I went to my local music store and asked if I could teach guitar there. I got the job and made a small living. The point is I didn't need to give them my money and then me do all the work.

I just don't get it!
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How far is the Willowbrook Mall from Andover, NJ? I have a friend that is into magic and there is no magic shop around him.

Let me know when you'll open so I can email him as he does traveling up and down NJ.

Good luck with the shop.

George Meehan Smile
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"Paint by numbers" oil painting kits and roadside velvet paintings of Elvis or dogs playing poker has not done a thing to harm the working artist. I suppose that selling a few magical props on the scale of a mass market will not harm the working magician either. Just remember this, anyone can do a trick but it takes an artist to do magic. The skill that it takes to entertain an audience can not be bought or sold, it can only be earned through practice and devotion.

I belive that the Kiosk's will be short lived anyway and a few years from now most people will have a new diversion and will forget all about the magic kiosk. I have to get back to that velvet paint by numbers portrait of Elvis now, see ya.
-Iven Smile
Give the gift of Life, Be an Organ Donor.
Jonathan Townsend
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Is there a possibility of making some days 'advanced' at the kiosk? Like Mondays with guest stars and lecture notes etc.? The extreme would be Shoot and Apollo tour the kiosks and sell notes and ring sets etc.

Looking for options - Jon all the coins I've dropped here
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I saw one of these places yesterday. I played dumb and let them pitch me. I don't have a problem with selling secrets in the mall. Magicians have to get their start somewhere and the more amateur magicians we have, the more "magic fans" we have to come to professional magician's shows. It's only good for magic to encourage more people to pick it up as a hobby.

The PROBLEM that I encountered was that these "magicians" doing the demo were AWFUL, badly flashing the edge of the TT for the D'Lite, and I discovered that Mall lighting is really not very good for the deceptive use of IT. Selling magic is good. Exposing it through ineptitude is not.
Chris Berry
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This is the scariest part of the whole site:


As the largest chain of magic stores in the WORLD, we are always looking for qualified persons for sales and management positions at each of our stores.

We provide training, and the best wages in the industry, bar none! If you would like to learn more about becoming a part of our team, please send us an e-mail indicating your qualifications, experience and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day.

Must be honest, reliable and a hard-worker
Must have a fun, outgoing personality and a flair for showmanship
TRAINING PROVIDED! No magic experience necessary if you have a sincere interest in the illusionary arts

That last line says it all.

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MagicZone had a booth at the last Magic on Manhattan, when they were just starting out. I recall that a lot of magicians were taking interest in it. What I didn't understand is: Why do I need to pay them a franchising fee? If I wanted to open a kiosk, which I don't, I could open one and get an account with D Robbins or something... no need for Franchising. Oh well.
Jonathan Townsend
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I recently visited a MagicZone at the Palisades mall in NY. And watched some things happening. And got to see what JoeR is up to.

Watching a child react to seeing a light bounce from hand to hand... and then seeing the dawning comprehension when the mechanics replaces the effect was an education unto itself.

Was so inspired... I wondered how a child might present the "Proffessor's Nightmare" and has a flash of something and started smiling. Child takes out three giant shoelaces and says to audience "I'm having trouble tying my shoes".

People have cell phones and pages with lights. The d'light has its place. And so does a place where the curious can get a safe taste of life on the other side of the looking glass. They get to see it, buy it, and then get a feel for it. All in safety. No dingy places full of hawk eyed judges looking at the newbie. A safe taste of our world offered to those who wish to offer magic to their loved ones. Not a bad thing if you ask me. all the coins I've dropped here
Reis O'Brien
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Chris, you took the words right out of my mouth. That last line is a real kick in the head, no?

"TRAINING PROVIDED! No magic experience necessary if you have a sincere interest in the illusionary arts"

-Jeezey petes, what is this world coming to?

I surprised that some executive thinks that there are enough of the general public interested in magic to support an entire chain of stores.

But what do I know. There people out there collecting and discussing ceramic ducks.

I wish these guys luck, mostly out of sheer cordiality, but in the same token, my heart is breaking a little.
Homo vult decipi; decipiatur
Big Jeff
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You could do a little Street performance to attract attention, then sell them the 'beginner' stuff. If they are really interested they could come back and get the more advanced stuff.
I would carry some Ammar, Daryl and other videos and not rely on the cheap decks.
I know that when I bought cheap magic it was disappointing and I gave up.
It was only when I got the "street magic video" from
Ellusionist that I felt the effects where worth the effort. I have since moved on to more advanced stuff.
Just because they tell you to carry trick decks and D'lites doesn't mean you can't carry other things or have a catalogue of things you can get.

Best of luck,
Big Jeff

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