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In my opinion, th beauty of Al Schneiders matrix lies in it's simplicity, meaning there is no extra moves , it's a perfect minimalistic flow and accomplishes the assembly with the least amount of moves. So I honestly can't see why you would strive for more advanced versions - that will look more or less the same from a lay audinece point of view. The matrix is pure and direct magic - it looks natural and it kills.

I believe that Dean Dill matrix with Backfire can be an intermediate phase of such a presentation, as well as Bill Mallones handling opf the Al Schneider matrix is a funny and magical version that plays well into this effect as well.

With this effect I vote for the simple version - and by simple I mean perfectly choreografed to the last detail by Al Schneider. Put your audience in focus - instead of chasing more advanced matrixes - that's my advice.
David Neighbors
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I have Around 80 or so handleings! Stop me when you see one you like!!! Smile!

Best David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
David Neighbors

The Coinjurer
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David Roth's Stonehenge Coin Assembly is not difficult, techinically, but coming up with a presentation can be challenging. I do it as a tale of how easy it is to get around here in chicago via public transportation. Just so you know.
I j
dan bivaldi
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If you want a good simple matrix effect no gimmicks no sleeving etc.take a look at Dave Stuyvesants Easy Matrix.It comes on a dvd,Ok its not A1 mutimedia class quality but it shows the best matrix I have ever seen!
Four coins four cards and one by one they assemble.The sleight used in the effect I have never seen anyone use before although its hardley a sleight you can just automatically do it straight away.If you film yourself doing it you can see nothing!
I bought mine on Ebay for £3 or so,I don't know if you can still get them on there.
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Chad Long I believe has something like this on his Video. Hand Crafted Magic
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Al Schneider
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I can't help but throw in a few words here.
I do not believe what I have created.
I really am overwhelemed.
One of my problems is that I have seen few of these routines.
Whenever I am around, everyone under 45 stops doing magic. So I never see these.
Reminds me of an IBM convention I was at. During the closeup the performer, from England, had me up to help him. He asked my name and I told him. He asked, "The Al Schneider?" I said yes. He blew the first two tricks in his act he was shaking so much. I find this very embarssing.
A long time ago I dreamt of doing a book called Methods of Matrix.
I still think of it. But the way you guys talk, it would be impossible.
With all of this I must confess that I feel very weak.
And I am honored.
And honestly, I am trying to improve Matrix. You would be amazed at what I have tried. Unfortunately, most ideas are for magicians only so I don't work on it long.

Al Schneider
Magic Al. Say it fast and it is magical.
dan bivaldi
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I havent seen you myself al so I must check out some of your effects. feel free to send me any spare lecture notes you have.
Aldo columbini has a very nice routine called ace-assembly or something like that.
It has a neat sleight in it which is also fairly easy to do and at the end of the routine you ask the spectator to place the coins anywhere and perform it again.I was suckerd with this when he performed it for me at the scarborough convention some years ago as the coins don't move,(doh)but the pips on the cards do.

Sorry I forgot the Al schnieder pick-up move as used in the Dave Stuyvesant Easy Matrix.My appologies.
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Daniel Garcia has a sweet version called Sh4de that honestly only uses 4 coins and is a bare-handed assembly with of course a backfire ending and a four flash production. You can read a few threads about it with a quick search.
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Paul Rathbun
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On 2005-06-09 11:55, David Melnick wrote:
I would recommend getting Al Schneider's book Al Schneider on Coins, as well as the other written stuff from his website (the .pdf collection). I am a beginner too and I found lots of great material including Matrix and Cross Cards, which uses 3 visible coins and 2 cards.

Does this book by Al that you mention above include have just one matrix routine or multiple routines for matrix effects?
David Melnick
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Madison, WI
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His classic book Al Schneider on Coins does not have Matrix, but has lots of great theory, sleights and effects. His book Classic Matrix has his classic Matrix along with different sleights to use if you want to, but all leading to the same effect. Both have photos. VERY worthwhile for the money! They do not have technically difficult sleights, but very natural, classic moves that you can use all the time. He discusses the timing, misdirection, and intent that the performer uses when performing the sleights correctly.
Richard Shippy
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Dean Dill's matrix routines are excellent!
Shoot Ogawa has some great routines as well.

Below are some DVDs which may help...
~Dean Dill's "Extreme Dean" (volumes 1 and 2)
~Cultural Exchange (volume 2)
~Bill Malone "On The Loose" (volume 2)

I hope this information helps.

Kind regards,
"They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they'd make up their minds." ~ Winston Churchill
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Naperville, IL
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Convergence is a great item in Shigeo Takagi's book.
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When in doubt, go with the most thought out, proven method - The original Schneider method. When I first learned Matrix, I was living in the Chicago area and was taught the "Chicago" method. I thought it was pretty good. Then Al had to come along and publish in Genii to prove how unnecessary other methods can be. It is clean, direct and effective. Why do we really need more? Many great tricks have been made worse by improvements.

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Review King
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Go with Al Schneider's original first. Curtis Kam has the best one afetr that on Silverado DVD called Inverted Matrix.
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Plymouth, UK
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Bill Malone on the Loose vol 2 has a good Coin Matrix

Make the difficult look easy, and the easy beautiful.

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The one in volume 2 I belive is the original by Al
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A really interesting Coin Matrix variation is Jay Sankey's Tunnel Vision where he uses 4 cards, 4 coins and stickers to produce the effect. It can be found in his Secret Files vol. 2/
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NJ, U.S.
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On 2005-06-09 08:19, zhuanan wrote:
Hi Guys:

I am looking for a good version of coin matrix in which:

1) Both coins and playing cards are examinable
2) During the routine, the hands do not go under the close up pad
3) Initally 4 coins and 4 playing cards are involved.
4) Preferably 2 cards are involved at the end of the routine

I believe there are a lot of versions which satisfy the above but I am not sure which version is really good and suitable for a beginner in coin magic (still learning classic palm)

Would appreciate if you guys could give me some recommendation, together with the creator and source which I could learn from.

Many thanks!

Years ago Bob Bengal put out some lecture notes called "Back to Basics".
The matrix therein used a borrowed dime, nickel, quarter along w/ a half$ and 4 cards. It required a homemade gim and had a quick backfire ending. It may not meet the criteria but I always liked it.
Mediocre the Great
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Rich Hurley
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I'm another one who recommends you go with Al Schneider's matrix first. After that, you can explore the hundreds if not thousands of variations of the theme.

Dean Dill told me Al Schneider's matrix is the perfect coin trick. The only problem is, it's so short. Maybe that's why he came up with his "Tonight Show Matrix" (Extreme Dean DVD) which has a wonderful back fire. The way he presents it, it's not a "gotcha", it's a true mystery and a surprise. The coins returning to the four corners proves his premise that they never moved in the first place.

Dean always starts his studens off by first learning Schneider matrix. I know, becuase that's the way he taught me. Al Schneider's matrix is the "mother of all coin matrix routines" and I still love to perform it.

PS... I love Dean Dill's "no extras" matrix becuase it can be used with 4 borrowed coins. But as Dean demonstrates, it can be done with any combination of coins, or even small objects such as nail clippers, bottle caps, whatever! Everything is examinable before and after the routine. True to the routine's name, there are no extra coins whatsoever!
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Rich Hurley aka Mediocre The Great!
Glenn Godsey
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I agree that Al Schneider's original is pure and beautiful sleight of hand. I first saw him do a few decades ago. Dean Dill's variants are amazing.

For those who would like a very simple and quick "matrix-like" surprise, check out Aldo Columbini's "Snappy". Borrow four quarters: one, two, three, backfire and it is over. I feel sure that "Snappy" is basicly the creation of our friend, Mike Gallo.

Best regards,
Glenn Godsey
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