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This is one I've just started doing last night. I have a little trouble explaining Clairavoyance. My presentation, is as follows "Did you know someone here is a Clairavoyant? Yes, there is someone here who is Clairvoyant alright. Now let me explain it. It's not Premonition. To get a premontition is to look into the future and make a prediction...prophesy in other words. It's not telepathy either. Telepathy is mind reading. It's one mind sending one thought to another. Now Clairavoyance is knowing the unknown. It's when you know something NO ONE could possibly know. Here's a example. Let's say you have a black bag with six different colored marbles in it. Now let's say with your head turned you pull out one marble and put it into your pocket. Now you wouldn't even know the color of the marble in your pocket. No one would, except the Almighty God Himself, THAT IS UNLESS you are Clairavoyant." (I had trouble trying to come up with a example that was the best I could come up with. I really NEED the audience to "get" what it means, and I think that example works well. I also give a little definition for the three main Psychic terms as well, and how they differ putting emphasis on clairavoyance). You Ma'am, I'm sensing you are Clairavoyant. Here is a Marker and pad of paper. We'll get to that in a Momemt. Now you sir take this deck look over them if you like, they're all different. Please give them a quick mix. Great Job. Now put the deck behind your bAck so that they are face down. Now please give them a couple of cuts. You got that? Great. Now take the top Card and turn it upside down. So now only one card is facing upwards. Now take the deck and give it one cut so as to bury the one face up card in the deck. Give me the deck please. I'll put them in it's case. Now you don't know what card that is since it was done behind your back. I have no idea what that card is, nor does anyone here. The card is unknown to anyone except possibly a clairavoyant, and ma'am, that's where you come in, as I sense you have the Gift. I have here somewhere no, not that pocket...ahhh yes this pocket a hankerchief which I will use to blindfold you, so that you don't influence yourself. Please turn your back to me, and I will tie this around your head. Great. Now here is the pad of paper, and marker. What I want you to do is is whatever you do don't force it, write whatever card which I don't even know not even the gentleman who did it, knows what one card is face up in the deck is, but let's say you get the feeling it is the Eight of Hearts, just Write 8H, so that way you don't have to write the whole thing out. You understand? Cool. Again don't force it." (Let's say she writes the Jack of Spades, JS in other words). "Okay thanks, I'll unblindfold you and just stick that here. I'll take the marker and stick that here. Fine, Okay you wrote JS for the Jack of Spades. Now everyone here will have to agree if the only card face-up is the Jack of Spades, you WOULD HAVE TO AGREE this lady is Clairavoyant. Let's see. Yes there it is THE ONLY card face-up is the Jack of Spades. You Ma'am are gifted. Here take the paper as a souveneer. Everyone give here a hand. Thank you"

Now when I did it, after blindfolding the lady I would be like "We're also doing a experiment in Automatic writing. Mediums do this. What happens is that a spirit posseses them and writes through usually in a completely different style of writing". Yes I'd did that the first couple of times. I just started doing it last night, in my "Street Magic". (I'm telling you people YOU CAN do Mentalism on the Sidewalks FOR REAL. Another guy here, Dr. Zodiac I think is his name does it, but besides him and I, I haven't heard of anyone else doing "Street Mentalism", or they haven't mentioned so if they did it. TRUST ME it goes over good. Obviously certain things go over better than other things). I did the "FEAT" like 10 times I'm guessing, and it's like, well what is it, Clairavoyance or Automatic writing. Now don't get me wrong no one was complaining or saying they were confused, but it was confusing me and tripping up my patter. So I just leave the Automatic Writing out. Now it's purely a Clairavoyant "FEAT". I noticed the audience's reaction was a bit better too, BUT it DOES KILL this routine. Yes as everyone knows, I'm not a Math wiz, (and yes I know it's basic math), call me lazy or whatever but I don't like tricks where you have to think a lot or memerize a lot. Yes I know the I.D. is basic,. but I'd just rather use a Brainwave deck. So, I made one up. Heck even on my brainwave box, on the upper left hand corner, I'll have a small (S) written, and on the other side a small (D) written. Obviously with that you know what comes afterwords. I got that off of Bob Cassidy's "Mental Miracles" tape. He does that with Chronologue (which is a TOP NOTCH effect, that I do in my "Street Magic". Like him, I take all the precautions. I use the bought version, and use the DF's. I take those precautions, so there's no way I could mess up, unless it is by EXTREME neglect on my part which might only happen 2% of the time thank God. Anyway that's my reasoning for using the Brainwave Deck, I had to make, (So the backs match). I even do Bill Malone's "Standing Ovation I.D. Routine with a Brainwave. It goes over just as well. The audiences don't know about I.D To take it a step further, I have a Si Stebbins Deck. On the front of the box, on the Lefthand Side I got.....

4 H
and so on. On the other side in the white Border I got....... and so on. I won't go further, because even though it's well known to us, I'm not sure if that's considered exposure. Sure people see writing on the border of the box, but to them it's irrelevant. I ONLY have that because I get confused (My mind blanks out sometimes) if it's like a Jack or a Queen on the bottom. Obviously, I'm not that dumb at least to put 6, to a 9 Anyway that's just how I do things and what works for me. You may laugh, call me lazy, stupid or whatever (NOT that I think people here would, I'm just saying is, but that what works for ME. Yes I got off the original topic but I thought if there's people like me those suggestions may help. Anyway this is a very strong trick. So who here also performs AUTOMANTICARD? What is your presentation? Does it go over well? Do you have any possible suggestions for me maybe? Like I said, it went over well last night and hopefully tonight as well, but who knows maybe there are ways I could make it stronger. Thanks, Ed, (Eddini).
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The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » Penny for your thoughts » » Two Thumbs Up For Mind Myth & Magick's "Automanticard". Do you perform it too? (0 Likes)
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