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I don't know how many people realise how bad this is for the Café in general. This was a professional who was really giving advice, who replied to every question you asked. It was a privilege and some people just didn't see it.
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Thanks Richard for all your help and very nice and friendly words.
hope to have the chance to meet you here for a long, long time.

Reuben Dunn
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Disagreement is part of a healthy debate, but when it gets personal and, frankly, insulting then the dialogue ends up in the toilet and whatever the original topic gets lost and is replaced with tripe and crap.

I am no boot licker/brown noser, and have no personal benefits in praising Mr Osterlind. Simply put I have found that his materials, the two three set DVDs I have, as well as some of his written material, to be of great value to me insofar as developing my rather basic knowledge/skills of the craft.

There might be occassions where we differ, as to mode/method/attitude/etc. However that doesn't make me any more "correct" than it does Mr Osterlind.

For me personally, and I do recognise that this is a rather limited list, in comparisson to others; I place Mr Osterlind alongside Bob Cassidy, Max Maven, Lee Earle and Richard Webster as those that I turn to for instruction and for ideas of both development of routine, as well as in presentation.

I am not seeking to become a clone of either of these men, although there is an inmate who has chosen to become a "mini-me" of Mr Maven; I am however seeking to learn from their presentation skills, their relationship with the public, and other skills to learn from, adapt, modify and work into something that is better suited to Reuben Dunn.

Those who enjoy a p***ing contect should feel proud that their HTT attitude has apparently turned away one of the few craftsmen to take the time out of their schedule to both answer questions, but, as in the recent case, take the time to initiate a dialogue.

Given the demands on his time, this insult to Mr Osterlind beggers belief.

Yes he will do his bit and make anothe appearence as a "Guest" but for me at any rate I see that this is a watered down and frankly a wasted opportunity, and as it now appears, to be his "swan song" here for us to speak with one of the "leaders" in the mentalism arena.

I wonder what Ted Annemann would have thought about all of this?
Good Thoughts.

Reuben Dunn
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I certainly cannot offer any more accolades than what has been posted but certainly would want my name addred to the "agree" & "kudos" list....

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Tom DV
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If Richard has left, it is a VERY sad thing indeed for all of us.

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Richard responded to my pms - and he was very kind and very helpful. I really appreaciate that.

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He has always been cordial even when it seemed some were being harsh.
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Richard has made me want to be a better man !
"Klaatu barada nikto"

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Richard helped me out a lot in the early days. I am sure he will continue to help people out that ask. Maybe he just felt it was time to move on.

He did promise to send me an ultra board though and never did. So I say let's burn him!!

Only kidding of course. I hope he still lurks around and continues to help people when they PM him.
Sven Rygh
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After having seen both halves of the deck, everyone but one seem to have thought of the same high card!!
And only one single person mentions the the card he almost thought of!
:) Smile Smile

Anyone else who has received Richard's great help and advices??

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Richard Osterlind has helped me so much this past year. He helped me put together my first show. He is a man with a big heart. He has gives great advice all the time and always has input. He always responds to every message. He was why I got into mentalism. Thanks Richard.
"Remember you are the one they are here to see. Walk out there with confidence and do what you love." -Richard Osterlind
art the magic guy!
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Though not directly, Mr Osterlind has truly inspired and helped me along my mentalism walk, from the moment that a friend of mine gave me a tape to check out--my first thoughts where --wow a psychic wanna be, this must be comical-- but after watching Osterlind's mind misteries I was hooked.

And from all his tips, insights and comments on the Café, one would always find something new to learn from him. It's aboslutely rare that a highly acclaimed performer like him gives time and a piece of his hard earned experience to the newcomers and others not in his caliber. Can you tell me of how many pro people offer such insight to the others like he has? is like Tiger woods going down to the local golf club and giving tips and advice to all that ask.

Mr osterlind, you have brought this art to a higher level, and one could never show the sincere thanks for your contributions. I just hope that the few bad apples that have showed its face here do not tarnish the chance for the majority of us that sincerely listened.
I will ALWAYS place the mission first
I will NEVER accept defeat
I will NEVER quit
I will NEVER leave a fallen comrade
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Richard has provided invaluable advice in both the Café forums and in PMs. No doubt too that his performances have inspired many - not to mention his products; BCS etc.

At the Café you have the choice of taking advice from a highly sucessful professional or from someone who has picked up "Mentalism in 10 minutes", performed for the family, and contends that their opinion on mentalism carries as much weight as Richard Osterlind's.

I know which queue I'd be in - the very, very, long one in front of Richard.

Escapemaster-in-chief from all sorts of houdingplaces - Finnegans Wake
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I never had occasion to PM Mr. Osterlind with any specific questions, but I always had the feeling that he would be happy to help me if the time ever came. I have learned so much from his DVDs, essays and posts here at the Magic Café. His absence will be a huge loss. Thanks for all of your guidance, Mr. Osterlind.


P.S. I saw something similar to this happen about two weeks ago on the one other internet forum I read. It's a fly-fishing board, and there was a long-time poster there who was also a very well-respected professional outdoor writer and a great help to anyone who sought his input. He was finally run off by a few bad apples...
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Howard Wiles
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If Richard has one iota of sense, then he won't give a jot what the armchair experts think.

Greg Arce
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There are just a handful of guys in mentalism that have inspired me and given me great ideas.... Richard is in that group.
I almost wished he had completely stayed out of this forum and making DVDs because I selfishly wanted to keep his ideas to myself.
I know I will continue to talk to him in other places, but it will still be a loss to many on this site. I can't help but feel that I would have loved to have had this chance to talk to someone like Richard when I was first starting out. Some people don't know how good they have it... until it's gone.

One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
Corona Smith
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Before discovering this site I was fairly well read in the field of mentalism, so when I started posting and came across someone asking a very ill informed question I almost jumped in with a sarcastic reply, but Richard had got there first, his reply was courteous, dignified and practical.

He taught me a lesson there. Some other 'pros' and armchair snipers could learn a thing or two from that as well.

I pm'd Richard about the current debacle and he replied thanking me and offering his email adress if I wanted to contact him about anything mentalist related.

Not many people with his workload would do the same, and thus my point, maybe Richard needs a little break from this kind of headwork, I'm sure the door is always open to him.

Cheers, Corona.
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Richard has helped me in many ways:

1. Through his books, primarily;
2. Through his DVDs, secondarily (but no less substantially);
3. Through his public contributions here;
4. Through private messages.

In every instance, he has been generous, patient, humble, and extraordinarily helpful. I couldn't ask for a better teacher.

Michael Bilkis
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IT is only because of Richard that I ever considered the study of Mentalism as an Art. I mourn the fact that 21st century man has lost the respect and deference to a true master and teacher. In the past this could never happen. The perpertrator would be removed from the school in a fracture of a second. Thank you Richard for all ways speaking from the heart and from your experience.
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You guys have missed the point: regardless of what happened in whatever thread it occurred, it is human nature to get cranky when someone else doesn't see the same world view that you do. The sad part is really that we, as professionals, amateurs, part-timers or simply newbees, cannot remember to withhold our venom, or if we cannot, and must unleash it, it should be done in private, so as to inhibit the addition of fuel to the fire.

I think there are a great many thinkers here at the Café, and I have seen many people spout off for no good reason other than a disagreement. When this happenes it recalls all of us to our grade school days - I am included here - when we would poke fingers and call names. Have we not grown past this yet?

Osterlind is in the top three professionals that I consider to be a worthy source of information, talent, creativity and friendship (although I am sure he does not know me). And I have thought this way since my first exposure to him some twenty years ago...a long time to have inspiration and creativity in one's life.


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